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  1. Yep, I agree that MDR on the Eclipse is not up to standards - at least on our sailing last Summer. I was quite shocked, and yes I did speak with head waiter and of course they brought the chef out etc. which is just plain embarrassing for all involved. I don't like to say anything on ships usually because the poor waiter gets blamed - which always irks me. Why don't they then blame the chef if the waiter isn't doing his job? The logic kills me. Anyway - my expectations for MDR food on Celebrity and Blu are really low now after the last few experiences. That being said, I really believe it varies ship to ship. I"m not sure it is quality of food....just preparation.
  2. So I was booked in an Oceanview cabin and recieved the moveup email 51 days prior to sailing. I have since upgraded my cabin separately to a balcony stateroom separate from the moveup bidding. Does anyone know if the moveup offers change after you have upgraded separately? I would think it should be a cheaper minimum bid to upgrade to Aqua class for example from a veranda than an oceanview. My moveup offer screen has stayed the same since i upgraded and still shows me as being in an oceanview. I'm wondering if I'll get another email. Anyone been through similar situation?
  3. OMG - the Penthouse looks fantastic. So glad the naysayers were so clearly wrong. Looks like a massive improvement on all fronts. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. A lot of people keep grumbling about the changes, but from what I see almost all are positive and for the better. I don't like the Sky Suites, but then I never liked the Sky Suites so that's a wash. The important changes are for the standard staterooms and public areas - and all of those are dramatic improvements. For those who don't like the Penthouse changes, I completely understand their disappointment when they're forking over that kind of cash. That being said, I think they look way better now for what it's worth.
  5. That's great! I'm hoping to do same on my upcoming Summit sailing as the price differential between the oceanview and a balcony cabin was just nuts. I'll bid on the moveup and see if we can get one at a better price, if not, we got a really nice oceanview stateroom that we're happy with regardless.
  6. I was just checking the dinner menus on my upcoming sailing and noticed that the desserts on the Blu menu are no different than the desserts listed on the main dining room menu. Is this true? Surprised there are no different dessert options.....
  7. No I haven't sailed in a Penthouse. I'd love to, but quite honestly even if I had the money (which I don't), I wouldn't be spending it on a Penthouse on the Celebrity Summit. No cruise or itinerary could ever be worth that kind of money to me. That being said, I wouldn't refuse an upgrade! As far as entertaining in it....I think I could rough it quite nicely with the bench and that huge sofa in the living room. In fact I think I would throw quite a party in that room with my fellow cruisers.
  8. I wonder why the back end of Summit is painted slightly different than Millie? They painted Millie a little higher with the blue and all the trim around the dining room windows blue as well.
  9. So it appears that Aquaclass Staterooms no longer have the upgraded shower.....wonder why Celebrity dropped that. Still listed on their website. Also, I thought another amenity of Aquaclass was the footrests on the balcony. Has that been dropped too? What else have they gotten rid of - anybody know?
  10. One thing I really hope they change on the Summit in the refit, but very much doubt they will, is getting rid of the fixed wooden window treatments they installed in the large round windows of the Tuscan Grille when they remodeled it last time. Silliest thing I have ever seen....they completely blocked the view outside for the entire restaurant - in favour of only letting a crack of sunlight through the fixed slats. Even the waiters in the restaurant thought it was stupid...especially since that is where they have the Captain's Club Elite Breakfast in the mornings. I remember being docked in Bermuda at a window table and not being able to look outside to enjoy the view. Strange.
  11. I will be in 3112 in June on revolutionized Summit - could you please post photos?
  12. Thanks for posting the pics. While I"m sure the extra space is great to have, there seems to be some pretty significant design flaws with both the balcony and cabin furniture in terms of being useful. I know I couldn't get my knees underneath that desk with that chair and drawers....and can't see where you would even set a drink down on the balcony if you were sitting on that sofa bench. Perhaps they are waiting for new furniture to be delivered? The round mirror also looks way too high if you were sitting in the chair and trying to use it.... I hope they change some of this.
  13. I agree with your point...I wouldn't express it in the same way.....but you're right. They should really be on top of their game better than this. Way better than this. Other lines actually do a blog when they do massive refurbs like this......not Celebrity though. It's really strange. They'll spam we with endless emails about sales (that may or may not be a bargain), yet don't send me updates that would actually encourage me to book a cruise. They are REALLY missing out on a sales opportunity here. Guess bookings must be strong!
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