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  1. Hysterical! Thanks for that belly laugh🤣🤣 This review is so incredible Thank You!
  2. John, you are a STAR! Thank you so much for getting this important information. While I can go and enjoy Izumi for lunch one day, my DS and I will make other plans for dinner. I truly appreciate you getting the picture and wish you a wonderful remainder to your vacation.
  3. Thanks for the great review! Heading our on Allure shortly so appreciate the info.
  4. Happy Birthday John....and to spend it at Izumi - even better! 😀 Could you please post a pic of the menu - trying to determine if my DS (who has an allergy to shellfish) would be able to find something to eat there. We have already noted her allergy with our genie but wanted to get a sneak peek. Anna said there was just a new menu released recently for Izumi and it did not include Hot Rocks.....? Just looking to verify. Thanks for the awesome review and have a great birthday.
  5. Any recent pics of Serenade of the Seas cabin 1554? Doing lots of digging for current information and hope someone can help. Currently have GS 1550 booked on Serenade but looks like 1554 just openend up. In my searching looks like two loungers fit on the balcony of 1550 but only one on 1554. I do understand the location under the pool deck, noise probability and that 1554 you can open both sliders to get that outdoor feeling (where 1550 is a single door) and everyone can see when you walk out on the balcony. Are there any recent sailors that can confirm or deny the lounger situation as this is our favorite spot to unwind? Would really appreciate any information. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks all for the info - may have to get two rooms.......then it starts to add up a bit quicker!$$$$$ I also do like the advice given by BNBR so may give that a try!
  7. Sorry don’t have specific dates - they just said the date we were looking for, during the last week of February, that they were not available. You could always call and ask them for specific dates, that is what my friend did to get the info.
  8. Jesron1269 just curious if you were able to do this? Going on a ship that will port in Nassau from 7 am - 5 pm and we are looking for something to do. We have checked all the day passes (wanted Sandals but when called said they suspend passes during HIGH season) and other excursions (Blue Lagoon, Balmoral, Pearl....) but having a tough time deciding. Since this is such a new property thought it may be woth a trip over. How long of a taxi ride was it? There will be 5 of us, myself and DH, DS, another couple. Would one room work? Or would we need two? Please let m know of your experience when you have an oppotunity. Thanks.
  9. Just reading on the site that shall not be named of a dockworkers strike in San Juan. Quote from someone in board: If you are boarding the Summit in San Juan today...notice the port workers went on strike at 530am no porters no cabs...picket line blocking the entrance to the port passengers on board in limbo. Its bad.. even if you get off they will not let you walk as they fear danger for passengers. Police on scene. Update...police have managed to get a few busses to the ship guest must walk off with bags no taxis can cross the picket line. Going to be a long day onboard. Further update no crew members can help those in wheel chairs or help with bags...crew frustrated..a mess. Heads up to anyone heading there today.
  10. Thank you Keith1010 and Flymia! Checked out all the above and think Mandarin is the one. Again I truly thank everone for their input. Have a suite reserved for our two nights.
  11. PaulH84 and Host CJSKIDS, thank you both for your insight. PaulH84 WOW substantial for the Four Seasons Surfside quite the understatement.....but a gal can dream😉 Will check out the other options you listed, Thanks! Carolyn, well looks like my sources on construction were right. Glad I am asking around for information that could impact our trip in a negative way. Thanks to you too and I will check out the other suggestions.
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