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  1. Excellent -- AA also has a direct flight to Europe from PHX. I am sure it will work out. Thanks
  2. thanks so much. We live in Tucson so Phoenix works out perfectly
  3. That's what I was told to do. Request it on board if I want it. If I otherwise have a huge OBC I may want to use on a future cruise.
  4. Isn't the letter from Barbara Muckermann confirmation enough ? Why would she go out on a limb about Moon substituting for Dawn if it wasn't going to happen?
  5. That makes absolutely no sense given the recent communication to both TAs and Guests from Silversea. Inside information -- from a butler? a cabin steward? Ridiculous.
  6. Can anyone tell me if there are any cities on West Coast from which Regent flies you business class to Europe without a coach connection? If not, is Chicago a gateway city? I assume Phoenix is not
  7. and this came to us today Dear Esteemed Guest, I hope this email finds you safe and well. We are writing today to advise you that due to the ongoing global situation, Silversea has made the decision to operate your upcoming South America voyage aboard Silver Moon, Silver Dawn’s sister ship, as Silver Dawn won’t start service until the Spring. This ship change will have little to no impact on your Silversea experience as the new Silver Moon, who debuted this summer in the Greek Isles, features many of the same innovative hallmarks of Silver Dawn, including the small-ship intimacy and spacious all-suite accommodation, as well as the all-new S.A.L.T. programme (Sea and Land Taste), an immersive culinary concept that enables guests to travel deeper through a range of destination-based gastronomic experiences. In the coming days, your reservation will be amended, moving you to your same suite aboard Silver Moon. The cruise fare will not change and at the moment we do not foresee itinerary modifications Should you choose to cancel your voyage, please note that you will be subject to our standard cancellation terms. On behalf of everyone at Silversea, we look forward to welcoming you aboard for a wonderfully enriching experience. Best personal regards, Barbara Muckermann Chief Commercial Officer
  8. It is not "credited" to your account automatically. You have to request it. If you do not request it, it will be there for your next cruise.
  9. Oh how I LOVE my TA! He could only get me a PH (not a named suite) for the maiden voyage (I have NO history on Regent and I am NOT complaining) but he did get me a named suite b2b for the next 2 legs. He said it wasn't easy!!
  10. all the "named suites" deliberately being held by Regent at this time for loyal, past clients and credits I have been told the same by my TA -- not just for the Jan 8 cruise.
  11. We do not care which ship we go on. We are just glad to be going.
  12. I think the letter from Silversea to my TA likely went out to ALL TAs. Public information at this point.
  13. I am waiting to get confirmation from my TA that I am booked. I imagine it's very hectic. I see Grandeur Roll Calls is not listed. Perhaps the moderator could notify CC to do so?
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