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  1. We "felt" less crowded on the Koningsdam & Nieuw Statendam than other HAL ships.....They are our preferred ship primarily because of that "feeling"... easy to get around and no lines.
  2. We've been on both....There is no such thing as a bad choice........but between the two, it's Koningsdam for us. As others have said....newer ship, music walk, bigger w/no crowd issues and on and on.....Enjoy the journey, no matter which 'dam ship you choose.
  3. Looks like they are finally catching up to Southwest Airlines.....They've never had "change fees" or "baggage fees"...I love them. It's also hard to feel sorry for the big guys....American, Delta, United......They never felt sorry for me when I was at the counter with luggage that weighed 51 pounds.......1 pound over.
  4. So I just logged in and I have a cruise booked Oct 2021. I was able to access the "plan travel" section......I could book transfers and see the flight page......But since my cruise is over one year away, I can't access flight or hotel info.....because it's too early, I would think. So not sure if that really helps......
  5. Anyone bothered by the latest prices? I'm not bothered just grateful we went ahead and booked our October 2021 cruise when we did....I've watched the price only go up as the FCC's were distributed, other cruises cancelled, ships sold and the new Rotterdam delivery was delayed.....It's all about supply and demand...... .....and even though I am feeling good when the price on my booked cruise is only increasing, I understand that the price could just as easily drop.....not bothered by that either......"You pays your money and you takes you chances." ....I am bothered by not being able to cruise now, though. LOL.
  6. +1 our experience also in booking 2 tours for our October 2021 Rotterdam TA....[and we are not in a Neptune.] Easy peezy.
  7. Looks like Mexico would not be included but Amsterdam should be..... From the HAL website: For a limited time, take 20% off all Shore Excursions on your 2021 cruise to Alaska or Europe. Offer ends September 9, 2020.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! We just bought a $500 gift card (w/10% bonus) and used it to buy excursions (w/20% off) for our October 2021 TA. We have not used a cruise ship tour in a very long time...(never like the price or the crowd)..but we had two long day trips we wanted to take on this TA (Normandy WW2 sites & Stonehenge) and the discounts were close enough to the non-ship tour prices we saw so we booked 'em.
  9. Yep! That's us.....Check out the roll call if you have not already....It's already several pages long and we have 14 months to go/plan! Not worried about a Hurricane.....if one passes close, we get to see how well they built the new Rotterdam on it's maiden crossing!
  10. Booked on the Rotterdam October 2021.......We have been diagnosed with a severe case of cruise ship withdrawal syndrome (CSWS) and not sure we can wait that long....Can one go this long without a dive in burger, hydro suite pool or a 12 noon update from the captain? We shall see.
  11. I think I've answered this before.......... Carnival Mardi Gras....the original Carnival ship. 1989.....moved UP to HAL in 2003 on the Zaandam and it has been Holland America every since.......Savor the journey......
  12. We've sailed on the K'dam and the NS (2x). We enjoy the promenade and would take walks there almost every morning and evening. We've never had an issue with the "tight squeeze" around some areas. I do like that I don't have to dodge the deck chairs and find it's a very quiet area to walk with lots to view. We only hold our nose around the doggie toilet area but that's really not necessary! It works perfectly for us. When we want a shady place to lay down, we go to our balcony if it's the right time of the day or we use those really comfortable huge sofas above the lido deck.
  13. Awesome decision Holland America Line! We are booked on her first TA next fall and excited that it's now going to be the flagship Rotterdam! (We are 3 stars but we've never sailed on the previous Rotterdam or any of the other smaller ships that were just sold....We love the K'dam and NS so this is all the better for us!) Now keep going Holland America.......perhaps...... drop the Nieuw in Nieuw Statendam (never understood the logic of that....now is the time to change the name) christen the Rotterdam with Dutch Royalty breaking the bottle of champagne (no political celebrity's again, please) save some $$$ and drop Oprah's contract (she is too political for me...leave political celebrities off the ships, please) Looking forward to smooth sailings ahead........
  14. Get the pea soup....I know, are you kidding? no, seriously, it's good.
  15. Would we sail on Fred Olsen Amsterdam & Rotterdam? We never did sail on them when they were HAL. Nor the other two smaller ships recently sold. We enjoy a balcony cabin and we found the prices way too high for us on those older ships. Our first HAL cruise was on the Zaandam in 2003 (Oceanview) and we were hooked on HAL ever since. We are getting close to our 4 stars but all our cruises since the Zaandam have been on the bigger ships with plentiful balconies we can afford. We are glad to see HAL focus on their economic survival with the larger, more efficient ships......Smooth sailing ahead!
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