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  1. On the rare times we sail on the holidays, we do not give cash. We find something unusual in port. If the recipient is female, we will notice if she wears earrings and what kind. Often a small makeup type case or shawl works. When we get to know the person we can usually figure out what will work. It is, of course, much harder buying for guys . . .
  2. We have set up more than 10 M &G's on O -- on one TA we had 150 plus!. The best way to do it (IMO) is to collect (private email - not for publication) full names and cabin numbers of those on the roll call who want to participate and make 2 copies of the list. Perhaps you will find a volunteer to make name tags. See the Concierge immediately when you board, choose a convenient date and time that does not conflict with ship activities, and have the Concierge send out invitations (give him or her a copy of your list). Ask the Concierge to invite the CD, Officers, GM, Captain. You may be surprised who attends. If you know the F & B manager from past cruises, you might even get some hor's d'oeuvres. Horizons is not the only venue that works. We have had M & G's in the theater as well.
  3. Personalized meal service in the suite as opposed to calling room service and waiting. Potato chips at 3 pm daily LOL Once we had an accident and I can't tell you how fast the butler found the doctor for us The services we as for varies from cruise to cruise. Sometimes it little things There are lists of tasks cruisers ask butler to do on CC - I think on the Oceania forum. You might do a search if you want more specifics. Everyone uses the butler differently. Some ask the butler to do things we would do ourselves. For us, on every cruise line, the butler makes the experience better. The lack of butlers on Seabourn is a big minus for us. For those who say I don't need a butler -- we said that for years and laughed at those who wanted one. We no longer laugh. We just love having a butler.
  4. IMO Crystal beats Seabourn in every area except trivia and coffee. Food is ok on Seabourn but we find choices limited. Entertainment and enrichment does not come close -- Crystal is far superior. We love Seabourn Square and their coffee is the best at sea. We choose Seabourn when an itinerary calls to us as Seabourn has more ships and more diverse itineraries. All things being equal, it's Crystal for us. BTW - Seabourn is way cheaper for us as Seabourn has no butlers so we do not upgrade. We really love having a butler. Despite Seabourn's claim that their suite attendants as just as good as a butler, no way.
  5. Luggage Forward also works well for us because they give you wiggle room with the weight. A 50 pound bag can be 54 lbs without an increase in price. Just stay under 55 and you are good to go. Great for over packers like me.
  6. Keith Please add us as follows 2021 Serenity Feb 11 (OCY2021-18) Brisbane to Hong Kong (bitob) 2022 Serenity Feb 2 ( ) Los Angeles to Auckland (bitob) Feb 21 ( ) Auckland to Perth (bitob) These 2 voyages are part of the World Cruise and are referred to as the "Explorer Combination." I cannot find the voyage numbers anywhere. Help!
  7. Plus 1 The same coverage is offered by other credit card companies. If you qualify for Medjet Assist, there is nothing better.
  8. How easy is it to get around the old city with a small motorized scooter (Smartscoot). I know there are cobblestones, but some are negotiable without too much problem.
  9. I have posted this on another forum but Luggage Free and Luggage Forward are NOT always the same and services may differ. One example is when I was sailing on Seabourn to Antarctica and wanted to ship my bags to Santiago Chile, the departure point. I called both companies to check prices. Luggage Free could not ship the bags to my hotel. They told me Chile had "restrictions" and I had to pick up my bags up at a customs center (yuck -- where's the convenience?). Luggage Forward shipped my bags to the hotel in Santiago.
  10. In July we did a back to back on Marina with 2 other couples. Together we have almost 45 Oceania cruises. What struck us all was how different the demographic was from one leg to another. Very unusual. The first leg was younger, many kids and definitely not the typical "sophisticated, well travelled older crowd" which we expect on Oceania. The second leg was the typical O crowd. Bottom line -- you never know.
  11. So glad you could take advantage of the discount. I find the company great to deal with.
  12. Feb. 11, 2021 Brisbane to Hong Kong We are boarding LA -- we will be with 4 other couples on the first leg and one other couple on Brisbane to Hong Kong These all wonderful friends we met cruising!
  13. I am trying to remember. I know it was on Marina and it might have been a transatlantic. quite a while back We are together on a Crystal sailing and I will find you
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