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  1. We're a big advocate of metal straws - especially for the 'thicker' drinks like Mudslides etc ... Just try to remember to actually pack them unlike our October cruise - they're already with the cases ready for our cruise in 2 weeks! ha ha ha
  2. I'm a firm believer that very soon the only lounges that will exist will be for Pinnacles and Suite guests! The rest of us, '+' or not will just get more drinks/discounted packages dependent on their tier! The mess it creates, never mind the angst with some will soon out weight what they gain from our loyalty and they'll not want to risk other cruise lines poaching passengers!
  3. I'm not really a coffee drinker, I know I can't abide that warm dishwater they call coffee at breakfast time (room service) so a spec coffee is I guess a nice treat for the wife and she'll probably make more use of it than I will - although I'll give it a go if they're ok ... Interesting to see it's found it's way to other ships/itineraries too ...
  4. Just this morning we've had an email to say that our impending Allure TA has as expected, a considerable number of Diamonds and above on it. Therefore they've split the locations between the lounge on 11 and Blaze on 4, as usual we have 3 drinks elsewhere on the ship, but we've now each one speciality coffee added to our seapass cards to alleviate the mad rush for coffee in the morning - I don't recall ever 'rushing' for coffee, but it's a nice touch all the same, that may sneak it's way into other C&A 'heavy' cruises?
  5. Kraken Colada - Pina Colada topped with a shot of Kraken rum!
  6. Incidentally, I've never done a crossing so early in the year - have you? and if so what was the weather like? I'm assuming that it'll be a little chillier than a usual eastbound crossing!
  7. ....... having done over a decade of cruising, I'd never have ever guessed that cruise ships had gyms! ha ha ha
  8. Only missing Lady S for us - can't see that happening anytime soon, so her yet to sail younger sisters Wonder & (? - Melody?) will be before we do probably lol
  9. We're on her for her crossing prior to her dry dock and then a B2B later on in the year to see her in a kind of 'pre & post' way! Have cruised on her before, but alas she was the new girl on the block back then so it's going to be interesting in that sense too having sailed on Lady H last year.
  10. Those ships all need paying for, so why not make your own island and take people there instead of numerous ships going to an already overcrowded port and paying those for the privilege? No brainer if you ask me! That and I bet somewhere some marketing guru has figured out that a fair proportion of Oasis class lovers don't get off there as they've been there already '?' times already!
  11. In 15+ years of cruising I've met some fantastic friends who in some cases I still now and cruise with to this day, yet I remember where they come from, their careers, their families but for the love of me I can't remember what they were wearing!
  12. Kraken Colada is my wife's current drink of choice! Pina Colada with a shot of Kraken rum dropped onto the top ....
  13. Escargot is my all time favourite dish onboard and I don't recall one single night when I've not had it (ordered it in whilst at Spec Rest's too!) but the BSG is very good!
  14. They both have good and bad points - they can be discussed till the cows come home, but the way I'd look at it is this - every (well at least I'm yet to find one that doesn't!) ship has a Chops onboard, yet not all have a Wonderland & 150CP etc so we tailor our dinner choices by that theory! In addition, you can get a fairly substantial menu for a Chops lunch for a fraction of the price of dinner, so therefore maybe trying both as well as the staple that is the MDR?
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