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  1. W...Weight Down Is The Goal E...Eating Less I...I Will Not Eat............(fill in the blank) G...Greens Are Good For You H...Have Enough Water During The Day I...I'll Not Give Up N...New Healthy Foods..Try T...Talk To Myself H...Happy Thoughts U...Up And Down Days Are Normal R...Reach For Your Goal S...Smile D...Day By Day A...Always Know Your Worth It Y...Year From Now Your Thinner
  2. shootr..Good job 8 days no cheating. Pizza looks good!
  3. Thank you Robin. Congrats on doing exercise and sticking to your meal plan. Tell your husband Happy Birthday and you both enjoy his birthday dinner. I try to do low carb to but the last few days haven't done to well. Today is another day. How's everyone doing this week? Good or you could be doing better like me?
  4. Night owl here too. If leak is from the pool like they said, I wonder if they did something wrong when redoing the pools at dry dock. Not right you have to go through this. They better do something for you..this is to much. Not right to have to keep putting up with this at the start of the cruise. We had the penthouse suite at the very back of this ship (aft) one year. Never had leaks. Hope you got a good night sleep and things got fixed fast. Sending good thoughts your way.
  5. Hello Jan and Diana.....Sure your reading this sometime on Wed. So Have a good day. Jan...Yes you were busy today. Fun things and a work things. Sounds like more fun things! Which is always good. Congrats to daughter on getting married in Sept. and losing weight! Diana...Yes happy for my cruises but still miss going on the one you and Cruises42 are going on. You'll just miss each other, you could pass at cruise port and not know it. Know you'll both have fun. Alaska is so Beautiful! Have a good day everyone. Hump Day for those working. Almost the weekend!
  6. Glad everything is fixed and your going with the "flow" and enjoying the cruise. Have fun on your balcony with your mini bar! (fingers crossed NO more leaks)
  7. If you decide to move tell them you want the difference in your fare back. You paid for the Owner's Suite. Not your fault the ceiling leaked. Wonder if this happen before and can it happen again? This isn't a small problem, it's a big one plus like your wife said, maybe a health problem too. Wish you the best what ever you do. Please still have a good cruise.
  8. It's Tuesday! No one talking? Why? Is it because you have a life? Planning a cruise or getting ready for one!🚢 Could be your working? Cleaning your house? Out playing? Whatever come in and say HELLO! No fun talking to myself!
  9. Cruises42 Sorry forgot it was you. Wonder if Diana and you are on the same cruise?
  10. Afternoon All... Pac..Glad the race went nice with the whole family. Sounds like a fun birthday for your husband. The only reason I tried the radishes was I had some that needed to be use and read about frying them. Wouldn't of done it normally. Doesn't hurt to try something once. Yes clothing sizes are just crazy. Diana..You'll have a great cruise. It's summer should be a younger cruise but maybe not because it's two weeks. Who knows. I'm so sorry I didn't take that cruise now but was going with my daughter and didn't work out for her. Should of gone by myself. But we're doing a 10 day instead, she's leaving and I do another 20 day. 'So I can't cry! Robin..Sounds like you had a fun week at the lake. A lake house, that's sounds so nice. Glad you had a good time with your daughter. The food and drink will come off if gained but always have the memories. Hope everyone on this post and those just reading are having a great day. Remember this thread is for everyone. Come in on Thursday's and weigh-in and talk during the week. Keeps you accountable.
  11. Diana you were busy today. Hope not to sore tomorrow. Lucky you another cruise in a month. Is it the Holland 14 day, different ports that I wanted to take and someone else is doing but I forgot who. (sorry to them) shootr you were very busy today, What a pretty Pergola with shade and curtains. Great job and nice pictures. Nice Spa and private. I was busy today but in a different way. Spending money. Went clothes shopping. Bought some pants, blouses. sweaters and shoes. What I miss when a certain size fit you and you just bought it. Now seems like in some clothes now just sized so differently. Now your size can be anything. Smaller or larger sizes then your normal size. You spend so much time trying on things. I think what makes the sizes different is where they were made, Least I got some things. Haven't bought anything in awhile. I tried something different today. I try to eat less carbs. Been said you fry radishes in butter they taste like fried potatoes. No they don't but I didn't have any onion that might of made a difference. They were ok but didn't really have a taste, maybe I didn't use enough seasoning. Did everyone enjoy their weekend? Hope everyone is ready for a good week ahead.
  12. On the Grand in May the Patters never said the Oasis Bar was open, On the list of bars on the back of the patter never listed the Oasis.
  13. Just read your blog. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you.
  14. May 26th Alaska cruise had the Escape Room, now charging $5.00. (was free) Had the Heist, held over a few days. Free.
  15. Jan got to spend time with my kids today too but cost me money! My son's girlfriends birthday. Took everyone out for a steak dinner. I was going to go food shopping after but didn't because I knew I would of bought ice cream. If not in house can't eat it! What is it about ice cream? Congrats on going to the gym. What a mean, I mean sweet husband!
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