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  1. Maybe you should try and attend before commenting. It was great.
  2. First come first serve for check-in times. Complete your check-in online as soon as it is available. Boarding day: Honor your arrival time at the terminal. Everyone will receive a wellness check before being cleared to board. Guests who arrive outside of their scheduled arrival time will delay their boarding.
  3. We were on the Freedom last week. It was our second cruise. We had to upload our vaccine card to complete our online check-in. And our vaccine card was visually inspected three times from the time we entered the terminal to the time we got on the ship (the last time was at the door to the gangway as we were being scanned onto the ship). And it was photographed once. The instructions clearly state what you need to bring, so bring it. Vaccination. All guests 12 and older must be fully vaccinated prior to sailing and must provide documentation of full vaccination (for example, a COVID-19 vaccination record card) prior to boarding. Guests must have received the final vaccine dose at least 14 days before sailing.
  4. That bag is nicer than any Abyss carpet we ever got. I always end up taking the skin off my elbows when I do the Abyss,,, no mater how hard I try to tuck them in.
  5. No. It is supply and demand. They set their price point based on what the market will pay. And there is high demand for cruises. The two Royal cruises we have been on this year were empty. The NCL cruise was booked to capacity.
  6. Eurofins also does testing for Royal Caribbean and that is why I was so surprised that they failed so badly on the first cruise from Seattle.
  7. I am always fascinated about discussions on the lack of a Thermal Suite on the Joy being a "deal breaker". In reality, a couple hundred guests out of the 4500 passengers on a normal cruise would ever get a thermal suite pass on a big ship. The lack of a Thermal Suite really doesn't impact 95% of the remaining passengers. And there are passengers like us that, if there were a Thermal Suite, we would get a pass, but the lack of a Thermal Suite has zero influence on our decision to cruise on the Joy. (We were booked on another August cruise on the Joy until it was cancelled).
  8. The performers on the Encore are in crew quarters. Most crew on the larger ships have private rooms with Jack-n-Jill bathrooms. The performers talked about the shared bathrooms. They are all very tiny rooms with just enough space to standup before hitting a wall (maybe half the size of an inside room). Now, if they were moved to an isolation room vs. being quarantined in their own cabins, those are guest cabins near the medical center (Deck 12 on the Encore).
  9. NCL embraces the "Dress Up or Not" philosophy. Most people select "Not". For gents, there are few to no suits (no black tie/formalwear), mostly casual attire (polo shirts, dockers) and sundresses and light blouses for the ladies. Shorts are allowed in all dining rooms for all meals except dinner in Le Bistro and Ocean Blue where gents are asked to wear long pants (dockers, jeans).
  10. Your package(s) cover your meal costs. Multiple appetizers, an entrée, and dessert(s). There may be a few items on the menu that identify an upcharge (e.g., lobster). Other than that, your bill is covered. One waiters will try to tell you that only one appetizer is covered,,, but that is not in the terms and conditions of the promotion. We just order what we want and have never been charged. On the menu below, everything on the menu would be covered by the dining package except the Lobster Thermidor which would cost an additional $10. This bill was for 4 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts, all covered by the dining package (UDP is the old name for the dining package which is now the SDP, but the Points of Sale have never been updated). Or a dinner an Onda - 3 appetizers, 2 entrees, 3 sides, 2 desserts
  11. Yeah,,, but you don't plan for rough seas. You plan for a nominal cruise with some chop which is handled by the stabilizers. It's the day before the cruise when you see that hurricane in your way that you pull out your Dramamine early and keep everything in drawers. We've been in forward facing Haven and suites on many ships and, even in storms, never felt that the movement was excessive (compared to the whole ship moving). On one transatlantic, we were midship and low, and the ship took a roll where all of the glassware in the cabin went crashing into the far wall (as it did in most cabins). The room stewards worked all night to try and clean-up rooms. We had a lovely dinner that night, while at times we felt compelled to hold on to the wine glasses so they would not topple over.... time to give up fancy and just pour the wine into water tumblers. You don't plan for seas like on the Breakaway below
  12. The Breakaway class ships are similar. The Joy is a Breakaway Plus, so there are a few more restaurants/bars. There are a few pictures and information on the Joy from our pre-pandemic live post
  13. We have sailed on the Adventure and the Freedom since re-start. The only onboard test was to fly home to the US from Nassau.
  14. We were there last weekend with the Allure and Freedom in port. There were 200 day passes and most of the cabanas were occupied. The day pass was being sold onboard for $199. The pre-cruise prices were $166 most of the time with a dip to $160 close to departure.
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