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  1. Good morning Belle, Jan, Hopeful. I haven’t weighed still not on track. My walking tolerance has declined to abt 1/4 mile. I know the bones have healed and just remind myself the orthopedist stated it could take 3-6minths to be pain free. i also am not tolerating the heat (mosquitoes are also horrible)
  2. Another observation. Most of the problem have been on the oldest ships. Possible Not doing regular preventative maintainence but fixing as things break until new ships replace the oldest ships.
  3. Good morning. Never ending walking challenge back down to about 1/2 mile, then I get aches and pains. My friend is having a good time on my free cruise.
  4. I won’t go into full details of a few issues incurred on ACL - situations that required changes in plans. 1. If there are mechanical issues that require all passengers to stay in a hotel overnight A. Take all your luggage with you in case it turns into major repair ACL pays for hotel Otherwise will incur a return bus trip to ship (in my case it was a 6 hour round trip ) 2. Expect the unexpected. Itineraries can change, excursions cancelled etc. ACL works Hard to make trips wonderful experiences - they are good with alternative plans. 3. I always bring antiseptic wipes and wipe down surfaces — the 2 hour turn around doesn’t give the housekeepers time to wipe every surface you may touch.
  5. Hopeful - I can sympathize with your lightheaded episodes. I was having dizzy spells also known as vertigo - which many times doesn’t have a specific cause. Once prescribed meclizine 3x day for 10 days. I decided to continue it twice a day (it is over the counter Dramamine is the same thing).
  6. Good morning. Belle thanks for the start of a good week. i haven’t weighed was bad all week. Have still been on a sugar binge. BUT finally good news. Saw PCP on Monday for annual. Discussed what a bad year I’ve had. I like her I can be honest, told about sugar binging. Lab drawn - checking white count , sodium ,A1C. She was t concerned about sugar binging knows I’ll get back on track when better would start me on Jardience if A1C elevated. Sodium and white counts still just a few numbers below lo normal range(normal for me). The most surprising was my A1C was 5.6 which is normal —I’ve decided I can’t be a diabetic with normal numbers. I’m in such a good mood. This is the first day of my Chesapeake bay cruise- that was free and I’m not on, a friend took my son’s cabin but no other takers. My pelvis is better but not well enough for plane travel or walking more than 0.5 miles — not meant to happen. ill try and get back to eating properly.
  7. Belle I enjoyed your suggestions. I’m lucky I do the same whether traveling solo or a group. Have a cabin to myself. I’m an early riser so walk the decks starting with mine do 2-3 laps take stairs up a flight and continue the same until the lido deck. Eat light breakfast. —- my biggest problem is nothing tastes right so never satisfied. I’m finally feeling more like myself since the “fall”.( ended up with a broken sacrum) Retired all the walkers, canes, etc. no further anxiety/PTSD. My endurance is really lo. Lucky if I can walk 1/4 - 1/2 mile at a time. I’m slowly increasing the distance. Today is the first day I feel I have control on my eating. Will weigh on Thursday which will determine how much I need to lose expect it to be around 30-40lbs since my eating has been out of control for months. My March American Cruise Line, cruise was suspended after one day. Compensation packet included a free cruise which had to be taken before end of May. Since neither my son or I would be able to cruise in that time frame — I was able to negotiate and give the cruise to 2 dog parks friends which makes be happy. We can also take a cruise at 50% off before end of 2025.
  8. Good morning everyone. I’ve been working on my physical and mental health for the past few weeks. It’s a slow recovery. Will not be able to get back to my loved walks for several months. Don’t ask for details. I had a bad fall and broke my sacrum- thankfully not a hip - I spend most of time in bed. I am able to take Jazzper for 1/4 mile walks 3 times a day. I can walk with a walker - I just can’t sit in a chair/recliner for very long. Completely lost appetite wasn’t eating enough. My daily goal is to remain positive, don’t let anxiety get the best of me. BE STRONG. I’m blessed with friends on this site and my dog park community.
  9. I’m having a rough time. Trying to get Ct of pelvis, lots of pain getting no up and down. I’m nauseated but trying to eat. At this time meals consist of glucerna, uncrustables and chicken ramen. Know I have to eat to heal. Dog park friends consist of many. Jazzper is well taken care of.
  10. Hopeful glad to hear you are holding steady. I think everyone else is cruising. My hip hurts more today - the shock has worn off. Luckily I picked up some tramadol( will only take a few days ) on our last western Caribbean cruise.
  11. No time to weigh in . Have had a bad week. Monday early am went to er for severe vertigo. Then yesterday new woman at dog park became confrontational punched me broke my nose and caused to fall and thankfully only bruised my hip and surrounding structures. Im trying to be positive (told by constable to not discuss my the case) im still trying to stay on track. My son will be gone for several weeks. Will stay away from dog park this week it’s spring break alot of new people and kids.
  12. Nice to see everyone is staying on the right path. Sometimes staying the same is an accomplishment. My cruise was on American Cruise Lines. Everything during the mishap and compensation package was geared more towards their benefits than ours. Enough said. its taken me all week to make the compensation work in my favor —- the whole episode has left me with PTSD. The compensation involves taking 2 more cruise the first on specific cruises that sail between now and end of May. thus I’m way off eating properly. Jazzper is glad to have me home. He’s feeling stronger so we’ve been able to walk 1 mile 2xday. I’ll get back to routine in the next few days.
  13. I am home, cruise was suspended. Very stressful experience. They wasted time and money by ignoring the obvious. I don’t have any more cruises booked. Going to enjoy Jazzper as long as I can.
  14. Fine arts wow that’s an amazing loss. You going to have a great cruise in April. Trip off to a weird start - bad night at pre cruise hotel, and within 5 hours of leaving the dock. We have ship problems. In the last 18 months I’ve been on 4 cruise 3 different cruise line and had significant issues with 3 cruises. Part of my Irish luck heritage???
  15. Good morning Belle. I’ve stopped counting calories try to find a middle ground. Though I was slowly losing on restricted calories I also felt queasy most of the time - I evidently need more carbs. I’m still trying to stay away from concentrated sweets. I leave tomorrow and Jan left today PLEASE ANY OF THE NEWER FRIENDS ON THIS SITE FEEL FREE TO START OFF NEW THREAD NEXT WEEK
  16. Jan you to - if we weren’t sailing the same week I would have been able to meet up with you in NO.
  17. Hopeful it happens to all of us. I leave for my cruise on Friday from Charleston - Jacksonville
  18. Belle good start for the week. Have a wonderful cruise - I couldn’t cruise that long I’m a land lover. The scales have finally started moving this week. A two week total is 3.6. I was expecting a great first week then a smaller each week. Blood pressure finally under control took 7 months. My walking tolerance has decrease to about a mile a far cry from the average 3 miles. Part of problem Jazzper has slowed down and sometimes doesn’t want to walk as far. I’m start a solo walk daily did 1.7 miles really wore me out.
  19. Hopeful you right consistency and Los of water are essential. Glad keto works for it didn’t work for me. I have a very slow metabolism so staying under 1000 calories works for me
  20. Terri I know how comfort foods are - for me it’s a candy addiction once I start I can’t stop. A lb isn’t bad maybe just just your scale’s taunting you lol.
  21. Obviously my scale hates me. Overall I’ve been maintaining a lo calorie and salt intake. Im up .2 of a lb VERY DISCOURAGING. Also my walking tolerance is down to a mile - my lower back starts aching and burning. Oh the joys of getting old
  22. Good morning Belle. I developed a sty left eye - makes me concerned white count is down - left msg for pcp requesting lab work this week so I can get over due covid shot before cruise. Weighed this morning 5 days of eating good foods and staying under 1000 calories - no loss scale is stuck where I started. I have several friends who have gone on the ozempic diet (ie cheating). To me that is scary - plus they’ll rebound when they stop.
  23. Justus. Hope DH testing is part of annual physical. 4 days of being excellent on my eating. Scales are the same.
  24. Jan where are you cruising? I’m eating better. Broken the sugar craving. Have weighed daily x3 trying to stick to that routine. Cut calories no change in wt yet but that’s okay. My son has been visiting girlfriend in Milwaukee frequently and eating wrong foods both of us will try to stay on track together. I leave for my cruise March 1 sailing from Charleston SC to Jacksonville FL. ( my heavily discounted cruise to make up for Boston cruise when at least 25% of passengers got Covid - due to poor ship cleaning after prior cruise had an outbreak) everyone tested negative prior to boarding. Taking my own Lysol to wipe down cabin when boarding and won’t allow housekeeping in room.
  25. Good morning. I’ve been trying to get to old schedule. I’ve been eating better this week so felt confident I’m ready. I weighed today and have 36.2 lbs to lose to reach goal. Jan great for staying the same.
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