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  1. I don’t think it can be assumed that only an older demographic will have HAL appeal to them. I’ll be 32 on my next cruise and am excited for a more relaxed and refined experience than we’ve had on other lines. We’ll be sans kids this next time, so what we want for an adults-only cruise is definitely different than when our kids are with us.
  2. We were able to book the same exact Med cruise we had cancelled for October 1, the last available option for that cruise for 2020. We know it may be a risk, but we’ll see how it goes! If that gets cancelled too, the next time we could take that cruise would be May 2021, but one port is different. Trying to be flexible! The biggest thing for us is having my mom available to watch our two girls, as we’ve taken plenty of family vacations but this is a ten year anniversary trip. 😁 I’m thankful my parents are being flexible with us given the situation!
  3. Let’s hope it works out for us! Where will you be sailing to?
  4. Perhaps their terms have changed, because they state that FCC cannot be applied toward deposits. We took a risk with booking a Fall 2020 cruise and will see how it plays out. We figured, worst case scenario, it gets cancelled and we just have to re-book for a later date again.
  5. I was on the phone with our TA agency re-booking yesterday. They also said FCC cannot be used toward our deposit. I confirmed by looking at the fine print of the FCC policy. Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of a reduced deposit promo going on for the sailing we wanted to book, so the deposit was only $199/person. We have a much nicer room category this time thanks to the FCC, plus free gratuities as part of the promo, in addition to the $250/person OBC from the cancellation, so I still feel like we’re getting out ahead. It is a bummer that FCC doesn’t count toward tour deposit though. Our FCC hasn’t been put into our account yet (and I imagine that will take quite some time), but we wanted to take advantage of a good promo and cabin selection so went ahead and booked and were told we could roll the FCC into the booking once it’s in our account.
  6. We use a travel agency through our insurance company. They have us the option of being refunded our insurance premium on our cancelled cruise or applying it to a future cruise. We chose the latter.
  7. We were supposed to sail from Civitavecchia for a Mediterranean cruise on June 27. Now we’re having to decide if we take a risk and book the same itinerary in October or hold off until summer 2021 to take the trip. There are so many unknowns, and I’m not sure what the best choice is. I’m hopeful that things will be improved enough by October to take a trip then, but I also know there’s a lot of unpredictability going on right now. Of course, everyone has a lot of opinions...but those are just that - opinions. No one has the facts we need to know what things will look like come fall, or even next summer, for that matter. Definitely doesn’t make decision making easy.
  8. We are fully prepared for our June 27 cruise to be cancelled. We are holding out for HAL’s cancellation rather canceling on our own to get the FCC perks being offered on other cruise cancellations. I’d prefer an answer sooner rather than later so that we can start canceling our other arrangements (flights, tours, hotels, etc). While I’d love for the cruise to still take place, I’m not at all optimistic that it will and am looking into other options for next summer.
  9. We’ll see how HAL responds. We’re scheduled on a cruise leaving Civitavecchia on June 27. 😅 We obviously only want to cruise if things are safer by that time but are holding out to see how things play out.
  10. Can I request an edit please? We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary, not 20th, on the June 27 Greek Odyssey. Hoping for the best with all these unknowns as of late!
  11. We are booked on a Mediterranean cruise leaving Civitavecchia on June 27 and ending in Venice on July 9. We have dreamed of this vacation for years and are doing it for our ten year wedding anniversary. It’s nerve wrecking to not know how things are going to play out over the next few months, but we’re not canceling at this point. There’s really no telling what the condition of things will be like at that point. We’ve already paid in full and are hoping for the best. If HAL is forced to cancel our cruise, we’ll just let it get to that point and get reimbursement from them rather than preemptively canceling four months prior in an unpredictable situation. I’d hate to cancel only to see it blow over by then.
  12. Also, I think I may also end up ordering Birkenstock Arizonas in the waterproof EVA option. I can’t wear anything without an ankle strap for long periods of time, but I think something like that may be good for using in replacement of slippers on long flights and in hotel rooms/cabin, as well as work for trips to the hot tub/pool. I still don’t think I’d want to carry them around with me to change into for beach stops, but hopefully they’re light enough to keep in my personal item bag and be able to use for other purposes. I’ll also get lots of use out of them at home if I use them as a backyard/community pool shoe.
  13. I found and ordered a shoe that may just work and thought I’d share! It’s the OluKai Kāhiko Ko‘o (https://olukai.com/collections/womens-sandals/products/kahiko-koo-womens-leather-slingback-sandals?variant=27708000174179). It’s by far the closest thing I’ve found to the concept of my previous beloved SaltWater Sandals but with added support. They’re made of leather and water resistant (not completely waterproof, but this will work for what I had in mind). They have an anatomical footbed, and I’d say the fit is probably better for more narrow foot types but that the leather should stretch as well if you need a little extra room. Since the front straps aren’t adjustable, I have a little extra room in one of the straps, but not obnoxiously so, and it should provide a little extra room in case of swelling. I’d say it has moderate arch support, and the heel dips down a bit for good support there. I think the Aetrex sandal option I linked to previously probably offers a bit more arch support, but I’m hoping this sandal is a good compromise of all the features I was looking for and will do the job. I’ll have to wait awhile before giving them a true test since my right foot is still swollen and recovering from surgery (and I have another couple weeks left in a surgical shoe), but I hope to test them out on some good walks in time to order something else if I feel like the arch support is not adequate. They were much cheaper on Amazon, which is where I ordered them. Amazon Prime was showing one left in my size for $50, so I pulled the trigger since the next lowest price I’d seen was $79, and the retail is even higher. The tan color is lovely and will go with everything. Really hoping they work out!
  14. Correct, the more athletic looking sandals aren’t to my personal taste, but I know everyone’s taste is different and am going to get a lot of subjectivity in answers because of that. 😉
  15. I do appreciate all the feedback! In addition to these “unicorn” shoes I’m looking for, I’ll also need another pair or two of sandals that don’t really need to be water friendly to round out my spring/summer wardrobe since I’m basically starting from scratch this year, so hearing what has worked for other people has been helpful. I had my first bunion surgery last August and my second one just a month ago, and anyone who’s experienced major foot surgery understands the rough recovery that can come along with it. Being really thoughtful about my footwear choices moving forward is very important for me. When I decided to pull the trigger on the first surgery last August it was because we had recently booked our upcoming Med cruise for this summer, and I couldn’t bear the thought of walking around such beautiful places for miles a day with the pain I was experiencing last summer. Bunions are no fun, and it got to the point that I was in pain no matter what I wore. I’m so glad I moved forward with the surgery when I did to ensure that both feet had time to recover. I’ve experienced such a difference in my left foot (the first to undergo the surgery) and have just a little while longer before I’m back in a regular tennis shoe with my right foot. Quality over quantity with shoes is definitely going to be the priority with these new feet of mine! 😁 My feet aren’t completely fixed now (since I’m flat-footed and have ankles that roll in), but I’m glad to have the surgeries behind me and know that the other issues can be addressed with quality shoes/inserts.
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