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  1. Liberty of the Seas knows how to implement the Key program flawlessly!!! We got the Key on a black friday sale. I think we paid about $20. We took it easy on this cruise, but it was my 50th birthday cruise, so we decided to go for it because it was a special occasion. We were already getting internet for the two of us so it was not a whole lot more. We used the Key previously on Harmony and had a few implementation issues (program was newer then). That would be my only hesitance in getting the Key is whether the ship would recognize the benefits. I did not see a lot of reviews about Liberty. We found that the features we used were implemented flawlessly. To start out, we passed a mass of people in the regular line to get up to the scanners for security. After getting the luggage on the shuttle, that alone was an amazing perk. After going through the scanner, we went right on to the ship. Looking back at the masses still waiting in the endless line, I was so grateful to start my cruise off without extra hassle. Then, we went and put our carryons with medication and essentials at the dining room. Those were delivered to our room promptly. Just a note here, on Harmony, they were left on our bed so we did not think to look in the closet and only discovered our bags hours later. Our fault, not theirs. Look in the closet. They were on time and that was so helpful. We LOVE the Chops luncheon. The steak was great. The jumbo shrimp cocktail is excellent. During this luncheon, we were asked to purchase the 3 night dining package. The lunch was SO good that we signed up for 3 nights of dining and did them ALL at Chops. Just excellent food. We also used the priority at ports. Another excellent benefit if you have an excursion. We had a tender port in Grand Cayman. It was so simple to get on the early tender. We did not have to stand in the long line to get a tender pass assignment that morning. We just showed up at the designated meeting place and were led down to the tender boat - perfection! We did not do the shows or the activities. We did get to pick our time off the ship. Our luggage was left out the night before with Key tags - no trying to get a certain time. We had a nice exit breakfast at the MDR and were led to the lines to get off the ship. Because of how Galveston is set up, this isn't quite as slick as getting on, but still a benefit. Our luggage was in a special key area and we were able to get to the parking shuttle fairly quickly. I know there is usually a big debate on whether the Key is worth it. My husband and I do not drink. I always wonder why people pay hundreds of dollars for alcoholic drinks. I share that because it is highly personal. If you don't drink, it seems ridiculous to spend hundreds on alcohol. If you do drink, it may seem entirely frivilous to spend money on the Key. For me, it is not whether you should get the Key or not. You have to decide what is of value to you in your personal cruise experience and then create that. As I said at the outset, however, I want to know the particular ship will give me the benefits I paid for. I do NOT want to pay for these perks and then have to fight to get them. I am sure you understand. With that in mind, I will say that the Liberty delivered the Key program flawlessly for our purposes. If you feel like the Key would personally be a benefit to you, I feel confident that the Liberty of the Seas team will provide. Just a great experience for us.
  2. We sail on Sunday on Liberty and we just got upgraded from an interior promenade view to an ocean view balcony. Yesterday, the Spacious Ocean View Balcony bid said expired and the Ocean View Balcony said pending. It was over 48 hours out and I could not change anything or cancel bids. When I read these boards, it was really helpful to understand what was going on so I wanted to post our experience. We were excited to be upgraded to the ocean view balcony since it is a 50th birthday cruise. We bid over the minimum but still in the "weak" category. When I priced it last week, they wanted $1600 more for a balcony so we saved a substantial amount off what we could have upgraded now for.
  3. How long does it usually take them to credit back your card when you cancel? I canceled something on December 28 and still no credit. How long does it take?
  4. I would be fighting mad. It is their overbooking and their problem. You should not have to settle for their business risk. They can afford to make it up to you and should. Tell them you got a JS at that price before. Hold tight. I hope you get your suite. That is the GUARANTEE part of GS GTY. There was no gamble here on your part, only theirs. They lose.
  5. Thanks. I was afraid that is how it would be. I wish I had realized earlier, I would have done the refreshment package on the bf sale.
  6. I bought the soda package cheap on BF thinking Liberty had freestyle machines with all the options like dasani sparkling water, etc. Since it does not, it may not be worth it since I am diabetic and cant do caffeine either. Any clear diet drinks with the soda package? Thanks!
  7. I have only cruised once - that was on Harmony. We did the soda package with the cup and freestyle machines. We are going on Liberty next but I just saw that they are not on the list of ships with freestyle machines. How does the soda package work without the machines? I am asking because I love the Dasani Sparkling water. If we just have to go ask for a soda, there probably aren't all the flavor abilities of the machines. Thanks for any help. First time on the Liberty.
  8. I am so glad to hear it! Thank you! The food is a big part of the cruise fun! We are definitely not picky but some of the reviews scared me. I appreciate the input.
  9. I have only been on one cruise on Harmony. I am gluten free so I usually eat in the MDR as suggested by RCCL. I thought the Harmony MDR was excellent. We are going on Liberty in a few months. I have seen reviews that Liberty MDR is not so good. Would you all recommend getting a dining package and eating elsewhere? Like I said, I usually eat in the MDR for consistency due to be gluten free. I appreciate any input!
  10. Just ran the price again. It did drop and has the $75 credit. He should have lowered it and added that. I am going to call back. Hopefully I dont get someone worse.
  11. I just got another invoice as you suggested. The $75 inboard credit has been removed. This does not feel right that it has been changed again.
  12. I just got an invoice with his changes. Where do I see if I still have refundable fares? Thank you!
  13. Hello, this is only my 2nd cruise. I have been watching prices. Mine went down a little so I called in. The RC rep confirmed that it went down and asked for permission to change to the lower price (not telling me what it was, but he said it was lower so I agreed). Then, after a hold, he says he needs to put me back on hold. I wait a long time and he tells me now the price is going up so he needs to change me back to my original price. When I ask how this could have happened, he wants to know if I want a higher price or my odds price. Of course, I pick my old price. He puts me on hold again for a long time and then comes back to read me some boilerplate and hangs up. Soon, I get another email invoice that shows the same total with different discounts so I know he changed something. It also says I have $75 credit which doesnt show up and was not on my first invoice. What happened here? I am very confused. He told me it went down, changed my account, and all of the sudden it did not go down. What?!? I had a refundable fare. How can I tell if I still have that since he changed my invoice? Thanks for any help. It just did not feel right.
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