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  1. Keith -- I hope you are right We are booked for 39 glorious days on Serenity starting January along with 3 other couples. We really want it to be a go . . .
  2. I think it is unlikely that ANY cruise will happen in the next few months. I'm hoping we can sail on Serenity in January and I am not confident.
  3. All I would like is for someone to state what date the penalty kicks in for the two cruises I mentioned (in order words, on what date can I cancel and ONLY lose the admin fee). I want your understanding of the Crystal rules. We are getting different dates from different TAs.
  4. One thing you can do for now is to go on one of those sites where agents bid for your cruise -- I do not think that I can name the site. If you enter the details of the cruise you want to book, you will likely get many bids and you can compare what the agents are offering. One question you want to ask is what type of volume they do with Oceania. Next time you are on a cruise, get recommendations from fellow cruisers. Those of us who love are agents are quick to share.
  5. We seem to be getting different information regarding date when penalty kicks in based on these new final payment dates. Can one of you "experts" tell me what is penalty date for each of these 2 segments OCY210121-21 Los Angeles; Jan 21 Sept 23, 2020 OCY210211-18 Brisbane; Feb 11 Oct 14, 2020 Thanks
  6. I cancelled that TA months ago. No cruise line will be "ready" in August or even in 2020 IMO Not sure we will be ready until there is a vaccine. I transferred my deposit on that cruise to a Jan 2021 cruise Not sure that will be a go either.
  7. That sounds divine!! LOL I bet we won't see you and Mindy on those cruises.
  8. Really? 2020? https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/no-sail-order-cruise-ships-cetron-trnd/index.html
  9. When u make 18 million a year the little people become less important.
  10. Mr. Del Rio is aspirational but delusional. There is no way NCL will be able to sail in 2020
  11. bitob


    We cancelled on April 9 Today I got a notice through my TA that the refund has "processed" and will be paid on June 4. "Processed" must mean they looked at it.
  12. Or a significant schedule change. You will then be entitled to a refund I am currently sitting on 4 flights I will not use based on cancelled cruises hoping that the airlines either cancel them or change the schedules significantly. It's a waiting game.
  13. Fully refundable -- not completely Oceania also instituted an administrative fee to deter the multiple booking issue. It kicks in about 30 days before final payment is due.
  14. If all the ports are closed I would be perfectly happy spending 30 nights on either Crystal ship on a cruise to nowhere with great food great service great entertainment great speakers great sail activities great friends great scenery As long as Crystal could test everyone getting on board I would sign up for that!!!
  15. They can build them. But will anyone board them?
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