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  1. Have your butler get buffet food for you and serve it on a white table cloth.
  2. Going on the Encore soon. No consideration of changing
  3. I don’t think it would be worth the effort. I would allow an hour to get to the park and 90 mins back. Add the park ticket to the Uber and it is an expensive shore ex for a few hours in the park.
  4. No. unless it is Rum & Pepsi without them rum.
  5. The angle wings have been sold on eBay. The new thing is the Glow Party (advertised to be an amped up White Hot party). Go early to get free glow toys.
  6. Show up at The Social as soon as you embark. The show is done is a small venue and will sell out quickly.
  7. Show up in the Pulse Fitness Center on embarkation day to get a schedule and sign up.
  8. Coffee maker in your room. The Local is open 24/7 for sit down dining. The Observation Lounge is open 24/7 and usually has tea bags out with hot water dispensers. (If not, grab a few tea bags and get hot water in the OL).
  9. You know how much you paid. And you can look for available cabin classes above you. If you are just looking for a discount on your current cabin, it is sold out and you won’t get anything for calling. The cruise is in high demand and NCL is going to keep their $$$$.
  10. If you booked through a travel agent call them. NCL won’t talk to you. Otherwise call your personal cruise consultant.
  11. Any “adult beverage” can be made without alcohol for a couple of dollars less. Then, there are sodas and such off the standard bar menu at any bar
  12. Time to get a new TA. Does what your TA said make sense to you? The cruise line is not going to hold rooms for a cheapy upgrade if they can sell the room at full price. However, high volume TAs do get blocks of rooms which they release. Not sure if that is what you are seeing.
  13. This is the best approach. We sail multiple times a year and always hav Le a tag on the top handle and side handle of each case. There have been a few times (not many) when one of these tags are missing when the bag gets to our room.
  14. The 30% off promotion started on November 24, 2019 and has run continually since then. It has nothing to do with COVID-19. Like any product, once it gets close to its “use by date”, they will drop prices to get it out of inventory. The cruise fare is a small portion of the revenue derived from each stateroom. Or, if the cruise is full, the prices will steadily increase for those who want a last minute booking. While we have been looking for cruises this summer, we have not seen any dramatic impact due to the COVID-19. wrt calling NCL, make sure you know exactly what you paid for the cruise fare and exactly what the current pricing for your room and the next cabin class are before you call. Just asking for a discount,politely, won’t get you anything.
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