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  1. When this happens, as to be transferred to Technical Support. The minimum wage call center agent has no ability to help you if it does not come up. Tech Support can actually look into the resy system and fix broken records.
  2. But most hospitality is NOT going on without masks. Most require masks. Cruise lines MUST require masks. And in places stupid enough not to require masks, thousands of people are infected EVERY DAY. The vast majority of people don’t social distance. From the grocery store to restaurants to resorts. People are so self important that the won’t wait,,, the just reach over your shoulder to grab an item off a shelf. People will stand next to each other drinking (I.e., with masks off) a cocktail at a resort. They make fun of social distancing dots on the floor. They will not wait for an elevator to adhere to the 4 person max rules.
  3. NCL has already cancelled it's October Canada cruises. Canada/New England Norwegian Breakaway October 4 & 11 Canada/New England Norwegian Gem October 2 & 9
  4. Only the first wave cancellations have exceeded 90 days. The second wave cancellations won't hit 90 days until as late as 26 July 2020. Third wave cancellations won't hit 90 days until as late as 15 October 2020. The cost of a future cruise is the cost of a future cruise. Companies are forced to potentially run at a reduced capacity. Demand continues to be high. The market will support higher prices. What business from your local pub to your barber isn't raising their prices to cover losses? If a cruise cost £1000 last year and costs £1250 next year, that is the cost of the cruise. That has NOTHING to do with the 25% bonus FCC. Having the 25% bonus FCC allows you to take the cruise at no additional cost. Without it, you would just pay the extra money out of pocket. I would much rather NCL cover the price rise than having to pay that out of pocket. Just make sense to me. 50% of the passengers on cancelled cruises have accepted the 125% FCC. We did and we have already rebooked those cruises. Our next cruise may get cancel if the suspension extends, so we'll take the 125% and rebook another cruise.
  5. Vegas has stepped up their mask policy since opening. We were there on re-opening weekend at Caesars and mask compliance was 25% or less with no social distancing. The non-housekeeping was the same then. We were in Atlantic City for reopening this weekend and there was near 100% mask compliance. The current rules allow no food or drink on the casino floor, and no smoking (no reason to lower your mask). And no indoor dining or bars. There was still little to no social distancing like Vegas, but like the MGM hotels in Vegas, there were lots of plexiglass separators at tables. ACY lacked the buckets of wipes which we missed. Contrary to reports, no temperature checks. (BTW: Reopening weekends = enforced low occupancy levels, rooms have been cleaned and unoccupied for several months, dealers and staff have not been exposed to a wide population with less chance of infection, the highest compliance to sanitation rules).
  6. I think that we all want to be happy now. And video highlights the crew and staff that we have sailed with (including Julie Valeriote who we have sailed with on many cruises in her cruise director role and her corporate director of entertainment role).
  7. The casinos and the ship may enforce their mask requirements, but social distancing is non existent. Which means you have neighbors (sitting/standing around you) who may be asymptomatic. From the CDC: You have a mask and your asymptomatic COVID neighbor has a mask - 6% probability of transmission. That’s right, even with masks enforced, being around a COVID person runs a risk of you catching the virus. You have a mask and your asymptomatic COVID neighbor without a mask worn constantly or not fitted well - 33% probability of transmission You have a have a lot of time without a mask/lose mask and your asymptomatic COVID Neighbor without a mask worn constantly/lose mask - 67% probability of transmission
  8. It is more that you failed to fully disclose what you received in cash refund and what you received in FCC to Citibank. Your cash refund is not due yet. Now, Citibank may consider you a high risk due to the unsubstantiated claim and drop you as a customer. They are spending time and money to investigate your claim and find that it is not fully honest. Along with the potential of NCL blacklisting you and putting you o the no sail lost. That is the worst case lose-lose situation.
  9. Happy 4th. We long to be on a 4th of July cruise today.l
  10. Welcome to NCL. I think that our Breakaway could is only 4 or 5. The first link below is slightly older, but was specific to the Norwegian Breakaway. The second link is from a Thanksgiving Cruise on the Norwegian Encore last year with more up to date menus and pricing. Enjoy the Breakaway.
  11. Does not negate the fact that you are promoting cheating the crew.
  12. Not all were changed to Haven. If the “S” cabins get standard suite amenities, that a lot better than the old concierge class which was mostly a big nothing (we sailed in a CC to Alaska last year).
  13. Incorrect. Your post obviously promotes cheating the hard working crew from the little they get from the DSC.
  14. They will meter people into the buffet to minimize crowds. And serve you (vs self serve). They do this any time there is noro on board, so it is something they are prepared for (but not necessarily staffed for). They will remove free standing tables and close every other booth.
  15. There were about 80 Haven cabins and 80 concierge cabins. The Haven was designed for 80. And of the converted cabins will cause the diminishment of the Haven experience for all.
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