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  1. That's great! Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Thanks! I’ve been looking at Glory Tours so I’m glad to hear a recommendation for them!
  3. Yay!! That was it! Thank you so much!! 🙂
  4. Thank you!! I read one of your reviews before but I never found a whole list like that so that's great!! Much appreciated!
  5. Thanks! I kind of figured that, but I wasn't certain!!
  6. Weird! I definitely don’t see a line beneath that! Maybe if I post a bit more it will show up!
  7. We'll be going on our first cruise in January to the Southern Caribbean with a stop at Barbados. It will be me, DH, DD9, DS6. I'd like to do sight-seeing in the morning, possibly return to the ship for lunch, and then do one of the clubs in Carlisle Bay in the afternoon. I was thinking Harrison's Cave in the morning but I've kind of read mixed reviews about it. Is this something really cool and exciting or is there something else you recommend? I'd like to do something unique to the island. We haven't been to any caves before but we are planning on doing one in the Smoky Mountains later this summer. Also, if we go to Carlisle Bay and pay to use one of the clubs and go out on their boats to see the sea turtles, is this similar to what we would see if we took a catamaran snorkel tour? Obviously it would be shorter and I'm sure the boat is not as nice, but my kids won't be great at snorkeling anyways. And does anyone know if these boats would include life jackets? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I'm on a computer but I still don't see any links at the bottom of the post? It only shows the + for multi-quote, a quote button, and a heart to like the comment! Do I maybe need to have a certain amount of posts before I get that function?
  9. Sorry, this is probably a dumb question but I just started using these boards....how do I find these reviews? If I hover over your name, I can click on it, but then it just takes me to a page showing every post you've made. What am I doing wrong? I'd love to read your reviews! Thanks!
  10. Did you end up going with Joy's Adventure Tours? I'm just researching for our cruise next January and they seem like a good option. If you did, how did you like them? And it looks like the price is $100pp/$50 per child? Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
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