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  1. This is how it works on NCL? Can this OBC be used for the service charge?
  2. I just received this excursion promo Saturday (in a new sale as well as a price drop) and my TA has not sent me the confirmation yet. I booked the shore excursions online weeks ago. My TA sent me an email telling me about the price drop and excursion credit, but we haven't talked about the details yet.
  3. I'm confused here. Other cruise lines, I've booked, you have to pay for excursions in advance. If you're saying that reservations are only paid after the fact, why did they charge my credit card?
  4. At this point I don't need answers from NCL. I need somebody to answer so I can cancel my wifes internet and sign up for unlimited as advised by you people. I was on hold again for a long time today with no answer. I now have another question. As advised on this forum, my TA got me a lower fare for my Bliss cruise and the $50 shore excursion credit at each port. If I've already booked an excursion at several ports, how do I cancel and re-book the same excursion with the credit.
  5. Thank you for the info, but how do I cancel my wife's internet and book unlimited if I can't get NCL to answer the phone?
  6. Last night while I was watching a ball game, I called NCL "customer service". I was on hold for one hour and 38 minutes and never got an answer to my call. I have a few questions that never got answered. Can you help me? 1- Was this 1:38 and no answer normal for a Friday night or was this wait normal for NCL at any time? 2- I have 250 minutes of internet time and I bought my wife 250 minutes for a 14 day cruise. Would I be better off upgrading to unlimited? Can we switch from one device to another with unlimited? Can I cancel my wife's internet and use that money to buy the unlimited? 3- We have 5 meals at specialty restaurants. What can we order there? More than one appetizer? How does this work?
  7. We never got a notice either, but I saw a small article in my local paper. I called citi last week to check out the info and I had to speak to six different people, before I found someone to confirm that the coverage is ending Sept. 22nd. The other five had no clue and kept on passing me on to other departments.
  8. Like Lilikins, I plan to make a final payment for several cruises on Sept. 19th so I get cancellation insurance on my citicard. The interest I lose on the money is a lot less than the cost of the insurance for those cruises. I already have a yearly medical and evacuation insurance so I just need the cancellation coverage. If I had to cancel before final payment date, my TA told me that I will get my money back, even if there's some delay.
  9. We use Allianz Global Assistance for a yearly medical and evacuation policy. We've never had a claim, but they have good communications and seem to be available.
  10. Thanks for the answers. I prefer pepsi, but drink cokes on my cruises as that's whats been available and I didn't have a problem with the cokes. I'll let my agent know my preferences. Rich
  11. Does Regent serve coke or pepsi products?
  12. Do they still have an all day port day booking for go carts? Also can go carts be booked on-line in advance?
  13. I'm a little confused. People mention that they book specialty restaurants more than once. I thought you can only book them once per cruise?
  14. Thank you all for your replies. By cooler, I meant that the refrigerator only cools drinks. It never gets really cold. This is on all the regular lines that I normally cruise on.
  15. I'm going on the Seven Seas Mariner in October. I've seen entries here stating that you only need your key card to get off and on the ship, but don't you need the card to get in your cabin? Also, the refrigerator is packed with drinks. Is it cold or just a cooler as it is on many ships? Are sports drinks available? If so: gatorade or powerade?
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