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  1. We make a reservation around the same time every night (usually shortly after MTD opens). We ask the hostess to seat us with the same waiter each nigh, so you get that personalized service. I.e., by night 2 or 3, your drinks automatically come out and your meals are served the way you want them (we're not fancy people, we tell our waiter that if they have several hot appetizers, bring them to the table and don't let them get cold at the waiter's station, just so they can serve them one at a time). While it is not exactly the same as set dining time, we are often seated near some of the same couples (on the same dining schedule). So we chat about the day and plans for the next.
  2. Hmmm... If there enough virus to test positive, there is enough virus to spread the disease. No one that test positive is welcome on a ship, plane, train, or outside a quarantine facility. To do so is totally irresponsible and endangering the lives of people around them. To say that it is o.k. to have COVID and be on a ship, so long as you're not hacking up a lung is wrong. And lets face it, the average cruise ship passenger is going to be older and more at risk should they catch the virus (we fall into the old-old with pre-existing conditions group). We enjoy cruising and have been on 3 cruises since the restart. But, we appreciate everything that can be done to mitigate the risk of catching COVID while on our cruises.
  3. So the only unvaccinated people on the Freedom were kids under 12. So, unvaccinated passengers (kids under 12) would not be sitting in the casino. Smoking is allowed in all Royal casinos. And on our Freedom cruise, there was a lot of smoke (and a lot from non-players).
  4. Here's my 2 cents. At this time with a pandemic still going on, I don't want anyone potentially touching or grabbing my phone to try and scan it. It's up to my face and mouth when in use. And if you flash your phone at someone, they just reach out and adjust it so they can read/scan it. No. No. No. A piece of disposable paper is just fine. Keep those germy hands (which have touch hundreds of other phones) away from my most handled device. (This comes from someone who has been on 3 cruises since restart).
  5. Nope. Not new. The Bliss has Prohibition which includes about a half dozen drinks to match the show. Other ships have one paid show called Wine Lovers the Musical with a half dozen glasses of wine. Some ships have one paid dinner show. All of this has been around for over 10 years.
  6. You are well within the bidding window. If, when you log on to your MyNCL account, you don’t see a splash screen that says “Let’s Get You Upgraded”, the way you booked has excluded you from the upgrade program. You can call and see why, but if you are booked with a travel agent, they may not talk to you.
  7. I agree with @KeithJenner, the normal balconies on the Breakaway (balcony and minisuites) are the smallest in the cruise industry (almost an embarrassment). Stay with your angled balcony.
  8. Monday before a weekend cruise is normally the day they process bids (that have not been previously approved). Most Haven upgrades are processed at that time (since they hold them for sale as long as possible). We have been upgraded to the Haven as late as Wednesday.
  9. We have been on 3 cruises since restart, flew to all. And have flown to multiple vacation spots. For the most part, travel is back to pre-pandemic “normal” and once you are on the ship it feels like pre-pandemic “normal”. Yeah,,, there is the mask thing on the planes and in many locations (including the cruise terminal). But not much different than at home,,, some places you need a mask. Others are optional,,, but you should.
  10. They are giving opening general bookings on 10/26 (according to the email I got), giving priority bookers from now until then to make their reservations. Someone offered a world cruise recently and it sold out in a week (at the prices above).
  11. So,,, does "trip interruption" include 10-14 days of room and board in a hotel quarantining?
  12. And, when you return from your Getaway cruise, you will be brining all of the liquor through customs which you should pay duty on. It will exceed your liquor allowance and $1000 will exceed your duty free allowance.
  13. Movement of more ships to Europe to avoid CDC requirements.
  14. The insurance cost does not change. If you bid on a Haven room and have already pre-paid your Daily Service Charge, no additional charges. If you have not prepaid your Daily Service Charge, you will be charged the Haven rate. Just the amount won.
  15. The insurance cost does not change. If you bid on a Haven room and have already pre-paid your Daily Service Charge, no additional charges. If you have not prepaid your Daily Service Charge, you will be charged the Haven rate. Just the amount won.
  16. You could cancel and rebook, but there is always the chance the are sold out. It would be easier to talk to shore ex on board. The [small] refund will be in the form of a refundable OBC.
  17. There is a separate line in The Social to buy Vibe passes. Not so popular on Alaskan cruises.
  18. High demand. Low number of tickets. Used to sell out fast,,, with people showing up at sun rise (camping outside of seminal) and running (not walking) to buy tickets
  19. Thanks for linking. These have latest Haven menus.
  20. In the past, not this year due to closures, we would have Thanksgiving in the buffet. People feel that they need a big, fancy sit down dinner, we prefer it to be like home where you go, pile your plate with your favorite dishes, and enjoy. (More than a couple of slices of turkey, dried out from being held in a warmer in the MDR, fresh sliced turkey and ham in the windjammer is our preference.)
  21. The teens typically spend a little time actually in the teen club. It is a place to meet, hang out for a while, and they go roaming the ship,,, depleting the pizza supply.
  22. At 3 days before check-in, you'll get a check-in time 30 minutes before the gangway closes for departure,,, strictly enforced.
  23. Hmmm... I always get a corkscrew (nice one, not like the one in the photo above) on NCL. BTW: if you drink your RCCL wine outside your stateroom, you're suppose to pay corkage for consuming it in a public area.
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