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  1. I'm being a doughnut today, I think you're right. Pausing it makes it much clearer. Funny though when you watch it at fast speed. LOL
  2. Sorry I was referring to the image in post 123, not the video.
  3. I just studied that bit again. Definitely not walking down steps lol.
  4. Did anyone see the bit where it seems to knock something off the top of the building around 38 seconds in?
  5. Fantastic, now we get an idea of what the position of our balcony cabin looks like, overlooking the promenade.
  6. Ah ok. But I was told there are definitely no balconies actually on public promenade areas. Only overlooking them.
  7. On the deck plans, it looks like the balcony cabins are on the promenade deck but they are actually a deck above overlooking the promenade deck. So deck 8 is actually a double decker. We have booked one of these while onboard earlier in the year and had it clarified that they are actually above the promenade.
  8. Yes, I noticed that too. It's certainly a bit different to the usual P&O ships. I guess it will all be a surprise when we get onboard.
  9. We booked an Iona balcony cabin when we were onboard Ventura earlier this year. When we got back to our cabin and actually studied the deck plans we thought we had made a mistake as the cabin appeared to be directly on the promenade deck where the walkway is. In a panic we went back to the future cruise desk, and we were told there are actually not any cabins on that deck, they are a level above (although the deck is still called promenade), but directly overlooking the walkway. There are not any (what are called garden cabins on other lines), actually on the walkway part. So there will be people walking directly in front, but below, our balcony.
  10. Because it will cost them more in port fees LOL
  11. Thanks so much for this info. Definitely puts our mind at rest a bit.
  12. If it helps anyone sailing this Friday (from the port information websites)....... Port times Amsterdam 8am to 5pm next day Zeebrugge 6am to 6pm Guernsey 8am to 6pm
  13. OK, seems we dock at 8am on 14th and depart at 5pm on 15th...... https://www.felisonterminal.com/calendar
  14. From our experience, P&O is the only cruise line that doesn't give you times. Just (for example) "Early Morning" to "Late Afternoon" etc. Very frustrating. I guess we could check on each Port's website, but I haven't got around to doing that yet. Again, something else we shouldn't have to do. I wish they would just give you the times of docking and departing port, would be so much easier. But this is P&O we are talking about. 🙂
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