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  1. If she is being built in Italy, how could she possibly be built on time? Any updates on her build?
  2. Just got the email today about our 4/21 cruise cancelling. We've got an August Alaska cruise booked (using a bought onboard FCD). I just emailed the TA to transfer the FCD to the August Alaska cruise. The fine print states that the FCD can be "applied to the cruise fare only of a new cruise" Has anyone been able to do this?
  3. I'm a crazy fan of cruise vacations.....and a devoted Holland America Line Mariner.....but...... we all know that one of the reasons we cruise is because of the value it provides. Part of that value is from the foreign flag registration and the low wage foreign labor. Those features are what has allowed the business model to flourish but it's hard to ask the USA taxpayer to bail out foreign built ships, foreign registered ships, foreign labor, and partially foreign based Carnival (USA and UK company).......I know I'd have a rough time winning a debate on that. I'm worried.........the loopholes made the business and they may put an end to the business..... I hope not......but looking at the facts.
  4. My understanding is that she can't go thru the canal.....That's why she was on a 44 day cruise around South America when the recent unpleasantness happened.
  5. That's been my thought also..... But....as I've been searching cruises while waiting on my April 21 cruise to cancel, I'm seeing prices that are much higher than I think I would usually pay.......So wondering if the FCDs & the gift card bumps are a deal....Or have they just raised the prices so we are back to zero?.......Just wondering.....but still planning to go that route.
  6. The Alaska cruises in May and June are there to raise money for HAL. Some folks (can't imagine who) will book and that's a FCD to offer. They show their cards by allowing the booking for a cruise they do not intend to sail.......
  7. Bought 100 shares for Mother when it was around $8 a few days ago....Just looked and today it's at $14......Just never got around to doing that for her before so now she's in and in at sales prices...... We'd had ours for years.....Think I paid $26 and received lots of OBC thru the years. You only loose money if you sell.....and never sell when it's down....this is the time to buy. Smooth sailing everyone.......and wash your hands.
  8. IMO, Not good to accuse without evidence.....Not what HAL needs right now either.
  9. the friendly and attentive crew.....that's the secret sauce of HAL, IMO.
  10. Good for you for booking!!!!! I'm thinking of doing the same shortly Prior to the Chinese Virus, we had two booked cruises for 2020 Zaandam 4/21 Ft Lauderdale to Montreal & K'dam 8/29 Alaska After the Chinese Virus Our Zaandam cruise has yet to cancel (you can still book it..LOL) but Canada has closed their ports, so that's not going anywhere I just booked air today for the Alaska trip and remaining positive this will go (BTW, air fares are good right now) I want to get my FCD (with bonus) and we are eyeing the TA cruises w/cruises in Europe post TA....Good deals on those. I've heard zip from HAL and TA but not concerned and not bothering them.....but as soon as that FCD hits my mariner number, it will be used quickly on a HAL cruise Smooth sailing.......when we can again......And when that HAL horn blows on a cruise I am sailing away on, that will be when the nightmare of the Chinese Virus is over.....In the meantime, wash your hands!
  11. Nice list and good things to start thinking about....... For us, it's all about price......If I can book a balcony on HAL for $100/day/per person (cruise fare) we are onboard.......Forget all the glitter and distractions of drinking packages, Club Orange, OBC, pre-paid tips, gift cards, free shore excursion, free massage...LOL...whatever....just give me a $100/day balcony and I'm onboard.
  12. Just pulled up the "world famous 90 day ticker" from a certain TA (VTG).......and the earliest "last minute" cruise deals start July 1.
  13. That makes sense.......And the small amount they "give away" in FCDs means nothing compared to the cash coming in......Perhaps keeping cancelled cruises available for sale is a financial strategy? Also, the other point about people needing to spend their FCD's will drive up future prices makes sense also......The FCD may not cost them anything and will ensure full ships once this mess is over. Smooth sailing........when we can in the future!
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