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  1. It'll be a 'reformation' of the service they provide - it's akin to the industry where I work! The key aspect to all of this is you have to figure out the difference of 'playing catch up' and 'starting afresh' If they end up being a couple of weeks behind (highly unlikely at this time) then they could nip a few itineraries in the bud and carry on as normal so to speak! This again, realistically isn't going to happen, so they'll probably be looking at a 'reformation' date/itinerary and the on time westbound crossing will be integral to this! Playing catch up will just prolong the problem and effectively struggle to keep the majority of customers happy! In the way I describe they disrupt a 'minority' and can get back to getting $'s in the bank and not spending it in the form of compensation!
  2. I think ( and we're on a B2B immediately before the TA ) that it'll be the opposite! She was due to sail for HOME (this is the key word) on November 1st and they will not want to leave that much later OR for that matter leave her in the Mediterranean all winter, so I think once this is all a lot clearer, they'll bin the summer season (or most of it) and sail her home on her due date or even empty at another time to get her back to the US for the winter cruising season.
  3. They're on a fishing trip - on other threads about binning the D lounge and making it for Pineapples only! A worse self entitled keyboard warrior you'll struggle to find - on the bonus side, it seems they're on a cruise or 2 that we're on ( assuming all this CV19 stuff goes away), so I can't wait to meet them! ha ha ha
  4. All of the above! Aren't cabins installed as a complete (ish) unit and slotted into the ship on build? That tells you that they're never gonna get anything more than a tidy up - as you say, carpets/sofa's/mattresses TBH, having just done the Eastbound TA on her, my major gripe was the state of our cabin and overall furnishings so in my opinion even this remedial work would more than satisfy me!
  5. It would seem she's sailing towards Southampton and the reason for that maybe a little bizarre but may explain why she's heading there. Now anyone who's boarded an Oasis class in Southampton knows it's chaos personified! The port is simply not capable of handling a ship of that size. So ..... maybe, and just maybe. Southampton have offered a berth to Allure to try and sway Rccl's future planning? She's still only 2/3 days sail from Cadiz if things improve there and So'ton can call in their favour as n when they start touting for day calls on the regular crossings that the Oasis fleet are doing and will probably continue to do! Wonder can't be far off being finished and isn't Oasis 6 on order? Harmony is planned for next summer in the Med also iirc
  6. Yeah they went to 20% from 15, but the wife basically told the she'd walk away now with 25% without making a fuss or she'd 'make a fuss' and take it from there (at guest services of course!) There was quite a bit of conversation about similar issues so I guess we weren't the only ones with a gripe
  7. Adventure is currently moored to a sea anchor off the coast of Fort Lauderdale it would appear https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ - open up the ' show marine traffic map and twitter feed' link below the cctv view Show Marine Traffic Map and Twitter Marine Traffic Map and Twitter Feedow Marine Traffic Map and Twi
  8. We spoke with several staff including our table waiters and they said they were staying onboard to serve the contractors ( in a similar way to passengers it seems ) so maybe the travelling aspect of it isn't the problem, but just the relative closeness they'll all have? I wonder what their 'wearing shorts to the dining room' equal is? .... hardhat? overalls? ha ha
  9. That does surprise me - her tanks must be HUGE!
  10. Bully for you! I was happy enough with 25% off a future cruise for them allocating us a grubby cabin AND the inconvenience of a bout of food poisoning (unchallenged I may add) so that can work out a lot more than your dad's recompense, but I didn't realise it was a 'who could pee furthest' contest!
  11. Pretty much as we think - although there are areas of the ship that need attention (our cabin for one, was the worst I've ever seen - got a 25% FCC for that and the food poisoning) so hopefully she'll be still around in October for our B2B!
  12. Enough to get across the Atlantic again? She had a refuel tender alongside Friday morning (the stench is awful and it was directly below our balcony)
  13. That's what we did for this cruise! BA wanted £1600 for 2 people single trips or £800 for 2 people return! Incidentally they changed the timings of the 'unwanted' return legs and changed our flights - so I duly called in and complained to a degree that they refunded said return portions! Everyone's a winner!
  14. In addition it states she's not due in GIB till the 19th having set off this morning ... https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:372814/mmsi:311020700/vessel:ALLURE OF THE SEAS
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