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  1. Priority boarding will start before 11:15. General boarding will start before 11:30. Everyone in the terminal will be onboard before noon (if not a lot sooner), called by boarding group. rooms for everyone, including the suites will be ready around 1:00-1:30. The Joy has 85 Haven rooms and 85 Concierge rooms. It has 2000! Regular rooms. You are part of the vast majority of passengers on the ship. save your money. Show up around 10:00 to avoid the crowds at security and checkin (that is what we do). You’ll be on the ship and eating lunch before noon. We were on the Joy in September. She’s a beautiful ship. We had a great time. Enjoy!!!
  2. Harvest Caye is a NCL owned private island and the port call is intended to be a beach day. Because of the variables of getting to/from the mainland, consider an NCL ShoreEx to minimize the chance of getting left behind.
  3. Yes. Loyalty is not recognized like others in the travel industry.
  4. Hmmmm,,,, we dine at Cagney’s 5 or 6 times a year and have always thought that Cagney’s steaks were much better than outback or sizzler.
  5. The Haven bar is like any other bar on the ship. 2 drinks per card. You pay the difference if you exceed $15. A double is 2 drinks. And standard bar mix. We have our butler keep a bowl of bar mix filled in our room for evening drinks.
  6. We have cruises out of Brooklyn on Cunard. You get wonderful views of the SOL across from the terminal.
  7. No problem. There is no customs or immigration. As fast as you can walk off the ship, you’ll be in a taxi. Make sure to have euros.
  8. Walk up window is still there. Since NCL fired Zakarian, they overhauled the menu a couple of times and little/nothing is left from Geoffrey.
  9. The lights from the ship kill your night vision and the stars.
  10. No sharing of SDP at any restaurant Yes, you can go to the bar and drink (just like the bars in other restaurants). It has limited hours.
  11. So, this is the Premium package. While it allows streaming, you are sharing the internet with 4500 of your new passenger friends, crew, and ship's operations. The "speed" is the same, regardless of the package. The package just opens more ports for more services. Unlike Royal who will send you spam email every 18 hours from the minute you book to the minute you embark with the latest "sale", NCL does not discount their packages beyond what you see.
  12. Yup. You are on a cruise ship flagged in the Bahamas catering to diverse international passengers. The primary sports channel on our cruise was showing European football (soccer) and table tennis (ping pong). You're not in Kansas any more Toto.
  13. Emails to FDR are sent to a guest relations department for response. A sub-minimum wage off shore guest services agent will send you an appropriate, canned response. FDR (or his immediate staff) do NOT read the hundreds of emails sent to his public email address daily.
  14. No ships cruise Alaska during the winter. The Bliss does 3 more Mexican Riviera cruises this year (which are sold out) and then heads for New York for her Bahamas and Caribbean season.
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