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  1. No. You need to pay the grats on the package which is what the poster is referring to.
  2. As a frequent live poster, I appreciate the effort you are going through to do this post. Thank you very much. We will be reading along since we’ll be on the Encore in a few weeks.
  3. You can hand carry 12 small bottles. You will get bottles of water in your room.
  4. Royal will send you as SALE SALE SALE email about every other day (sometimes every day, sometimes more than once a day) from the moment you book to the minute you leave the terminal. Some sales are better than others. If you book a package and see a lower offer, just cancel online and rebook a package/shore ex.
  5. go into the chat and ask them to send you an Amenities Confirmation.
  6. You are essentially correct. Tap water, always, in all restaurants. Along with coffee and tea. You will be able to get reconstituted juices for breakfast (orange, apple, cran) and Ice Tea for lunch and dinners. The buffet also has flavored waters for lunch and dinner. Sodas, bottled water, energy drinks, fresh squeezed juices, specialty coffees all cost money. you can also get a soda-only package if you drink more than a couple of glasses a day.
  7. You'll just have to ask where to drop off your handcarry. A lot of times, it is a very under utilized service. This was the collection at 1:30 before rooms opened on our last cruise. There is no limit to the number of kids that can register for the Splash Academy, but they will use the Virtual Queue on the NCL app to "get in line" to drop your kids off. Once you reach the front of the "line", you have 15 minutes to report to the club before you are cancelled and you have to join the back of the line.
  8. The challenge with 9706 is that the view is limited by the bow of the ship. You are looking at the crew sun deck and crew bar area. You want to be higher. It is a long walk on any deck. I don’t thing the tiny bit of space would be noticeable. We always book the forward facing suites for the extra space, living room area, and lower price. We were in one last year to Alaska on the Encore. We went up to the Haven bar and courtyard multiple times a day. Enjoy
  9. The Cellars iPad-based menu offers wines by the glass and wines by the bottle. Same as other bars, the base drinks package covers the first $15 of any glass of wine. You can pay the overage if you buy something above that.
  10. I was on the Joy last month and know exactly how the smoking area is set up. And it’s non-proximity to the splash pad.
  11. We only carry meds in a daily pill organizer (and we have a lot of meds). Never original bottles. This had been discussed many times. A pill bottle can be filled with anything and does not demonstrate anything.
  12. My laundry is free. If it was self-serve, it would cost me $$$. We did laundry at a hotel recently and it was $4.00 to wash. $4.00 to dry, and $2.50 for a box of soap. That was per load. And the washer didn’t take nickels or dimes,,, only credit cards.
  13. No. Only the Epic, Getaway, and Breakaway. Lots of Asian food on the buffet. The Joy used to have more Asian stuff until they “Americanized” her.
  14. We send in 4-8 bags of laundry a year. We have never, ever reinforced a bag. The bags work fine without heroic efforts. And there are laundry bags,,, then there are LAUNDRY BAGS. The photo below shows the smaller and Landry bags.
  15. The Epic has the best spa in the fleet. It is big, spacious, saunas and steamrooms in the locker rooms, out door area.
  16. The splash pad is on the opposite side of the ship. Plenty of “distance”.
  17. We do not do what @PartyPlannerLady says. We drink bottled water (actually canned water) and have bottled water in all restaurants (except the buffet).
  18. This statement has zero relevance to this board or thread. Their drink package works in most, but not all bars. And has a low threshold before you are paying the difference. And does not work in specialty restaurants.
  19. Ya get what you get. We booked an inside guarantee on a cruise in March. We got assigned a promenade family room that sleeps 6. Two bay windows looking down at the promenade. Bigger than a junior suite with a ginormous walk in closet. We have also been assigned a closet in the past.
  20. Royal was “quick” to go back last time after the assignation of the Haitian president and widespread gang takeover (the last time a large number of US citizens were taken hostage).
  21. Royal bombards you with almost daily Sale Sale Sale emails about upgrades to your cruise from the minute you book to the minute you sail. Totally annoying. And I would block them, except that there may be an email about a changes to the cruise. Today’s email is 25% of cabanas on their private island only $2285.99 (sale price).
  22. Add 20% grats to $3.50=$4.20 They will normally not serve you a can unless you have the Plus upgrade.
  23. Pre pandemic, up to 25% of the adult passengers on a ship were guests of the casino. Sailing on comped cruises, discounted cruises, land based certificates, land based discounts. Every 4th door as you walk down the hall to your room. So, yes, people gamble. It is less post pandemic.
  24. Nope. The NCL system only lists additional excursions that do not conflict with what you booked. You can call the shore ex dept and play 20 questions using the bigger list (which may not be all inclusive) “Is this available???”
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