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  1. This IS the new norm. Things won’t be any different next year. Some will get the vaccine. Some will refuse. Some vaccines will work, some won’t. (Remembering that an “effective” vaccine only has to have positive results in 50% of the people who take it.) And there will be cases of COVID on ships (like there are cases of Noro). You want a proof of vaccination record, I can whip one up as fast as I can whip up a “comfort animal” certificate. I can even give you and embossed seal with official sound words in Latin.
  2. We would pick the Gem. The ships are sisters and are similar in most ways, so that does not impact our decision. We love Venice and would book a few days in Venice before leaving on the cruise. We just like to walk, and Venice is a very walkable city.
  3. And, the cruise lines can have some level of “control” over what their passengers may be exposed to. For example, tour vendors may be required to temp check their employees daily and maybe periodically COVID test them. And have some level of cleaning of tour vehicles. Most resorts do that now. Verses Good ‘ole Joe with a beat up car, vented mask, and a glossy sign hustling island tours at the port.
  4. Now, What are you going to tie your hammock to? If you damage the ship, you need to buy a new one.
  5. But you can compel your tour operators to screen their employees. And take you to “safer” locations or locations which are equally compelled to screen operators and potentially guests.
  6. Yeah, but those health checks are there to protect everyone onboard. If you are sick, even if it isn’t COVID, you beat not board the ship.
  7. Can you provide a link that discusses this in more detail?
  8. So, the challenge of posting a 2 1/2 old, long-dead thread is that much of the information on this thread is out of date and inaccurate. The Supper Club has been doing different complimentary shows nightly with one paid show each week. The dinner shows have a fixed menu (different each night). Post #11 on the link below shows an example of the show schedule. If you scan the rest of the thread, you’ll see a few of the dinner show menus.
  9. Did you ask your travel agent? Have them book the casino deal for you? Ask if they can switch your reservation for a casino deal (you would get the promotions at the time of rebooking).
  10. Yes. The are still being advertised.
  11. Just speculating that the shoulder-to-shoulder banquet seating at the cirque shows won’t work going forward. The cirque shows on other ships have also been removed.
  12. POA is absolute best way to see Hawaii. You are in port every day. You don’t waste your time at sea sailing from the West Coast. And there are two overnight stops, which gives you the opportunity to do some nighttime shore excursions including a luau. And even a sunrise on top of the volcano, or a bike ride down the volcano. NCL is focused on the contemporary Cruise passenger. Freestyle dining allows you to eat when you’re hungry and when it best fits your schedule especially on those busy port days. Since the contemporary cruiser is interested in doing specialty dining, NCL offers a wide variety of additional-fee Dining options. But, the main dining rooms and complementary restaurants serve wonderful food and you don’t have to spend any of any money on specialty dining. In fact, we better to try some of the Ono (delicious) local foods in Hawaii for your dining experiences. Entertainment on the POA is fine, but not the glitzy Broadway shows you would get on a bigger ship. Being on the POA in Hawaii is the best of all worlds, a floating hotel that allows you to see all of the islands without having to repack every night. And yes, spend some time on Oahu before your cruise to get synced with the time zone and recover from that long flight. Have fun!
  13. Good luck with the knee replacement. And the next cruise is incentive to focus on your PT.
  14. You can buy a lot of over priced bottled water from bar before you break even with the Plus package. Do your homework before investing.
  15. Yes, very choppy with NCL up over 16.6% Friday and cruise lines leading the SP500 with analysts turning bullish on stocks. https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/cruise-stocks-surge-lead-the-sp-500s-gainers-after-barclays-turns-bullish-2020-09-25
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