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  1. Maybe a new elite benefit? Free movies?
  2. I wrote celebrityonetouch@celebrity.com and let them know of my disappointment.
  3. Having sailed both Princess and Celebrity, I think you will find the Celebrity suite experience definitely a step up. I'll agree with others that Luminae is absolutely a great dining room -- on par with the specialty restaurants. On the Reflection I would try Murano (French) and Lawn Club Grill if the weather is nice. The adults only lounging area is the Solarium, and this is included free to all passengers. The only downside is that you may need to get there early to get a space. Next to it is the Aqua Spa cafe which has a small healthy selection of complimentary food.
  4. I always wanted to go there and booked a cruise for this purpose a couple of years back and then they substituted a different port. I'd like to go there sometime.
  5. Very interesting analysis!
  6. Fair enough. We loved our Edge cruise in a Sky Suite but everyone has different views. I agree that more suites would mean more space for them and to maintain the same experience would require some modifications. Although this would obviously come from other space, the reduction in overall passengers would mitigate that impact to some degree. Im on a cruise in November that is wide open except for suites. I’m on another in November 2020 that has no suites available but all other categories.
  7. It seems like prices have gone up significantly for suites and yet they are the first categories to sell out on most sailings. I "converted" a couple of years ago, and must admit I'm likely to jump to a luxury line before heading back, as I love the Celebrity Suite product. Has there been any thought to converting more regular cabins to suites or further increasing the ratio of suites in further Edge class ships? That would have other knock on effects I imagine, but it seems like it would still be profitable if demand holds.
  8. Add another vote for LA area based cruises. Taking one this year and next year being pushed into Princess (although I have a Celebrity Panama Canal from San Diego.
  9. In all fairness we were in a Sky Suite so I didn't' eat in the MDR's. I ate in Luminae, Raw on 5, The Eden Cafe, The Buffet, The Mastop Grill, the Rooftop Grill, Eden Restaurant and Le Petit Bistro. I think that was a pretty good mix of included and extra cost venues. I thought all of them were better than their S class equivalents. I will agree the variety didn't hurt, but things just seemed fresher. Also things like the temperature always seemed right. Really we didn't have a bad meal. Greg
  10. I will say that I also thought food was a major step up on the Edge and from looking at the reviews it seems to be a common sentiment. Perhaps it is all subjective, but a a lot of people seem to have the same subjective opinion, even many who had other issues with the ship.
  11. I must say, I have a very different opinion of my Edge Sky Suite experience. While I agree the balcony furniture wasn't suited for dining, for the first time ever I didn't want to dine in the room. There were so many fabulous restaurants on the ship and dining everywhere was a step up from our other Celebrity cruises that we were very happy. We also loved the retreat and suite sundeck. Lastly the variety of music and entertainment was an improvement as well. Many other people in Luminae and the Retreat agreed. Several were lurkers on Cruise Critic and made comments that we must be from different planets. Being from California, I've been told that before, so I agreed. πŸ˜€
  12. I board the Edge on Sunday and we LOVE rocking chairs. I'm sorry to see it go, especially as I am betting that nothing replaces it for awhile. Ordering that many of any furniture item takes far longer then they have had.
  13. Although the RS beds can't be separated, they will make it up with separate top sheets and blankets. I had a similar situation, and although I was a little nervous going in, it worked out fine.
  14. I may be wrong, but this seems like one of those concepts that will be wildly popular, and then quickly gone. I could see trying it once, but with such limited choice I can’t see myself going back. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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