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  1. Hello All from St Thomas in Hot weather..no talk of snow! Nice loss's, Birthday gain (it's ok, earned it) Welcome Jen. Diana and Jan on their cruises. Hope having a good time. Cruise are fun Sailing in the sun This is the life I like I must say Meet new friends every day Never want them to end Wish I could have ten (a year)
  2. Good Sunday Afternoon if anyone is reading. Just checking in.......I should be working... leaving Tuesday night!!! S..Sunny Day For You (I Hope) U..Use This Day To Reflex (On Everything) N..Nice Day To Do Want You Want (Give Orders) D..Day To Relax (Tell Them To Cook Or Go Out To Eat) A..Always Smile (You Smile They Smile) Y..You Take Time For Yourself (You Deserve It) Know the above doesn't always work but it should..Try it!
  3. Hey someone else is here..I'm not talking to myself. Jan tell your husband Happy Birthday!๐ŸŽ‚ Good job on small cake and putting candy away.
  4. Another pin dropping. Guess your all busy..at least if your busy keeps you from eating!
  5. A lot of people doing low carb to this to try to get back on track or a jump start to losing more weight. They lose weight but have to be careful when you start eating low carb food again not to gain it back.
  6. Jenny staying the same is always better than a gain. Hope your new changes go youir way. Hope everyone had a good day yesterday and today with the "leftover candy day" if you have candy around. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Can you believe it's November already?
  7. Kim glad you came in to check. Congrats on the loss. Hope you come in every Thursday. Maybe weighing in every Thursday could help.
  8. Happy Halloween Everyone. Don't know if any of you watch the Talk Shows or Soaps once in awhile. I like to watch some on Halloween, was nice seeing all the different costumes today on adults and children. I remember the different dances and parties we went to and what we dressed up like. It was fun. Had good news today..Lost 2 lbs. I'll take it .. especially before a cruise! Jo..Welcome back, glad you had a lost but sorry you were sick. Bet it was the walking that helped. Hope you still had a great time and feeling better now. pacruise..Most of our Holidays were celebrated different at the beginning then change thru the years. Sorry you expected a loss but least didn't have a gain. Rose..So happy for you that you can stay around goal each week even if with a small gain or loss each week Diana..Good loss before your cruise. Hope you, Jan and me can have no gains on our cruises. (and to who/whom else is cruising at this time) Robin..Sorry you had a gain but Nov. 1st is almost here. A new month to start. You'll get it off. Jan..Glad you had a loss too before your cruise. Aren't you at goal or near it? Ski..Good to see you again. Nice you've had loss's. Every loss counts. Yes we all fight the :food demons" that's why we're all here to keep accountable. Yes I'm cruising for 28 days, leaving Tuesday night. Jan and Diana are cruising too but none of us on the same ships. Diana leaves 1st, then me and then Jan. Is anyone else leaving on a cruise at this time too? I will have internet the 1st 14 days but not the last 14 in less I buy. (free on 1st one) Changing ships. I will try to keep in touch but as you know, could be busy, internet not working ect. So PLEASE WILL SOMEONE START the THURSDAY WEIGH-IN'S for the NEXT FIVE WEEKS. Want it to keep going for people to post their weights and get help if their having trouble. Thanksgiving coming and beginning of Dec. when everyone gets ready for the different Holidays they celebrate. So who ever feels like starting on Wed. night or Thursday morning..feel free..doesn't have to be the same person each day unless someone wants to do it every week. Will keep talking and checking in till I leave I hope. I'm not as good as Jan. Not packed, not everything ready. Have to make sure suitcase under 50 ibs. Being solo take one suitcase plus carry on..easier especially when flying. Have to some errands tomorrow, like the bank and buy odds and ends. Get nails done on Mon. I like packing the last day or two! Everyone have a good night and weekend.
  9. Thank you North. I sailed on Veendam in 2015 and going on her again soon. I like her but know they did some changes in April. Sorry about the staff, they've always been good on Holland. Know will have a good time no matter what. I just go with the flow!
  10. Be Aware Their out there Ghosts, witches and the scariest things of all Bowls and bags of candy.. your call๐Ÿฌ Get on the scale this morning and say I will weigh less or the same next Thursday They won't get me those bowls, bags of candy this week I will be very strong and not weak I like meat, salads, vegetables which is better food So will not eat that sugar but will eat food that is good You'll be happy when the scale doesn't go up each day You will smile when you eat the healthy way How To Enjoy Halloween.. Not Eating Candy..Thinking About It With A Smile H..Healthy Lifestyle A..Always L..Laugh L..Love O..Overnight Loss W..Wonderful Feeling E..Eating Less E..Enjoy N..Never Give Up
  11. Anyone been on in the last few months and can tell us how things are going now. Heard there has been changes.. less crew, less music and shows. Is that true? Thank you for any answers.
  12. Afternoon all. See no one is talking today. Everyone is having a good day? I am.. but not really. Eating wise had a few potato chips but nothing else except tea and juice. Don't know how chips got in the house. Did I buy them..not ME! I'll have pot roast and veggies later. Cleaning house..nothing done Packing and getting ready for cruise..Nothing much done. Me being..Lazy, in a mood or whatever. Problem is no one going to do it but ME! I will get it done but WHEN? The others that are cruising around the same time (know Diana and Diana) who else? Are you packed? House cleaned? Ready to go? I will say "Congrats" but mumble under my breath "They think they are smart" Love ya all.
  13. Welcome sprint, glad your joining us. We weigh-in every Thursday. But come in everyday and talk if you want to. Ask questions, give tips or just talk. Just have to say if lost, stayed the same or had a gain. Don't have to say your weight if you don't want to. Some people thinks it helps them if they do. Having a weigh-in day keeps you accountable.
  14. Jan your husband is like me..love Ice cream and like it at night! (really anytime) Glad you got time with your son too. Glad your daughter is very happy. I had lunch with my daughter Wed. Saw both in the same week. wow! This way had time with them both alone before I leave on the 6th. I have just the two. I forgot how many "kids" to you have? Diana was thinking about you. Didn't you live in Windsor? They were doing ok but now they have the fire. Glad your not there. So sad all these fire last few years in So. and No. Calif. Thank goodness no one has been hurt or died any where. Hope everyone is safe and no one is any place that is having trouble with weather, fires or anything. Stay safe!
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