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  1. appears to be.. Hoping not, as I would like to sail on her!!!
  2. FIrst, I love sailing Carnival, and I love the Fantasy Class ships all the way up to the biggest I have sailed(Magic so far). Each ship has its own appeal etc, BUT I am wondering why the run of issues with the VISTA?? I mean I can expect things to break or go wrong on an older ship. These things take a beating and are constantly running etc, but to have issues on the newer ships is puzzling to me, given technology, and the simple fact its not bene on the water that long!! ANy thoughts??
  3. Thanks everyone!!!! I know form my research that the Carnival website does not show the Shack in the scroll thru menu for dining options, but did hear it had it. Thanks to all that responded!!! 🙂
  4. So I am guessing Tandoori is still there??
  5. Looking at booking Breeze next March. I have sailed the Magic. ANy noticeable differences?? I dont see the Shack on Carnivals website but have been told Breeze has the Seafood Shack. Is this correct?? How is the ALchemy Bar onboard? I was spoiled by Milan on Ecstacy!!!
  6. Thanks Beach, but those are from 5 years ago, and I know they no longer carry some of those tequilas based on the BLue Iguana drink menu. but I do appreciate your assistance :-)
  7. Yep, this is exactly why I did it this time!
  8. thx, schazzy, definitely going to Alchemy to do some experimenting :-)
  9. Thanks MDS.. going on Ecstacy no unfortunately no steakhouse this trip :-(
  10. Nothing specific I don't think just wondering the brands. When I want like a vodka and cranberry, wanna be able to specify high end vodka etc. I don't care about prices, just wondering on name brands. I have Cheers :-)
  11. I have seen the drink menus etc, but I cannot find anywhere that shows what brands of liquor Carnival has onboard. The different kinds of rum, vodka, etc etc. I see the tequila on the BLue Iguana, but nothing else. Anyone provide a listing of the brands available for drinks?? Thanks!!
  12. Thanks Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!! WIll be my first non alcoholic drink
  13. Recent cruisers of the Ecstacy or those familiar. Can you confirm the Rolls Royce Café serves milkshakes?? I have Cheers and want to indulge!! I know the coffees etc. Thanks for any info !!
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