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  1. Hello Everyone Jan---Yes take it, don't throw it back. How is your weather up there? Jo--Glad you yelled for joy, your goal is in sight. Sure your husband is a nice guy but men and weight loss---.BOOOOO Izena--No gain is always good. Your dog should be so happy that you walk him/her each day. Ombud--Sorry up some but know you'll go down. About cruising right now don't really care where I cruise. Just easy and safe.. Might just stay on ship right now. Just want to cruise. Yes not sure I would want to cruise from Florida right now either. Not looking there now. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Hope we all can stay with eating healthy which is harder on the weekends sometimes. We can get bored, be in a mood ect and eat to much. Wishing us all the best.
  2. On the scale we go Don't you dare say no Was your yell a good one Was your yell a bad one Tell us did the numbers go down, up or stay in the same spot What ever one it was you'll be good today Because next week there's another Weigh-In Thursday
  3. Good evening Ombud and Izena Ombud--Yes did pick replacement cruises but think I'm going to change them. See what happens in Oct. if get offers and decide. Good luck on the measurements. Izena-- Short time that you got your test, which is good. What I don't like is the expire date on them. Guess FDA extended them 3 months. Most not good past date in Dec. 25th or so. Not good for everyone. Messes up my Jan. cruise. They won't tell you the date before you get them or give money back. Said not making more for awhile. What the heck. The 2 day time frame is wrong. Something should be done for us cruisers. Land test can't get back in time unless very lucky and live in a big city that have many test sites. Yes as they say--Growing older is not for the weak. Whoever called them the Golden Years? Guess they could retire at 50, must of never been sick or had a pain, had ton's of money. Didn't have a spouse or children that ever gave them trouble!😀
  4. Hello on this Tuesday Afternoon. Ombud--Hope you enjoyed your High Holidays and didn't gain. Good for walking. People who don't have pets don't understand. Jan--I think our pets understand us. My cat I had for 14 years understood me and did what I said when he wanted too!😀 Izena--Glad I could help. Haven't ordered mine yet because the 1st cruise got cancelled. Waiting longer to see if other cruises go. Tell me how it goes. Says takes 2 to 3 days to get the tests in the mail. Tell me how long it took for you to get yours please. Hope everyone is enjoying their day and had a good weekend. I had a quiet one. Yesterday just went to the dentist and food shopping. I live such an exciting life! Thinking things change as we get older and with this virus the world has really changed Was talking to a friend this weekend about it and our lives and saying glad we did things with our husbands, traveled to places we thought we would never see. Enjoyed our families and friends. Had sad times too, death of a spouse or other people in our lives but we made it . Is this how you feel to? That we will get on with our lives even if different. Be happy we are here. Happy that we can still travel some, hoping our cruises sail that we enjoy them even if different from the past.
  5. Wishing you all a nice Sunday in however you spend the day. Opti---Sorry about your wife's boss brother. Wish people would understand getting the vaccine saves you and others around you. Congrats on losing the weight you want, soon you will be lower. Great pictures. See you got exercise walking all day. You flew down for just one day? Did you spend the night? Izena---You have done so well in losing weight and maintaining.✨ (closest thing to a gold star) Congrats on wearing buying smaller size clothes. Glad your feeling better. Yes few weeks ago changed to 2 days, making it that you have to buy a home test, get results in 15 minutes. People are liking them and getting results fast. Has to be one your cruise says. Long shot to get any other test back in time. Some cities people might get lucky but not most. With cruising now it's like your waiting around for the "other shoe to drop" as the saying goes. Jo-- I remember when weighing certain weights during the years and saying I weigh to much---- Now I wish I weighed that now, I would be very happy. We have such different opinions at certain times/ages in our lives. How is your husband doing? Did he lose weight? Trouble is men can lose weight just by dropping a food or beer. Us women would still gain on what they eat and they call it a diet!😀 Jan--Be happy it wasn't a gain especially since you had family over for dinner and maybe ate more. Maybe if didn't have company might of been more of a loss and will come off this week. Don't you have a cruise coming up soon? Susan--Is on her cruise now I believe. Hope she's having fun. Ombud---Where are you?
  6. Jan Hello. The days do pass by. Have a nice evening/dinner tonight. Where's everyone?
  7. T---Today H---Have I--Inches R---Reduced D--Diet W---Wanting E---Exercise I---Inches G---Gone H---Happy I---Inches Less N---Nice Figure S---Smile E---Exercise P---Painless (some times) T---Today E---Eating Right M---Mostly Healthy B---Believe E---Eating Light and Exercise R---Right thing to do
  8. Thanks Izena--I know we all are going though this together. The non mask wearer's and non vaccine people are to be --not caring people in real life, don't they care about their families at least? How did your check up go. Fine I hope except for the scales different readings. You've been doing good in your weight loss. With everything going on really hard to eat right some days. Being here really helps if not losing at the moment at least coming here we can at least watch it each week and stay the same. I'm a only child, no family left except my 2 kids. Have friends but because of covid just haven't been getting together. Since my daughters a manager of a big market feel I have to be really careful of others just in case. Reasons why don't see the kids as much they want to be careful around me. Even with us wearing masks and vaccine. Be great if they didn't say can get covid even with vaccine. Yes this cruising off and on getting to me. Know the cruise line and people working for them are having a hard in many ways. The person I work with had to take some time off because of stress. Dealt with someone else today just hope they know what their doing and get everything right. Remember last year thought this year would be better. Is it? Seems to have gotten worse in some ways but a little better in other ways I guess. This year almost over--What will next year bring? The BEST I HOPE FOR THE WORLD AND US!
  9. Hello all--Not up to par or back to normal but what is normal? Think is just because I'm tired of Everything--the world, some of the state leaders, the cruise problems, are they going to go, cancellations, need test in 2 days of cruise. People who won't get the vaccine/wear masks when they see people dying. Remember I was on the Grand, then Travis. Our county had the longest lockdown and mask wearing, no masks for a minute, people didn't use their brains, now wearing masks for months again. ( I don't mind) Don't they understand things would be better if did the right thing. Really sad missing Hawaii because of covid problems there. New bookings are just Mexico, might not even get off. I just want to cruise, get away, be on the sea. Was leaving Nov. 7th now don't cruise till Nov. 22. More days to wait. Now that I wrote a book venting. Remember I live alone so you get my venting. Sorry! Will stop now. Ombud--With you my eating hasn't been what it should be. Opti--Your pictures are beautiful. With your exercise, muscle weighs more, sure losing inches. Izena..Sorry your having trouble but last message got though. Take care everyone---Crazy world out there in more ways then one
  10. Hello everyone. Sorry was not on and talking for the few of you who talked this weekend. Back to talking/normal on Tuesday.
  11. Jo I had the 6 then 2 in more Feb. and March. Then TODAY they CANCELLED my 3 Hawaii cruises that were part of my 6 b2b's. Dang it! That's 45 days gone on the ship! Keeping the other 3 because they work out and were free. Least least get money back on two that I paid for. Haven't told daughter yet she will be sad was doing one of the Hawaii's with me. Then today got free offers from Holland free balcony and $500 casino and drinks on all 3 b2b and fits in between my 3 on princess. When I got it said gee can't take it will be sailing already. Now I can. It's only Mexico but going for the cruising not the ports. Just couldn't pass it up. Booking tomorrow got all information today on hold. Only thing after 1st b2b's have 4 days till next b2b's and then 3 days before last cruise. Time to wash clothes pay bills. Only hard thing is air during the Holidays. Wish me luck. Now only cruising 46 days instead of 70. So still have 8 cruises just not as long and not Hawaii. I know poor me. I'm very grateful I get to do this. Lucky. I just hope I or either cruise line doesn't have to cancelled any of them for any reason.
  12. Hello All Susan---Great for all your cruises but keep coming in here in between them. Will help plus would miss you. I just got a offer today free balcony $500 cash and drinks and of course it's when I'm on my 6 B2B's and can't take the offer. Nice loss for your cruise. Bon Voyage! Jan---Sorry your up but you had family over a little to much food. You can get some off before your trip. You;ll still have fun no matter what. Ombud---Nice you stayed the same better then feeling your up. You do so good on the ice cream portions. My downfall if not really being good on eating. Izena---Same is good as I say better then a gain. Your lucky to have Jazzper brings you lots fun. Yes it's hard traveling if own a pet and no one to look after them when your gone. Me---I'm the same again think to much salt in what I ate this week. Lately it's been brothering me when it didn't before. As we age our bodies change mostly not in good ways.😒 Everyone take care and be safe--know it so tiring with everything going on "out there"!
  13. Summer is coming to an end Did you get through it with a win Is summer or winter harder for you to weigh What months seem to go your way Or all 12 months the same in eating right Somedays good other days want everything in sight No one said dieting was easy or hard Just wish we could have a" magic lose weight" card
  14. Nice to see you all here--- Jan---What a nice dinner with all the veggies from your garden. I think potatoes aren't as bad as the chips or cookies. Good job in keeping them in the freezer. Have fun with the GS. Both of my kids had lots of hair when born. Izena--That's me boring at this time. Like to read what other's are doing and don't think you or others have boring lives. Your walks with Jazzper sounds like fun. All the different potato dishes. One thing I don't like is sauerkraut. Ombud--Great on the weight. Great price on the ice cream too. Sorry shouldn't say that but ice cream is my favorite thing. your doing good on portions control. Jo--Sorry you lost power and a cruise in the same day. You got the power back, that's good. Do you have another cruise booked for this year? I know things are bad for a lot of people but we still can feel bad when things happen to us. Me--I'm just tired period and of me doing nothing, the house the world. Does that cover it all? Just read the extended the testing for cruises till Dec. 31st now. Was Oct. Don't mind just worried getting back in time. Son's took 3 days (suppose to be 2) he had 3 days we have only 2 now. Plus we never know if cruises will sail day to day or be cancelled. Speaking of Grandkids I probably won't have any. Both my kids were married but they didn't work out. Still going to the dentist, going today later in afternoon. We've been having hot weather 90's and couple days 100. Will start going to 80's then the 70's. One thing that's nice we cool down at night Hoping we all have good numbers tomorrow with having the holiday weekend.
  15. Hi Jan and Ombud--- Glad you both read and came in. It's not just because it's a holiday that people aren't coming in. Not coming in much at all, that's why wondering if just wanted just a weigh-in Thursday. Jan like you I like to come in and see how people are doing in their lives, their cruises and mainly how their doing losing their weight they want. If they need help, tips whatever. If I/we want help or just to vent was/is nice coming in here. I hope that we see others still want to come in during the week. I think it helps, read a post that day and might stop you from eating that cookie or two saying --yes I want to lose this coming Thursday. No cookies for me today!
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