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  1. I choose MSC for best shows, italian food , and fun around the ship. Right now I really hate all this "carnivalization " of MSC and I really hope they will stop doing it . MSC had face and we loved it. If I want Carnival or Celebrity I will book cruise with them.
  2. Really? We don't like Divina at all. Seaside much better for us. If you liked Divina you will like Meraviglia .
  3. I am crazy busy now but please don't be concern .You will have a good cruise. We did. I really hate the fact that MSC americanize the ships but Meraviglia is not a bad ship and we had fun. People who complain 24/7 really make me wonder why they cruise mass market lines when many luxury lines available for there great taste and standards.
  4. CABIN- We had Bella Balcony on Deck 12 . Happy with location but cabin is bit smaller than on other MSC ships ,plus very small closet and stupid safe box location. You have to lock your safe if you want to open a closet 😈 I did not overpacked this time so it was enough space for 3 of us. Bathroom was regular size with big shower , no problem there.
  5. We are back . I will do little review later but go ahead with questions if you have any. First of all I need to say that rumors about overcrowded Meraviglia it very much rumors. she is not more crowded as any other big ship and we found Buffet even less busy then on other ships. We do love Seaside more but Meraviglia is not bad as well. Embarcation: Fast and organized. 10:30 customs opened and at 11:30 embarcation started.
  6. I can only imagine how much she drove him nuts that he said so))
  7. Thank god ,I don't need to cancel my cruise I use CC without FTF . πŸ™„
  8. I guess in time of youtube and internet no one need to convince no one . Lots of video blogs available to see and make up your mind. Even cruising on same ship can be different from time to time. We had back to back on Divina and it was like day and night . πŸ™„One thing I learned many year ago than my opinion can be very different from reviews on this board. After all if you don't like your cruise you don't have to go another time with this company ,like we do with NCL.
  9. We all very different . I would not go on NCL even for free and I will prefer MSC to Celebrity ot HAL even because I dont cruise to eat 24/7.
  10. Uber from FLL to Miami cost around 50$ if not cheaper. Takes you from point A to point B in 30 min. Whats a pint of this train? You need to take ride TO train, than from train TO port, carry your luggage around.
  11. I did price change with HAL once and I had same answer- you have to cancel your cabin and rebook.
  12. Yes when we left the ship. I could not understand why we are not moving and why its so crowded . It was like customs but with dogs on pier .
  13. couple years ago we could not leave port fast because every person was checked and any food was taken from bags. those dogs are looking for food and we saw it in airport once as well , person was stopped because dos sniffed maffin in carry on.
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