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  1. We did not end up going there. It was a short cruise and the only stop. So we just walked around town and went shopping. (Wishing we would have went to the Hyatt instead).
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Just checked our December 2020 cruise on the Oasis and it dropped $150. Will take it. Hoping for more in the future!!
  3. Thanks for the info. That helps a lot!!
  4. I think we have decided on the Grand Princess on June 13th, 2020. Leaving from Whittier and ending in Vancouver. Is there any deck you would recommend on here. We are not getting a balcony - just an inside cabin. They have a few cabins next to each other on Deck 14 Lido is this good or too high up? What decks are you on for viewing?
  5. It does seem that Sun Country has decent flights. We will be flying in the day before no matter where we go out of. Cruise is Saturday to Saturday so would prefer flying home that day but could come home on Sunday if needed. Dont want to add on any more days. Limited on vacation days as we have some other vacations next year also.
  6. Thanks everyone for all the info. So much to think about. We are flying from MSP. If we don’t do RT Seattle it seems more people recommend starting in Alaska then ending in Vancouver so the flight won’t be as long coming home. Yes the prices are for 2 people with all taxes and fees. I do see rates for this year that seem much cheaper but assuming because they are trying to fill the last minute cabins. Its hard to compare airfare as we would book air as soon as it is released which I am sure will be cheaper than what am seeing for this June. From what I can tell the ships are pretty similar or am I wrong on that??
  7. Trying to narrow down and Alaskan Cruise for June 2020. It will be DH and I and another couple. All in early 50's. Have cruised Carnival and RCCL but never Princess so don't know much about them. Below are the 4 Ships/Itineraries we have narrowed it down to. Pricing is for inside cabins (as I have 3 other trips booked for 2020). They all go to Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan and Glacier Bay. Any preferences on these? These are all using pricing from the Big Box Store with non refundable deposits (does Princess do Refundable deposits?). I see we just missed the $25 deposit. Wondering if they may have any good sales for Memorial weekend. Royal Princess – Whittier to Vancouver. June 20-27. $2378. $190 OBC plus Free Gratuities. Pro’s – Decent Price, Largest Ship, Full Days in Ports Con’s – Flying into Alaska and Out of Vancouver may be spendier and not as many options. Grand Princess – Whittier to Vancouver June 13-20. $2218. $170 OBC plus Free Gratuities Pros – Same as above Con’s – Same as above Grand Princess – Vancouver to Whittier June 20-27. $2218. $170 OBC plus Free Gratuities Pros – Same As above Con’s – Same as above and longer flight home – time change makes getting home late in the evening. Ruby Princess – Seattle to Seattle. $2888 - $215 OBC plus Free Gratuities Pro’s – Airfare much cheaper and more flight options. More convenient from Airport to Port. Stops in Victoria Canada last night 7pm to midnight. Con’s – Ketchikan Day is only from 7am to 1pm. (The rest of the ports are full days and even into the evening), Cruise is more expensive but in the long run may be cheaper when adding in Flights and Transfers. Thanks for any input!!
  8. I saw that on the Boardwalk Balcony's. Wish they would let you upgrade to the Refreshment package. Carnival doesn't offer a package with non-alcoholic drinks so thought this might be fun to get at least for my Daughter and I. She will be 19 so can't drink yet and I would only have a few. My son will be 21 - not sure on the drink packages for him and my husband either if they go on sale. So, if we were in 2 separate rooms we could split up having to all get the drink packages too. We were posting at the same time about 2 inside cabins. That may be the way to do it. Sometimes it costs a lot more but this time it would be close to getting the same a balcony.
  9. Thanks. Looks like we may have a few options. I figured all the ones with the Pullman were for those with 5 in the cabin. Could do 2 Inside Cabins for about the same price - no connecting cabins with 2 in each room but could be next to each other. Would be nice to have connecting to go back and forth. More research to do..
  10. They are used to us all being in one room. So even though not ideal - we make it work. More vacations that way... On Carnival we had a couch/bed and then a bunk above it - so they both had their own space. Doesn't look like RCCL has that unless you have 5 in a room. Is that correct?
  11. Looks like I can get Forward or Aft without any additional cost (mid was $300 more). They have Cabin 8682 open which looks more towards Mid and close to elevators. Thinking this might be a good choice?
  12. Thanks everyone. So consensus seems to be Ocean View over Boardwalk. I am also thinking Deck 8 as Central Park is there and close to their eating place. I know on Carnival I try to stay away from the elevators as it can get noisy. Is this the same on here or are they closed/blocked off by doors?
  13. Looking to book Oasis of the Seas for December 2020. There is 4 of us. Me, DH and 2 kids in college. We have been on the Allure but it was many years ago and pretty sure we did an inside cabin on Deck 8 by Central Park. We have cruised a lot with Carnival and are used to their setup and normally get a balcony on the Lido Deck. Very convenient to everything. Oasis is so much bigger and spread out. I think I have it narrowed down to either a Ocean View Balcony (although I have no idea on what deck) or Boardwalk Balcony - those look fun for people watching and can still see the ocean. Everyone seems to say to get furthest back AFT of these so I found some cabins on Deck 8 that are back pretty far. What is on Deck 7 Below? When I look at the deck plans it only shows a few cabins and then white space and I have no idea what it is? I would like to book this but keep going back and forth on what view and what deck that I just confuse myself more...There is just too many choices.. Looking for any and all input and see if I can finally make a decision. Family is of no help - they just say to book whatever I want. UGHH!!!
  14. Thanks. Yeah - I know that I have one chance to use the points. I have plenty to cover the cruise. It is nice with the Sapphire Reserve to get it at 1.5 value. Now that I know I can get a refundable fare - might as well book. Same cruise for this December is already $1000 more. So, booking early has its benefits.
  15. Thanks. I went in and entered all our info, like I was going to book and then the non-refundable rate came up. Only $70-$100 more per cabin depending on what cabin I choose. So, I'm assuming Chase would be able to bring that up also - just need to go through the booking process first.
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