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  1. A Monday Morning Hello....as another day is dawning....other day of masks (which is ok) and listening to speeches for elections (one person I don't like his...wonder who) I wish everything was over. Have to get a handle on this virus. Have to get the election over. We need a calmer world. Day by day passing by...Can you believe in 7 days it will be November. Halloween will be 1st. I didn't buy candy, don't think we will get any kids. Haven't had many when it was normal. Didn't want leftovers. Guess who would eat them? ME! Did you buy candy? Did you eat any of it? Will you eat any of it? I would of so didn't buy any plus I have Ice Cream that I shouldn't eat! Diana...Glad you got your refund. Taking so long it was like in a savings, now you have extra money to spend. My husband like his meat rare too. I like my meat cooked more. Ombud...Tell your son to be care full and the kids too. Nice he coaches. Least it's outside. Yes Sat. we change our time. Wish we didn't. Darker and colder....Hate It. I want a warm CRUISE! Speaking of cruises. I know some are like me and have cruises booked for next year. Know with what's going on they can be cancelled. Get our money back even if takes months. Do you just say they can be cancelled or you tell yourself they will be cruising. I going along like my cruises will be cruising. Reserved my airline tickets for my cruise to Europe next summer with Princess EZ Air. Cheaper.and get seats numbers.Got other cruises before that. I'm thinking positive, positive, positive! Well hope you have a great start to the week.
  2. Good Afternoon. Everyone out enjoying the day? Surprise that know one has come in to say HI. Hope everyone is fine and everything is going well on this Sunday.
  3. Ombud... Just wrote an e-mail to a friend saying I hated that winter was coming. Grey skies, colder weather and dark so early.. By next month dark at 5 pm. Diana... I like pot roast better than oven roast. What's wrong with your husband? Ah yes the bread. Really can't have it with dinner. Pot roast cooking now. Last night I just snacked to much and up today. Was just in a mood or whatever. Over it back on track. I know..different county's differ rules... Better safe then sorry but know it hurts people in many ways. I think everyone should wear masks no matter what. Still a Ca rule. If everyone would do it. Counts would go down instead of up. Still people out there that still think it;s a hoax. Can you believe that? Have a good evening and wonderful Sunday.
  4. Hello on this Friday. Speaking of winter comfort food making a pot roast tomorrow with potato's ,carrot's, celery, onion and tomato's (really make it all year) What I like and shouldn't do... is to dip bread with butter (french rolls) into the juice. (why maybe not a loss next week) No I really will try to be good. Mel..will be nice to have a pool next spring/summer. Watch the potato's for the skinny part with the tan. Ombud..All the soups sound so good. Love tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich especially on a cold rainy day. Diana...Yes the say counts are up but deaths are down but we want the counts to go down too. I can't believe some states are not making people wear masks and their states counts keep going up. WE are talking all about the good comfort food..remember we can still have it. Just portion control. We're missing people in here. Rose and Jo...Are you doing OK? Others we haven't see in awhile...Pac, Robincruiser, Jenny, Cruise42 and know I've missing others, not always great in remembering names. When I see it written down then I remember you. Come Back! Miss you and want to know your alright in this crazy time in 2020. And to you that just read your welcome to come in anytime to talk and join us if you like. We're nice, we listen and you can tell we try to help by having Thursday weigh-ins to help with weight loss and staying healthy. Keeps us accountable. It really has helped us through this last 7 months. We've had loss's, stayed the same's and small gains compared to people who have said they had gained weight (15 to 20 lbs) staying home these months. We've done good. We Welcome everyone to join us...Men and Women.
  5. Thanks Gal's (is that alright these days to say Gals?) Don't want to offend anyone but I'm keeping it. Seems like we had a pretty good week. I think we've done good the last 7 months with us losing a little, staying the same and small gains. Compared to what I heard and read, people have gained. Jan...Again as we say..a loss is a loss. Just hate it when we do well and the scale doesn't show it. Izena...I too weigh most days and hate it as it goes up and down each day. Sorry about friendly Jay. Nice on the bench. Love what you put on it. Diana...No gain..Good. Lowest weight in years..Great! You should feel good. Mel...Nice loss getting ready for your early Holiday celebrations. Good Luck on MIL visit and the 3 meals a day. Ombud...Why does "colder weather" food taste so good? You will get your little up off soon I'm sure. Me...Taking a stay the same, sometimes a 1/2 lb off then would say stayed the same. Got my drive by flu shot today and like Diana was fast, was us and other car but 2 lanes, so just drove up and out fast. After went to lunch outside. Went late after lunch time and before dinner time. Did this so there would be less people at that time. Was right. Had tables in front of building, was a few people. Then tables in back, no people, that's where we sat. Did this with my daughter an we felt very safe. Enjoyed our time together. Do you feel/think like I do. Before the virus we saw our "kids" maybe not as much as we could, let "busy days" get in the way (our part and theirs). Now it's important to see them and we can't see them as much as we want. Can't get those hugs and kisses of love from them or give them to them. So sad. If everyone would just WEAR MASKS...we need our kids and family's and we need them HEALTHY.
  6. W...Weigh-In H....Happily A....Action (Exercise) T....Today T....Tough It O....Out S...Smile A...AT Y...Yourself Love Yourself No Matter What Size/Weight Your At...Yes It's Good To Lose Weight To Be Healthier...(know you want to be thinner too) And You Will...But Remember Your A Wonderful, Worth While Person No Matter What The Number ....(your not a number) On The Scale Says..Don't Let The Numbers Get You Down....I know You'll Get The Pounds You What Off. (and inches) Even If Takes Longer Than You Want. So Be Happy As The Pounds Go Down And Maybe Sometimes Up ..(we're human it will happen) So Celebrate The Wonderful, Loving, And Smart Person You Are..Yes Your Smart..Your Here!
  7. Mel..glad you getting the cakes done. Sorry you have time off with no cruise as planned. Sure hard on "kids" this year that belong to clubs and such. even adults, I belong to a Bunco group, haven't met since March. We miss it. Mainly do it to get together with friends. Diana...hope my drive by flu shot goes as fast as yours tomorrow. They gave us an hour time. 1:30 to 2:30. Yes the holidays will be hard for everyone. The virus counts going up and we just had more deaths. Now add the regular flu season to that.
  8. Jan..I know spending time with our "kids" is the most important thing. I haven't really spent much time with my son so these trips have been very important. Able to do this because I spend my time at home and safe for him because of his heart. But then I have to be careful with him for me because is girlfriend works on the outside. I see my daughter more but shorter times because she does my food shopping. We're going to get our flu shot Thursday maybe outdoor lunch instead of takeout. She lives in my town. Son lives a little farther away. We wear masks when we're together except when we've eat lunch outside on my patio. Winters coming and that will be out. We're all doing this to keep each other safe. Glad their working but it puts more chances of the virus getting us all. They worry about me. Never thought I couldn't see my kids when I wanted. can't hug or kiss. I know we all feel this way. We all do the right thing, masks, washing, ect. But it's the ones who don't on purpose that you worry about and that they have the virus and don't know it. You have done good you've had many dinners with your kids. Nice your going out to lunch with your son. We need them and they need us even with being adults. Especially at this time. Don't know when it will end. This year 2020 will go down in history for many reasons. Your "Christmas Days" sound good. One on One family. Glad they all agree. Yes Vote..Will be glad when it's over. Two weeks. So tired of the lies and mean talking.
  9. Good Afternoon everyone...where ever you are. Mel..glad you voted too. Are you busy making the wedding cakes? Yes Thanksgiving and Christmas are hard this year. Don't know how I'm going to work it. Might go away with my son again next month . Was nice to get away and stay safe. Has another place for 3 nights. If we do it.. has to before it gets really cold with rain and a chance of snow. Thinking 2nd week of Nov. Will see. Can always cancel if weather is bad. Be nice to look forward to something again. After this trip nothing. It's winter, no cruises. When will we cruise again?
  10. Diana... glad you voted and hope everyone plans to anyway that's best for them. Ombud...I thought everyone in Ca were suppose to wear masks even if things are open up in your county. That's the trouble you give people an inch and they take a mile and make their own rules. It will never end if people don't wear masks. When will they ever get this in their heads? Don't they see/hear/read the news? Hope everyone had a good day and have a good Tuesday.
  11. Good Morning On This Monday....Hope it's nice where ever you are. Hope you all have a nice day doing what you want or what ever you feel safe doing and want your county says you can do. Never thought I would have to make a statement like that. Crazy! Has everyone voted or plan to? Need to do it this year! Diana....Think people just want to be safe and want the outdoor air. What happens when cold weather comes. What makes it hard to... is it's hard at times to know what's open in each county. Each town can make their own rules. Some owners say not worth to only have a small amount of people to come in. Plus as you say people are staying away because the virus counts keep changing for every county and states. Mostly higher. They want to feel safe. .....Remember Hearing this .... And This To Shall Pass............ALRIGHT ALREADY....PASS!
  12. Good Afternoon Diana..Nice your county went down in the counts. Does that mean everything is open? I;m going either Thurs or Fri fir my flu shot and hope the line of cars isn't long. This is the year people should get the shot if they haven't. Glad you are. Want you safe. Mel...Glad you all have your shots. I always wait till the end Of Oct. for mine. Just think it gets me though winter better. (my opinion only) I think flu season might be less this year for people who wear masks and wash hands often and staying home more. If everyone would just do it. That is a lot of time and work on the cakes. Know they are beautiful when yor done. Hope you charge them a lot for the "cleaning up" part. Take care everyone and have a peaceful day.
  13. Good Evening All Jo...Any loss is a good loss. Funny dreaming about not wearing a mask. Yes masks are a part of our lives now I have watched Rick Steves on travel..trouble is I don't want to watch...I want to travel now! (like all of us do) Mel...Glad you had a good dinner with your husband. What a cute cake. Sure they loved it. OK boy or girl? You have two wedding cakes to make...How long does it take you? Has to be a lot of work. Got on the scale today, it was down more. Hope it stays that way till Thursday. Didn't do much today just some washing. Watching a movie that I think I watched before. I'm so bored. I need a life. Think I will get my flu shot next week. Have you had yours yet? Remember you can't get the flu from the shot..it's a dead virus. Really need them this year to protect from the regular flu they think it might help some in this covid. (if got it you could be less sick) I always get the shot and I haven't got the flu. I did before I started taking them. Have a good Sunday everyone.
  14. Hello All on this Friday night and hello again for Sat. Diana...Nice you don't have PGE and don't lose power. Yes we keep losing people because...... Their at goal (think the best reason I want to believe..but should come in to maintain) They gave up (sorry) Their tired of this virus going on for over 7 months and say forget it (sorry again) We didn't give them what they wanted. They thought might be more than a weigh in thread. ( we are just what we are) (I think it is more...we can vent, ask for tips, be internet friends and now at this time be here for anyone who wants to talk) Mel...I hope the Halloween plans work out for the kids and everyone stays safe. It's sad kids are missing out on many things this year. Did you make the Gender cake. After they find out, tell us I want to know.
  15. Ombud..Your doing what works for you..that's the way to go. Congrats on climbing a mountain or hill..it's exercise! Enjoy the wine.
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