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  1. I have to admit the Haven is the only exception. I prefer the midsize Haven ships like the Jade since there are only 12 suites on the top deck. I had a 2 bedroom suite and my friend had H1 which is one of 2 grand suites. The interior is approx 2100 sq ft and another 2000+ sq ft of balcony. Complete with Grand piano. Unbelievable.
  2. After 4 decades of cruising I can honestly say NCL is the absolute worst. Poor food and non caring service especially at the front desk. The exception are the hard working cabin attendants and find a favorite bar tender. Tip them upfront and you WILL be well taken care of. Forget the overpriced liquor package. If you have an issue don't bother trying to contact the head office. It's a waste of time. Of course this is only one person's opinion. Here is what a person posted on I believe this site: Since Del Rio took over, NCL is just a cold corporate machine that at times has all the personality of a clogged drain. That says it all.
  3. You should try Princess. I tiny bit more expensive but always great food and entertainment. Great customer service and always consistent. never a hot or miss situation.They know how to treat their guests.
  4. That sounds typical for NCL. They are absolutely the worst cruise line to do anything with. I would not step foot on any of the vessels even if it were free.
  5. You are absolutely correct regarding Top Management. I don't know how they stay in business.
  6. You are absolutely correct regarding Top Management!
  7. Management just can't seem to get their act together. One thing I do know is that they really nickel and dime you to death. Until they revoked their new pricing a double Grey Goose was approximately $45 with tip. Yes $45.00. If only one of you drink in your cabin Princess will let you buy one Beverage Package and you are on the honor system. I save a ton of money since my wife does not drink. I am not aware of ANY other cruise line that does this.She does buy the coffee card which is a great deal.
  8. Be careful what you say on this site. They banned me for life for complaining and said I was a threatening. My advise is to try Princess. They have a lot more class and integrity. Much better food also.
  9. Ray is currently on the Caribbean Princess for a few more weeks. Don't miss him.
  10. Ray will be on the Caribbean Princess starting 11/30/2019. Just saw him and he is just as great as ever. Worth the trip!
  11. I have heard that many cruise lines raise their pricing in the UK and some European ports as they know most Europeans do not believe in tipping. That solves that problem. There will always be the cheap skate that tries to keep the overall price low but it not sad not to tip. That's why I like to personally give my tips to those who have come in contact me and given me better than average service. Remember it's a tip. It should not be used as a subsidiary to their salary. The workers you don't see below deck, etc should be paid by the cruise line and calculated in their overhead costs. I just want to be sure the people who worked hard to make my vacation great get the tip directly from me. Otherwise I don't how how the tips are split and I do know much Management keeps. Just like bingo.. I always spend more each day that the recommended tip unless the service is terrible. I was on another cruise recently and nobody seemed to care. Most of them were just down and a lot just didn't didn't know what to do so I assume they were in the first step of on board training. The other thing that bothers me just a bit is that if a person knows he is going to get the same tip there is really no incentive to work.that one step harder. I tip the Steward when I get on and off and the service is much better. Same in the bar. Everyone has an opinion and I respect that however I find my method the best especially i you want to guarantee yourself much better than average serve. Many of the NCL and Princess bar tenders fight over me because I treat them so well.
  12. Is the Pearl still sitting in Barcelona to fix repairs? I was on the Transatlantic on 4/28/19 and the Norovirus was rampant. Since then i think it's done a few cruises then pulled from service. I would really like to know if this problem has been fixed.
  13. Let's hope they stayed on port long enough to contain the Norovirus. It should have been enough time. We will soon find out. Happy voyages to all.
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