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  1. Interesting. Sorry to hear you’re so unhappy. Just wondering, was the new 2022 price quote for the upgraded 2021 cabin?
  2. Hopefully next year will bring more and faster testing because even w vaccines we’ll need to mask, socially distance and test frequently as we slowly return to normal.
  3. Nice to have your son living there...great place to visit! I think Kauai had a surge in cases and very limited hospital beds so they’re being pro-active. Each island seems to be doing a variation of the governor’s guidelines. I’ve been following closely on Flyertalk. I think the next iteration will be a pre-travel negative test within 96 hrs. of departure to HI plus a 2-3 day quarantine on arrival then another negative test to release from quarantine. But right now Big Island is doing a rapid test of every passenger upon arrival even though the pre-travel test is negative. Traveling to HI
  4. Okay, good to know, but now I’m thinking Sept. 2021 will be too soon to cruise because of Covid, not to mention the proposed retro-fit could be delayed and the cruise cancelled anyway. Thinking I’ll just stick with Hawaii next year.
  5. Wait, what? You do know that anyone, any age can become seriously sick with COVID-19, have long-term health consequences and can die? The more people vaccinated the better.
  6. So does this suggest the stabilizers would be removed?
  7. Looking at an interesting itin. London to Lisbon 9/2021 on The Wind. In reading this thread the re-fit seems unlikely at this point. But in case it actually happens does anyone know if the Project Invictus re-fit includes stabilizers? It’s my understanding that barring actual storms, this part of the Atlantic can still be very rough in Sept.. As we get older my husband and I are increasingly motion sensitive even after years of sailing on SF Bay.
  8. Are you an immunologist? What does it matter if only volunteers are being vaccinated as long as they are human subjects?
  9. I think in general you will not find an evening buffet on any of the true luxury lines but some of them do an outstanding room service, course by course for dinner...Silversea comes to mind. Works well for formal nights or any night you prefer to be casual. But don’t let dress codes be a turn-off. It’s really just a matter of creative packing!
  10. Good feedback all. Thanks. We would be staying at Four Seasons either stop...not sure if there’s anything special about their location in Koh Samui but their villas look very nice. The FS Bangkok is a brand new one on the river.
  11. Any particular reason? Have you been to both?
  12. I have a choice of one or the other on a tour I just booked. Having never been to Thailand I would appreciate any insight that could help me in making the choice. It is understood that everyone has different interests and priorities but I need help in which factors I should even be considering. On this trip I will be traveling from Great Barrier Reef just before and going on to Jordan from Thailand. Bora Bora, Cairo, Athens and Madrid will be on the same itinerary plus a few other cities.
  13. Seems better to use the Roll Call on the main community page rather than the one on the SS forum. There is more activity on the main one and I noticed on the SS roll call Silver Cloud is not listed at all. There still is not much activity on either site. I think people generally use roll calls to find like minded travelers who may be interested in booking private tours or cars together. The SS forum seems better for everything else.
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