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  1. My husband and I drink occasionally but don’t think we’re subsidizing...it’s all a package to us. Though, I must say, it is a little galling to see people take one sip of a drink, one bite of a dish and leave the rest and just be wasteful. It happens far more in the all-inclusive environments whether it’s a formal event, ship, hotel, plane. Now, if the food or drink are just plain bad then that’s another issue!
  2. So glad I cancelled our June cruise. It would have been a nail-biter!
  3. You should be able to pay an upcharge to snag that Delta flight. Even so your total fare may be less expensive than booking on your own.
  4. You have to wait for the schedules to be released by the airlines, usually 330 days in advance. I think you have to pay for the flights in advance but not the entire cruise. Someone will correct me if wrong, I’m sure.
  5. The 2021 schedule is out and at first glance is very disappointing. Looks like a repeat of 2020, nothing new and poor timing for any destination I would be interested in. Any news on timing if the additional ships?
  6. Wellseasoned, another question: How were the seas on this cruise? I know you had some rain but just wondering how rough the seas were. My husband has some trouble with seasickness and oddly, lately I do, too. I switched to next May from a similar itinerary but in the fall because I heard that generally the seas in this area were calmer in the spring. But I realize anything is possible, anytime of the year. Do you know if the Cloud has stabilizers?
  7. It pays to do a little research and to know which flights are ideal. Just wondering, are you planning to pay for the early seat assignments? We got lucky and assignments were made by SS but on one of the airlines the assignments “disappeared” after a week or so. I called the airline, TAP to rebook the seats and they also said the couldn’t do it until ticketing but reserved the seats anyway and said they would probably disappear again. That was a month ago, so fingers crossed, it sticks this time. A little convoluted for sure but the fare is still excellent.
  8. TC, following your posts almost makes me consider Crystal again if an itinerary works for us...I guess we could rough it! Totally agree regarding the photographers. It seems to cheapen the experience and does not promote an upscale experience.
  9. What was the designated attire for the evening? And does it really matter what other people are wearing?
  10. Can you give us some examples of the unprofessional service you experienced? I have an SS cruise booked and would appreciate details.
  11. From the tone of some of the comments related to attire I wouldn’t be surprised there could be some eye-rolling among the more superior passengers but that could happen anywhere. Now I would be surprised to see that from any crew member on SS. As for table shaming, that would be shocking and I have never seen nor experienced that ever.
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