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  1. “Us old folks who have cruised for many decades will keep cruising (if there is a ship, and it is at sea, we'll be there).” Not all of us (old folks) will, so please do not speak for all of ‘Us’. We are both p+ who couldn’t care less for laser tag or a race track which is the the main reason we will not sail NCL. Our last cruise on NCL, both laser tag and race track were always empty. Such a waste of ‘free deck space’. We, just us, (because I don’t speak for others) the older, and at one time loyal, cruisers with NCL enjoyed the time when Sheehan was in charge. He cared about us, the cruiser and not so much about how much money he could squeeze out of every guest which FDR is so proud to admit to. We (me and mine) are aware of the all the rah rah cheerleaders who jump at the chance to protect and defend NCL however we will not and have chosen to move on to other cruise lines. Oh, on another note, how many of these new generations can afford the overpriced prices? At least us retirees who have planned to enjoy our retirement can.
  2. Or just maybe auditioning for “The Birds” Sequel 😉
  3. It’s been a long time but I think I remember collecting the comics and sending them in for prizes. Am I confusing them with something else?🤔
  4. Remember the comics that were under the wrapper?
  5. Will be a very long time unless people learn how to spell ‘until’. 😂😂
  6. We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two. Farmers Insurance☺️
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