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  1. Good to see everyone. Will keep it going. Sorry I haven't been on. My computer just wasn't working. Checking every day and now tonight it's working. Will talk more tomorrow. oh I lost a pound.
  2. At one time this sight was busy, we talked a lot. Not just Thursday. Did challenges. Recipes. Of course, more people came.in then. We need to make this site more interesting. Give tips or is it too late? Do you want to keep this going. I don't mine starting each week But if no one comes in and talks. The question is do want to try to get this site get better for weight loss or just give it up this site.
  3. Hello Ladies, another weekend for us to enjoy but try to be good too. Jan I'm sorry you're going through so much. Is the BP gone? Hope you can get everything you need for your knee. Sorry you had a gain, that's why we're supposed to weigh each week, so gains don't get ahead of us. Your July cruise will be here before you know it. Izena so glad your numbers are good. Are you feeling better each day? Hope so. Sorry you're missing your cruise. I know you'll get back to eating right an you'll do great. Hopefull sorry your having problems too. Hope you find the cause of it all. Not enough food or water before exercising maybe. Yes I like the summer food the best to. Love my ice cream and I could not make ice cream and not eat any. Power to you. When is your cruise? A few days ago didn't you say you lost 6 lbs. Congrats. JustUs where are you? Doing ok? I to am joining you all with medical problems. Went to another doc today, didn't have to weigh and have scale not matching mine again. But my scale has me losing a pound. this week, which is nice. Haven't ate much this week but Sat. food shopping, have to not buy stuff I don't need. Take care all
  4. Does the warmer weather make you want to lose weight Want to wear summer clothes and get them straight Do find it easier to lose in summer or winter weeks What season foods that come out and you go weak If we could learn to take a taste instead of eating it all Only us can make that call Know it seems like should be easy by now Some weeks so good other weeks wow Did you watch what you ate Meat and salads and not cookies by eight So, hope this week was good to you on the scale Tomorrow morning will tell the tale
  5. Thanks Dance Went to the Doc today. His scale had me 5 lbs higher than mine. Had clothes on versus being nude but know they didn't weigh 5 lbs. Good was that I lost weight since seeing him last. Still lost the 10 lbs just different number on my scale. Still know if lost or gained. Where is everyone? Doing anything special to try to lose this week?
  6. Dancedemon Welcome, hoping your joining us. yes, I lost on the last few cruises. If you're interested, in the post 4-25-24 put down somethings I do to try not to gain. Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a good week. Loss's for all.
  7. Hello you two and whoever else is reading. Hope everyone has a good Sunday. Mexico food today? 5th of May. Cinco De Mayo Jan--- is the BP gone and now sciatica? Hope it's better with PT. I'm having some different problems now too. Hope to see Dr next week. I am one of those people who put off going to the Dr. I know bad. Just hope your better each day. Hope--- I hope your feeling alright. Nice your Medicare offers to help with Gym costs. Izena and Just how are you two doing today. Hope you both come in and say Hi. Very happy with my weigh-in kept the 10 lbs OFF. Hoping I would lose more but think ate to many carbs later in the week. Wish could lose at home like I did on cruise.
  8. First weigh-in of May Let's have it our Way Eating food that is Right Will leave us with a smile so Bright So let the pounds go Away In the month of May The month of May M----Make it A----About Y----You You can do it--
  9. thanks Jan. Hope you didn't get tired reading all that.😁 One part made me laugh. Saying I got 6 bottles of wine---- Didn't drink them, gave 4 away and brought 2 home. to drink with the "kids" or just give them the bottles. Didn't want you to think I drank 6 bottles by myself. I'm happy the 10 lbs is still off being home eating. Trying to be good. Don't want it to come back. Don't want to have to lose it again. Which I did in the past. You know what gets me. You're at a lower weight you've be at before but your body changes--(drops, sags, you name it) and the clothes don't fit the same they did before at that weight. Plus there not making clothes as well as they did before. A size isn't the same anymore. Do any of you feel this way or just me? Hope everyone enjoying their Sunday.
  10. Thought I might put down a few things I do that helps me to lose weight on cruises. . Maybe might be something that could help you. I am writing this because some have asked what/how I do eating wise and drinking.. I know somethings I do you might not be able to do. or don't want to do. First off, I think what helps me the most--I sail solo most of the time. I don't have a schedule. for eating. Don't make reservations. Just eat or not eat when I want. Know might not work for you when traveling with someone. (They want to eat their 3 meals and snacks certain times) (know my way of cruising will change in July when cruising with son and daughter) Food--first I eat everything I want. Just not 3 meals a day. Mostly 2. I don't usually have breakfast. but sometimes get room service breakfast then dining room. at night. No lunch. Mostly like to eat my main meal a late lunch., usually don't want dinner at night those. nights, if hungry get a snack from, IC. Sometimes meals planned by the menu or show. See no schedule. Whether Buffet or dining room you don't have to eat everything. Don't have to take one of everything. Don't have to have bread every day. Food again--Most cruises are sail with more fish dishes on the menu. They have salads, dining room small ones but in buffet you can make big ones, lots of toppings. soups, lean meats, pork and chicken. You can find healthy food to eat. Desserts--I eat desserts. usually after a meal, servings small. Also ate a few chocolates (brought leftovers home) and ate chocolate covered strawberries. Given to me from the casino or most traveled (3rd twice) Plus have ice cream but not every day. Drinks--. As elite I get a bar set up and I trade in for diet coke and water. I don't drink much and don't buy them, don't need them but these cruises (3) were VIP so all drinks in casino were free. Last cruise was PP all drinks were free all over the ship. You can have 15 drinks a day. Would have to say had 1 or 2 a day if had them but most days didn't have any. During cruises receive 6 bottles of wine. If want to drink wine less calories I think. Did have other drinks plus wine. Exercise--Don't go to the gym but do a lot of walking on the ship. Probably more steps then at home. If go to gym everyday would help better, not me on ships anymore. Sailings days--Remember I was on for 58 days, could take my time trying a dish or drink. could have it once and be happy. It's hard if on for 7 days and you want to try everything. Too much a one time. Weight loss tips that help me Know sailing solo really helps me. No one saying lets go eat something. No 3 meals a day, less food and drink, you really want something, have it but Not Everyday. Don't be afraid to leave food on plate if to full or don't like it. Anyplace you eat. Had 2 steak dinners and 2 steak lunches for most traveled. I left food because to full. Why gain weight my eating it when to full. Walking is the best for me. Don't have a schedule. Eat when you want. Just because a cruise you don't have to follow what you always do or think you should do. It's your vacation. Know hard if have husband, family or friends cruising with you but maybe some of the tips might help. Here I am rambling along. Just trying to think what I did to help me to lose the 10 lbs. Couple of things, remember I had 58 days, was somedays I slept later, enjoyed the balcony and other times read up in Skywalkers. When doing that not around food or drink. Can't eat or drink if not around. Ok I'll stop. Hope this will be of some help to the ones here and to all the ones who. come in and read.
  11. Hello Jan, Terri and Teri. Right? Just is Terri and Hopeful is Teri I hope Izena and others are reading too. Izena hope you're feeling better. Jan glad the BP is getting better and you're enjoying a week at Bar Harbor Wishing that your knee pain, cold went away fast. Teri glad that hold over lb from Easter is gone, now a new start. for other lbs. Hope the bite is gone now and you're feeling better. Did you check your room so, it's not still around. Wonder if cat brought in. Terri least you didn't gain. Have a loss next week. You and Teri are right. the weight use to come off faster eating more. But think we were more active. For me as getting older losing more weight on cruises then home now. More active on ship? What's funny I do eat on the ships more than home. If you remember on my last b2b's, (+40's days) each of them I lost 5 lbs. This time was gone 58 days--lost 10 lbs. That's right! 1st thought didn't drink enough but since been eating and drinking and it's stayed off. Not complaining but what a surprise Now to keep it off and lose more.
  12. Hope we all did good this week as next week is May! Four months will be gone and starting on our 5th month. We are going to do better as the months go by. I'm home and will be talking more and hope to see more people talking in here us "old timers" and new people joining us for weight loss to get ready for cruises, vacations, ect
  13. Hello Jan. How are you doing? Is the face getting better every day? Hope so. Sending good thoughts your way. A cruise in July good. You can lose for it, if ice cream and donuts don't get on your plate when you're not looking.πŸ™
  14. It's Thursday=Getting on the scale and reporting Hope everyone is fine and healthy I'll be home soon and hoping more people will be here and talking
  15. Are we working hard at losing Or is the weather bringing us down Know it's spring but weather like winter Does it want you/us to cozy down and eat more What suggestions do you have to eat better and lose weight Plan meals ahead, when cooking make double batches or more to have food on hand to have healthy snacks, have no snacks, Have veggies or jello in the fridge for an easy grab instead of cookies or candy What are your ideas. Ones you do or ideas you think would be good to try Hope to see you all weighing, I'm still on the cruise but coming to an end to fast.
  16. Since no one started weighing this morning I will do it now just after I got Chocolate and wine delivered. (Jealous) LOL I am third most traveled this cruise, and this is a perk. (last cruise too) Who would of thought NOT ME! I will be good, only 8 pieces of chocolate, 1 piece. every 2 days. 16 day cruise. I've been eating pretty well, don't think I 've gained. Harder this cruise because have more perks foodwise. But have come with a loss before want to this time too.🚒 Hope to more people here tomorrow. Jan and Izena thinking of you.β™₯️
  17. Jan I'm so sorry this has happen to you, the good thing (know this isn't a good thing) but it is something that does go away. Just takes time. Couple I know had it, went away and to never to return. Know this age thing a few things on me has gotten worse to the doc when I get home. The Golden Age--health wise--boloney--probably money and anything else boloneyπŸ™ Colonmelgal Please join us every Thursday for weigh-in and during the week for talking. I'm cruising now and others at different times So different number of people each week but we keep at it. Go on a cruise then come back. Or talk from a cruise if you can. Wish all the view us would come in. Get us all ready for summer. Still trying my best to eat and drink less. Of course my last cruise have PP so can have everything I want. Good or Bad thing?😊
  18. Izena I'm so sorry you're going through this. We will think positive with you that you will feel/get better day by day. You are strong!
  19. Hope everyone had a good day. I had a nice Easter ham dinner in the dining room. Hope the Easter Bunny didn't trick you into eating any--Candy! Wishing everyone a good week.
  20. Happy Easter Everyone who is reading and especially to the friends who come in here each week. Jan and Terri glad to see you, sorry Izena is having such a hard time and feels better soon Jan will write more later,,
  21. HEY Where's Everyone? Still in bed 24hrs later? Way of eating going----- WELL OR NOT? Afraid to weigh or just busy? Only takes a minute.
  23. Are you going to spring into losses for the Summer? Or for Cruises? Or for Both? Hope everyone had a good week, A loss this week and next. Izena hope you're feeling better. What is wrong with some people? Jan, Terri and Hopeful hope everything going good with you. Still on cruises, trying to be good eating wise. Clothes still fit. 1st cruise won some jackpots (have to pay taxes) 2nd cruise--none!
  24. Butterscotch, just popped into my head (yellow lab) Jan glad you had a good cruise with family, hope you don't get sick. Good to see you Cruise42 Izena hope you're feeling better
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