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  1. Based on odd and even deck numbers. Your room keys are only at the terminal in your edocs.
  2. The majority of time, NCL docks at Punts Longosta. We have had to tenet in the past when another NCL ship was in port.
  3. On the Symphony, they sent us to a pair of podiums at the Main Dining Room to book/change specialty reservation.
  4. No sofas or snacks in any terminal that I have been in for Priority Ambassador, Platinum Plus or Platinum members. Suites waiting areas have snacks and coffee. Some suite waiting areas dedicated to NCL like in Miami have sofas. Most suite waiting areas have regular chairs. The Manhattan terminal is not owned by NCL and is used by multiple cruise lines.
  5. Similarly, while you can walk around your floating city with an open container, there have been people taking open containers ashore where having one on the street (or in a vehicle) is not legal.
  6. The windows and view from your apartment are amazing!
  7. Yes. Choir of Man plays two nights. After Midnight plays 2 nights. 1 night is the welcome show. 2 nights are guest performers. To help the OP, what nights are Choir of Man? We were just on the Escape, but the show schedule will change as it transitions to the Bermuda itinerary for the summer.
  8. NCL, in general, is very reasonable if you treat them respectfully. If you go in guns blazing cursing and screaming, you will get exactly what they have offered,,,, not a penny more. We have been on multiple cancelled and changed cruises. And within reason, NCL has reimbursed us for 100% of our expenses (even when it [greatly] exceeds what they put in their written offer). Overnight hotel. Meal expenses. The promised airline change fee on tickets. Fare difference on airline tickets. We submit our receipts, explain why the change in cruise itinerary required the expenditure, and we have always got a check for all of our expenses.
  9. Insured? What are your losses? The cruise line will pay for changes to your flights or local hotels. If you are not out any cash, then there is nothing to claim.
  10. The cruises before and after a dry dock are sometimes one-off repositioning cruises calling at one-off port which are great. Not the same 'ole ports over and over. We were on inaugural Breakaway, Getaway, Escape and Bliss. All equally great cruises with special events onboard.
  11. You get a lovely, large, heavy sea door leading out onto your balcony. This was a Deck 9 SE going to Alaska. On Deck 10, the center rooms under the bridge get a "bay window" that follows the contour of the bridge for extra space. And, a window up near the balcony rail for spectacular views (while staying indoors). This was a Deck 10 SE going up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec.
  12. The cameras are on the bridge not under the bridge. And any cameras are not pointed peeping into rooms.
  13. Post #8 in this thread. Some lovely ground pig liver squirted through a piping tube on a small piece of bread topped with a caper for raw salmon egg.
  14. Some restaurants are flat rate cover charge (Teppanyaki, Moderno). Most others are a la cart. Just like any restaurant at home (even McDonalds), you pay for each item your order. No other cost. Mandatory 20% gratuity on all food and beverage purchase.
  15. The Bird was booked on the inaugural voyage of the Joy (as we were on the inaugural voyages of the Breakaway, Getaway, Escape and Bliss). NCL decided to cancel the Bird's cruise so that they could do another week of non-revenue cruises for press and travel agents (NCL also cancelled the Bird's inaugural cruise on the Encore to do more press). "Introducing the Joy to the US". Unfortunately, we have a conflict on the "new" inaugural cruise date of the Joy, so we won't be sailing on the Joy until later in the season 😞
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