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  1. We will be on the Splendor April 5, 2022 as our first cruise back. We have three more on Regent in the 12 months that follow. So great to see some light on the horizon!
  2. They always keep $100 per person which can be credited to a future booking made within 12 months of the cancellation.
  3. I stand corrected. With so many cruises booked it’s hard to keep them straight. 🙈 Wendy, thank you for the information and link. 🙏🏻
  4. We are trying to select a Silver Seas (SS aft) suite on the Mariner, and I read that the even numbered (Port) side suites have a tub and shower, where the Starboard side only have a shower. However, this information is over seven years old, and I wondered is anyone could confirm if the Port side still have a tub and shower, and more importantly, is it a tub/shower combination (which we hate). It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who has more recent experience could comment, or on suite #1080 in particular.
  5. We had 609 on the sister ship, the Explorer, and absolutely loved it. So convenient for going to lounges, dining room, shops, etc. No need for elevator rides. It also has a much deeper balcony than 1211.
  6. Speaking from personal experience, even the much newer Explorer ship had aft vibration issues, so I would never pin my hopes that the Mariner wouldn’t, especially if looking at at 41 night cruise. Also, speaking from personal experience we were completely flexible with dates, times, and willing to share tables, and yet we still were not able to obtain additional reservations at any of the specialty restaurant venues. For what it is worth I seem to be the only one replying that has had extensive experience with cruising on Celebrity ships, for comparison sake.
  7. I have done over 70 cruises and many of them on Celebrity. We were avid suite dwellers on Celebrity before trying our first Regent cruise, and now we go with Regent. However we are in our senior years (67 and 76) so definitely not looking for much excitement. I will just give you some random thoughts, in no particular order. If you were going to relegated to Celebrity’s main dining room I definitely say go with Regent. But since you are dining in Blu with Aqua and Luminae with your Sky suite, you will be happy enough with those venues. The big plus wi
  8. I have been witness to what happens when cruise guests disobey the rules and it isn’t pretty. You are confined to your cabin, usually with someone posted outside your door 24/7, and your cruise account is cut off. This happened to a couple across the hall from us who drank too much and got into a rip roaring fight out in the hallway at 2 a.m. They were in an inside cabin!! 😳
  9. As far as I know all of the major cruise line companies, and their subsidiaries have adopted the vaccination requirement for cruising in the near future at least. I would think that the number of people that can’t/won’t get the vaccine will be extremely low given that the most vulnerable (immune compromised) people in most communities were the first to receive the vaccine. Although it may eliminate some potential guests I think this is a necessary first step to get us back on the ships. It is reasonable to assume that those who choose to be vaccinated in order to cruise would do so at thei
  10. We have notice that the demand for 2022/2023 cruises are off the charts. We tried to book the Mariner Miami to San Francisco Holiday cruise several months ago, and the availability was so limited that we ended up booking Azamara instead. It seems that so many people have future cruise credits that they have applied to these sailing, that us regular folks (without FCCs) are scrambling to find decent cabins at a decent price. I am very happy for the cruise industry in general. And also happy that we made bookings as far out as we could in January, before things really went crazy. Rest assur
  11. You are correct, I mentioned FCCs in my title only because my agent said that Regent are not allowing either FCCs or Admin Fee credits (AFCs) to be brought forward into 2023. In my case it was $600 worth of Admin fees. On the three bookings I cancelled I correctly surmised that they weren’t going to sail, so I pulled the plug before final payment. As a result I have AFCs but don’t have any FCCs (thank goodness). My point was that having done many, many booking with Regent my TA was caught off guard (as was his Regent contact) with this new ‘sail by’ restriction on AFCs. Here
  12. All excellent points Shiela. I didn’t notice that the shower on the Splendor was smaller, and I do remember now that the toilet is not in a compartment as it is on the Explorer. Also, not having a closet entrance off the bedroom (like on the Explorer) does seem weird. It makes me reconsider booking a PH over a Concierge on the Explorer. Thanks for your insight. Holly
  13. I could understand if you had to be ‘booked by’ the end of 2022, but for the sailing to have to depart by then is surprising. My first thought was that if NCL Holdings wanted to sell Regent they may not want the FCC liabilities on the books. Most likely not in their immediate plans, but perhaps at the back of their minds. We are also retired and have five sailings booked (four Regent and one Azamara) between December 2021 and April 2023. We really don’t have room to add any others, so fingers crossed that they all sail.
  14. I am not sure how news worthy this is but I was trying to book a cruise for April 2023 and move $600 worth of ‘Administration Fee’ credits (the $100 pp they charge every time you cancel a reservation) to that booking. My TA has a very close working relationship with Regent was told by his contact there that Regent is not allowing the use of FCCs or AFCs for sailings later than December 2022. The contact at Regent was quite surprised that they wouldn’t budge on this policy for anyone. We were looking at a cabin priced at $35K for 2023. We ended up moving the credits to a more modest cabin o
  15. Although I haven’t yet been in a penthouse on either ship, from my research I concluded that they made improvements to the PH layout on the Splendor, so we have booked it for a 21 night sailing in April of 2022. The major change is that they increased the size of the closet and doubled the drawer space in the Splendor PH. However, the Splendor PH closet has a bit of an odd configuration. Its entrance is now just inside the cabin door, and it has a walk through to the bathroom. In my estimation the Explorer PH would not have sufficient drawer space for a longer cruise, but I do
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