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  1. We stayed in Black Pearl apartments - not a hotel but roomy, clean, modern and very comfortable including a massive breakfast. Hotel Borg was the other nicer hotel we were considering but the streets can be very noisy there on weekends. The town is very small but somewhat interesting but we rented a car at the airport and drove the Golden Circle in a day. That is a must unless it’s already included in your cruise. Would not recommend the Blue Lagoon - tourist trap and not a natural thermal lake. The water is heated by the nearby power plant. There are other thermal pools to choose from. The active volcano is the current must see. Perhaps others can chime in with details. Not sure how far it is from Reykjavik but I do know it’s about a four mile hike over rugged terrain to get to a safe viewing point. Iceland is an amazing country and well worth at least 3 extra days.
  2. With so much on the line I can understand your frustration. If it’s any consolation my TA was told the deadline for EBB is Sept. 30 and in light of all the system issues, your aggravation and so much at stake I would think SS would be very flexible with you but in the meantime, with your lack of faith in the company why don’t you just cancel everything? SS isn’t the only luxury choice out there.
  3. I would check Tauck as well. Too bad Crystal is so limited to Rhine-Danube.
  4. Me too! Our next booking will probably be a French river…
  5. I was also very suspicious of what was going on and thought it took a long time to remedy but I have been given the explanation and have already posted it here as has another poster. An SS cruise consultant told me it was a phishing email that was opened and a virus infected at least one system so they shut everything down to prevent further problems. At least one other poster reported the same. That doesn’t explain why it took so long to remedy the issue nor does it explain your difficulty in connecting. Just call the main line and ask for any consultant and they should be able to assist. The initial issue seems to have been resolved. Yes, it is true that the regular posters here represent a big volume to SS but CC in general is utilized by a relatively small number of total cruisers of any one line. I am sure most lines probably monitor these forums but in the age of Covid they are probably short-staffed and have to prioritize. Do you work in enterprise software? What further explanation are you seeking?
  6. This cruise seems more active than those I’ve taken. Are bike tours available everyday? Are there choices of tours each day or only one tour at a time?
  7. All ths info is on MySilversea through the main website. Just look up your booking and you can view the dining options, pricing and you can reserve. Of vourse the options with fees require a reservation and it’s a good idea to plan ahead and book all your dining options. They are certainly changeable. Your butler can also make reservations for you once aboard.
  8. I’ve never heard of a BBQ at the dock on a river cruise. How fun!
  9. Hmm, Moon only has a few cruises in so I guess at this point there are just a handful of people who have stayed in that exact suite but perhaps nearby on that deck under the same area? I generally avoid suites that don’t have other suites above and below though not a guarantee of less noise. Every ship is different though so hopefully it’s not an issue on the Moon.
  10. I have posted earlier and another poster reported the same that what actually happened was a phishing email was opened and infected at least one system so everything was shut down to ensure the virus didn’t affect other areas. I was told this by a customer service rep and the other poster was told that by an SS exec. Doesn’t sound like ransomeware but at the least they’re sticking to their story.
  11. I was easily able to speak to someone on this past Friday to resolve an account issue. Try calling again on Monday. On the weekends I would think they only deal with pax in transit or onboard or boarding shortly. i also think this was handled very poorly. On my call I was told some of their systems were exposed to potential hacking by a phishing scam so they shut everything down as a precaution. The communication was poor and the outage was very long.
  12. All sounds lovely. Thanks for taking time to write your thoughtful reply.
  13. Anymore info you care to share about the ship on the Douro? I believe it’s a new one, correct? How was the service, decor, layout? Was the bed comfortable and was there enough storage in the stateroom? Sounds like the excursions were great - did you like the guides? Other than the long bus ride in Spain, how long was the average ride?
  14. And your cruise sounds fabulous. Looking forward to hearing the report on your next leg. Thanks for all the details.
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