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  1. When we saw it on the Bliss, it was scheduled for 1 hour 45 minutes.
  2. Cagney's or Le Bistro with a bottle of wine and La Cucina, Los Lobos or Q
  3. We much prefer the larger ships. Much more variety of things to do and see. If I want some place quite to read, I'll close the door to my den at home. A cruise is as much about the ship as it is about the destination.
  4. When we were on the Joy, it was just the first called priority boarders (not escorted like the Haven). And, although there was absolutely no information provided, La Cucina was open for lunch. And the Concierge Suite concierge (not to be confused with the Haven concierge) was there to assist in bookings. By the time we got to La Cucina, we had already taken care of our own show bookings in The Social and restaurant bookings in Tenppanyaki.
  5. You can make reservations or show up when you want. Reservations will help you get in quicker. You will normally be given a 2-top. Today, many people don't want to have to eat with others any longer (old school cursing). They prefer going to a restaurant when they want. They want to take as long as they want (don't want to be held by that one person who incessantly talks and slows down the service). There are cruise lines like NCL that only offer MTD.
  6. You don't have to worry about good seats. They are up front and center. Royal offers this for some of the big Broadway productions as a way to make money.
  7. You can always ask. Cooks on the ships are typically directed to prepare each dish according to corporate recipes. That ensures consistency in product and avoids any potential for contamination that would invoke a food allergy. In the main dining room where they typically turn over 2500 covers a night on big ships, food is not cooked to order. It is produced in batches so individual flavoring requests can not be accommodated.
  8. You can skim through the freestyle dailies to see what the entertainment is like on the encore
  9. Your understanding is incorrect on most ships (e.g., aft dining room on all small ships, Epic and Breakaway (sometimes)).
  10. The minimum is 7 meals by purchasing a 3-meal package. No upgrades.
  11. You have to try real hard to exceed $15. If you want top shelf brands, you pay the difference above $15.
  12. If location on the ship is important, then book a class where you can pick your room. There are countless thread on how people hate the room they were assigned. But it saved them $50 pp.
  13. They don’t mix single and double cars. There are separate times. There may be longer double times. And there are fewer double cars on the tack at the same time. I have not seen daily passes. It is usually individual roses or the full cruise pass.
  14. What you do not realize is that Americans are not the demographic that the cruise line wants to cater to. Americans will cruise regardless of what is on TV. Americans buy a cheap cruise and walk off the ship with hand carries overflowing with cheap toilet paper from their cabin and boxes of cereal from the buffet. The cruise lines cater to the Europeans and international passengers. That’s why you get European football (soccer) and BBC news on the TV. The Europeans spend a lot of money on the ship. And the cruise line will cater to them. Even a bird brain understands good business.
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