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  1. Did anyone ever respond to you? I'm wondering the same.
  2. This one is the World Explorer.
  3. Which ship was it, Don? I do care about the room being beyond basic - but we would book a balcony room. I do care if the food is good and if it feels somewhat luxury - my husband and son won't care. This is an adventure that I'm anxious about - and they're excited about. I'm sure I'll enjoy it - but I hate to be cold and I hate to be uncomfortable so as you can imagine - this isn't the perfect trip for me (I don't complain when I'm doing things - I will be a good companion etc) My point is that we need to compromise and my husband knows I need it upscale and also knows I will go out and do everything with a smile (and will probably like it more than I imagine)
  4. Thank you for your information. We are also considering Quark because the ship is smaller and it's actually less expensive. They will let me son share a room with another solo traveler dropping the cost.
  5. I am also now learning there's a difference (Atlas told me this) between reaching the peninsula and going below the Arctic line. Does anyone have information about this? THANKS Ellen
  6. Did you travel with either of them? Do you have a preference? THANKS!
  7. Hi Shrink, Wow thanks for the information. Yes, I want a good room - though for my son he'll deal with whatever. He'll want to hang out with us anyway. Balcony - isn't it too cold to sit out on a balcony? I was thinking a room with a large window. Online travel - good idea. (We aren't military - Atlas did ask us when we called)
  8. Hi All, We have become obsessed with the idea of an adventure to Antarctica. Our grown son (single) would like to join. We spoke to Viking, Expedition and Atlas. Atlas has an 11 day which was the most "reasonable," of the 3. (We understand the cost of this trip will be no joke - but the single supplement matters to us) Atlas explained their ship is small (less than 200) and luxury - they said they're newer and costs will go up. Currently, Jan 2025 is about 11K per person and "only," 17K for the single. But we don't want to spend 5K less and get a lot less. The other thing we're interested in doing is an add on (either via the cruise company or on our own) is Patagonia. But we're open to all thoughts - as we may only visit South America this one time (maybe Galapagos is in the future so it's possible...) I would love your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. THANKS! Ellen
  9. OH! That's very important information thank you so much!
  10. SO helpful. Okay - what's rafting? No clue! I do love the idea of wandering Strasbourg - very much appeals to me too. So if you wander the town, it will be clear what time to get back to the ship? We have Colmar and Black Forest planned - it wasn't too exhausting?
  11. I've never done a river cruise - and only once ocean (Alaska). We tend to go to one country rather than cruising. Okay - so that sounds good - walking tour and then the cathedral. But how do we get back? Will there always be shuttles at all times of day? What's the pub crawl? I assume beer (which I don't drink - only wine). If you were going to give advice to a brand new river cruiser - Amsterdam to Basal, what would you suggest? Sounds like seeing the churches while sailing you suggest - but is that going to happen for everyone or do we need to be on the ship at a certain time? I get the impression that sometimes you can get off and the ship will sail away - and you will be shuttled back to the ship in another location. So I'm confused. My younger daughter (bringing 2 of them with their spouses) hates group tours. I told her I think we could start on them and always walk away....
  12. We aren't big lunch people. We wouldn't be likely to waste time eating in town unless there was something in particular that was very interesting. Should we book a tour through another company such as viator or just do it ourselves? Not sure if it's something one needs to pay for. Is it easy to get to - the cathedral - or does one Uber around in town? Thanks again. Ellen
  13. This post confused me. There's a time one should consider staying on the boat? We booked Medieval Colmar. We love wine tasting, but not sure if we should book the excursion or just do it on our own (must be places to do this on one's own?) Cologne - heard seeing the top of cologne is great - but seems no longer available for purchase as an optional tour (on myviking). Can we do this on our own? THANKS Ellen
  14. Hi, We are going on our first river cruise with our 2 daughters and their spouses. (We are 64 and they are 35 and 25). When I purchased the cruises, I was told one excursion per port was complimentary. That was misleading as it's a specific excursion (mostly walking tours) as the rest cost. But oh well. So my question is what excursions are really not to miss and what ports can be done "on our own?" We are paying for everything, so the excursions for 6 people will be a lot. Here is the itinerary. I read a little on an old thread - perhaps Dine in Rudesheim and Mediaeval Village of Colmar are great. We do like wine tasting - so perhaps do that in Strasbourg, France. We're in good shape - but the girls don't like bikes. Everyone likes hiking. I would appreciate any thoughts. Cheers, Ellen
  15. Very good point. Philadelphia in 7 hours - historic Philly, but not all of it. Washington would be awful with that bus ride - traffic is a nightmare. You need 3 days in either city to do it justice. But if the boat came up the Schuylkill River right up to city center, you'd see more.
  16. We want to start in Amsterdam and end in Switzerland. I was wrong - Viking isn't sold out - I was confused by their website at first. Thank you - this is very helpful. On these river cruises...... you actually go right into the ports so it's easier to get to places than the large ocean cruise lines, correct? We tend to just do one country all land and do love that type of vacation - but this cruising sounds fun!
  17. I should add, I think a small ship that cruises the Rhine might suit us better - but they're all booked for 2024 summer - we will book for 2025 unless we find a small one that suits us (Viking is sold out , but perhaps there are others?)
  18. Thank you everyone. We will cancel this cruise. It doesn't sound right for us.
  19. So these ports - are many of them too far to see "the best?" like Paris? I would have loved to go into Paris. And thank you so much.
  20. Hi I'm new to cruising (did Alaska - other than that - always just go to countries) but my daughter is interested in a cruise so I'm open. I booked (fully refundable) this cruise and am curious as to your thoughts. Obviously I'm on a cruise board so most like cruises, but how much do you really see at each port? This is July 2024 Norwegian Dawn. We tend to choose a country and explore it, but it does sound exciting to see many - if you really see it. Thanks for any thoughts. Cheers, Ellen 11 PORTS OF CALL Copenhagen,Denmark Berlin (Warnemünde),Germany Gothenburg,Sweden Oslo,Norway Kristiansand,Norway Edinburgh (Newhaven),Scotland Newcastle (Tyne),England Amsterdam,Netherlands Brussels / Bruges (Zeebrugge),Belgium Paris (Le Havre),France London (Southampton),United Kingdom
  21. I'm utterly confused. We just booked a trip on Norwegian (fully refundable ) and it goes to Amsterdam for a day which is what my daughter is most excited about. It doesn't start or end there. Maybe the wrong cruise. Will she get to enjoy Amsterdam?
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