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  1. Thoughts and prayers for the ill passenger. No compensation for anyone who would complain about a medivac.
  2. BirdTravels

    Lobster on NCL

  3. BirdTravels

    Lobster on NCL

    1) Not on the Epic (which was the OP question) 2) Not in all Ocean Blues
  4. BirdTravels

    Escape Boarding

    In addition to Haven guests (who are escorted from the Haven check-in mid-terminal) and Latitude Priority Guests (Ambassador, Platinum Plus, Platinum), NY Manhattan also boards Casinos at Sea (CAS) guests before general boarding starts. There is a separate waiting area for casino guests. We have been on cruises were over 20% of the passengers onboard were casino guests. Some discounted travelers, many comped travelers (either a NCL casino comp or using land-based casino comp).
  5. BirdTravels

    Bid email

    We have also booked close to cruise date and not been given the opportunity to bid. Hope you see that magic banner on your MyNCL screen soon. Make sure to get fully checked-in ASAP.
  6. BirdTravels

    Jade internet promo question?

    Not sure what "promo" you are talking about. If you are asking about the Free at Sea booking promotion, that is 250 minutes of onboard wifi. Other packages are on this page https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/internet-packages
  7. BirdTravels

    Does Supper Club menu rotate?

    The Supper Club rotates guest performers with varying contracts. Some contracts as short as 1 week. Others, a few months.
  8. BirdTravels

    Need help with SKY please

    The Sky includes an open bar (not a package). You don't have to upgrade it to premium liquor.
  9. BirdTravels

    Alaska NCL Bliss- debarkation question

    Last season, it was 6:45 am (but normally earlier) for self walk off
  10. BirdTravels

    Nursery services for 2 year old

    Correct. The Escape is the only NCL ship with a nursery for kids under 2 years old.
  11. BirdTravels

    Bermuda overnight

    Bermuda is pretty dead at night. And tinge ferry to Hamilton does not run late when you’ll be there. Most folks are back on the ship for dinner.
  12. BirdTravels

    Epic Interrupted

    RCCL has always been more generous in inuring expenditures making the company less profitable and increasing the cost for all cruisers. We were on the Anthem to Bermuda about 18 months ago which got diverted to New England/Canada because of a hurricane. We got 50% refundable OBC. Nice gesture, but totally unnecessary. We knew we signed a contract, that the contract allowed the cruise line to change itineraries, and that we were sailing in hurricane season. We expected nothing. And we would prefer that the cruise lines enforce their contracts and not bend over to every person who cries about a "ruined cruise" and demands compensation. We have been on multiple rescheduled cruises. We have had 2 cruises cancelled this year. We take it all in stride.
  13. BirdTravels

    Sea pass card question

    Yes. Credit cards are safe. You need to have available credit to cover 2x what you plan to spend on board (including anything you have not pre-paid). 10's of thousands of people cruise every week with their credit card. And other than having authorizations ("holds") that tie up your credit line until your bank releases them, it all is fine.
  14. BirdTravels

    3 REEF SNORKEL BY BOAT....Royal Excursion Cozumel

    We did this tour and it was great! I can't tell you which reefs we snorkeled over. The waters were warm and crystal clear. There are strong currents over the reef areas. The guides jumped in at each reef site to position the boat so that we could drift with the current over the reef. At the end of each snorkel, the boat would come to pick us up. Effortless! The boat had lots of shade and an upper sundeck for those needing a tan between stops. Sodas and beer were included with the trip. The first reef was shallow with lots of fish The second reef was over very fast moving currents. We drifted along for quite a distance before being picked up. The third reef was in deep water (40ish feet) so there were larger fish deep down.
  15. BirdTravels

    Norwegian Sky Dining

    You can show up and be seated in a table to yourself at any time (no reservations required). As stated above, NCL embraces the philosophy of Dress Up Or Not. Shorts are allowed in ALL restaurants for ALL meals except the Crossing MDR and Le Bistro specialty restaurant where gents are asked to wear long pants (jeans, dockers). On the Sky, the majority of people are dressed very casually (shorts) for all meals. NCL rotates through a set of 14 menus in their MDRs. Menus are not posted in advance. Enjoy the brand new Sky!