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  1. We have always got a printed bill on the final morning. We cruise NCL 4-5 times a year and as recently as April, got a final bill on disembarkation day. Getting a printed bill daily is totally compulsive behavior. After dozens of cruises, I think we have found 2 errors (one a bar bill incorrectly charged to our room when they use to manually bill, and once when a dinner package meal was charged for cash). In any case, your NCL app allows you to check your bills. Standing in line for printed bills daily is just crazy talk.
  2. NCL: Does not include: Wine and Spirit Experiences, tastings or Flights, Starbucks, Ice Bars, room service, package sales, bottled water, ship specific promotions or beer buckets, designated super premium brands (subject to change), bottled wine, mini bar purchases, fresh squeezed juices, Lavazza coffee beverages, wine dispenser, energy drinks or vending machines.
  3. If you picked the ship and date, then it comes down to promos. Right now you get all of the free at see promos. Later, high probability that you won't (since the promo has run for a while now).
  4. GTY is cheaper because you have no control over your room. You may get that room that no one would ever pay for because it is obstructed or over a noise source.... Or you could be lucky and get the room from someone cancelling/upgrading that is wonderful. No choice. No changing once assigned. Personally, we want to pick our room.
  5. A printed bill is left on your door around 5 am. There is no emailed bill like other cruise lines.
  6. They are willing to let you upgrade. Pay the 5-6K upgrade. Plus the 75% cancellation fee on one of the rooms. That is where you are at. You could have done it with no hassle at 120 days. But now that you waited, you have to pay the cancellation fee.
  7. Congrats to you too, Honeybear! Have a great cruise! (We're under 50 days to our next cruise and can't wait)
  8. If you are at the machine or table position they "randomly" pick, you get $25 in play.
  9. We stay at the Hilton Diagonal Mar. it use to be a NCL pre/post cruise hotel in the past. It is not next to the port, but across from a shopping mall, near the metro and on the hop-on-hop-off mall.
  10. Save your money. You'll survive with an open bar with call drinks and no foo foo coffee. Not may pay for the Premium Plus package.
  11. Not sure what the "mess" is. The written policy posted in the OP's original post seems pretty clear that NCL has changed the rules and no longer give suite guests the 10-day head start.
  12. 1. No free drinks at the Haven bar for anyone. Guests 3,4,5 need to buy a drinks package at $99 per day + 20% gratuity. There is no discount for being a Haven guest. 2. Your Aunt and her husband are allowed to come to your room. They are not allowed to stop in any other Haven facility (bar, courtyard, sundeck). Those are reserved for the exclusive use of Haven guests. Before the latest failed experiment, you were allowed to invite them into the Haven restaurant so long as you paid for their meal (use to be $35 per person, recently was $50).
  13. Everyone (even those who purchased wifi), need to pay the $10 per device activation fee. Then everyone can text and phone each other while on the ship. It also gives you discounted (~$0.79/minute) calling home.
  14. Here's the policy https://www.ncl.com/about/cancellation-fee-schedule
  15. 1. No 2. Yes. The pools, water slides, water feature in Spice H20 are heated (along with the hot tubs) 3. Yes. Only Margaritaville. Food Republic is open on sea days for lunch for a very limited time (noon - 1:30). Other specialties are not open for lunch on any days. 4. We arrive at port at 10:15 to get through security and check-in before it gets busy. Priority boarding starts before 11:00. General boarding before 11:30. The following link is from last year's Alaska season on the Bliss. You can check out some of the restaurant times in the Freestyle Dailies.
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