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  1. We don't -- very dangerous I agree We are extremely cautious. We do not eat in restaurants or shop. Doctor, dentist, vet, food shopping -- that's it. Only necessary venturing outside. Arizona's governor would like us all to die! Thankfully Tucson's mayor stands up to him and we have mask mandates here.
  2. Kathy -- I booked my timeshare with 3 friends for the Palms Spring Regional in December. Fingers crossed. Hope to see you then
  3. I play with Marty Bergen in tournaments there. He has been my teacher since 2017. Palm Beach Gardens regional, Tampa regional, Coral Springs Regional
  4. A worthy goal -- kinda like seeing a baseball game in every park For me it's only been AZ Cal, Florida, NY
  5. That chart -- that makes me feel a bit better. thanks
  6. It is amazing that every place the cruises are trying to use to "restart" cruising is at Level 4. It's almost as if they want to put the cruise lines out of business forever. I think this will have a big impact on bookings -- if I, who wanted to go ANYWHERE, am thinking of cancelling, anyone on the fence is there too. Those of us who are older and more at risk have to think twice. A 21 day cruise to nowhere would have been ideal. Surely the US Gov cannot put the ocean at Level 4
  7. I am considering cancelling. I just do not know. I am on the July 10/17 voyages. I have a little time. Not worth the risk for place I really have no interest in going to
  8. I wonder if Crystal is now getting cancellations I am concerned about the statistics I am seeing in the Bahamas
  9. We are somewhat fearless But this is really scary What is it about the Bahamas that makes it a level 4 (like India?) It is only because Crystal is going to sail there?
  10. I do not know where to begin so I will keep it short. Crystal is far superior in every respect to the lines you mention. A comparison is impossible -- we are in different ballparks. All drinks are included. Excursions are not. Food is beyond far superior as is service and the entire on board experience. You will find an older, more sophisticated demographic than on the lines you mention (you might be among the younger passengers on board), extremely well travelled and interesting.
  11. Not about two choices If Crystal had itinerary I wanted i would not look elsewhere But it sounds like Viking Ocean is not for us Glad I asked here
  12. I searched the forum and could find nothing. If you can give me some basic comparisons I would appreciate it.
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