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  1. Please don't forget its Italy, and train arrival time is very optional specially on Sunday. Take a ship tour or even spend time in Genoa it's a beautiful city .
  2. 700 $ off commission? how much is commission? After so many years of cruising I never got more than 100$ obc or free dinner from TA. all this stories about 700 OBC very strange to me.
  3. No one knows how long its gonna take but first they let out Yacht club then black members ,then excursions ,then regular customers. Stingray city it's a small sandbar in middle of sea. No matter how private your excursion you will end up in same place with 1000 people.
  4. We always have driver licence and copy of the with us. Sometimes cruise line even collect your passport .
  5. We took Embera village tour with MSC .It was most amazing tour we ever had. We did not see Canal on this tour but we did not care at all.
  6. Too much alcohol or drugs the only reason someone would "fall" or they got help from someone .
  7. What? Rall, please one thing not like the food but don't add any nonsens to it.
  8. no cruise line unload and sort all luggage at once. they all wark same way.
  9. I got email last year with 24 hour notice .
  10. Never been on Royal, but MSC is much better then CCL or NCL .
  11. 5-10 days. Why it should be painful? I never had a problem. just call them and cancel .
  12. Only rating I care its my own personal opinion . I will not cruise on NCL even for free and I did not like Celebrity and I don't really care what rating they have in what BBB
  13. Maybe MSC just don't give a sh... about american BBB nor that they should .
  14. OMG I just had a pleasure to read those complaints. LOL it's amazing how many idiots on Earth. πŸ˜…
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