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  1. WOW!!! Does anyone even remember what the original post and question was. A simple question turns into this. LMAO!!!
  2. I am going to book a cruise in either Nov. or Dec. 2021 with my cruise credits. I am looking at either going from New Orleans or Port Canaveral. We also will go down a day or 2 early. Any suggestions?? SHIP Norwegian Breakaway CRUISE PORTS EMBARK New Orleans (Louisiana); Cozumel (Mexico); Roatán, Bay Islands (Honduras); Harvest Caye (Belize); Costa Maya (Mexico); DISEMBARK New Orleans (Louisiana) OR Port Canaveral SHIP Norwegian Escape CRUISE PORTS EMBARK Orlando & Beaches (Port Canaveral); Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic); St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands); Tortola (British Virgin Islands); Great Stirrup Cay (Bahamas); DISEMBARK Orlando & Beaches (Port Canaveral)
  3. I hope you can answer a question for me. I booked the Breakaway for the end of September. Do you know or can you remember what nights Burn the Floor and Six were on. This would help with dinner and excursion bookings if we do set sail. I am hoping you can remember the days but if not I thought I would try. TIA!!!
  4. THANX!!! We also plan months in advance
  5. when I rebook I will have about 1300FCC left over. I was looking on NCL's site to see if we can use them for shore excursions and could not find any info on this. Do they say anything abot this anywhere on their site? TIA
  6. Yes I saw that and the second passanger was half off. The only thing bad was you lose your Free at Sea special.
  7. It is not happening. The Government has shut down any ship in U.S. waters for 100 Days.
  8. I will have a lot of FCC left over. I was going to book my own flight before the cancellation. But now I am wondering if I van book the airfare through NCL with left over FCC?
  9. I did a mock booking 2 weeks ago for an Alaska Cruise next May. Then I just did the same mock booking 2 weeks later 4/2/20 and it is $300 more per person. So much for your 120% discount and that extra 20% discount.
  10. Someone just told me that all Alaskan Cruises out of Seattle are cancelled for 2020. This sounds a little outrageous to me. Could this be true as there are many months during the Alaskan cruise season??
  11. With the 125% credit does that include just the cruise fares or everything Taxes, Port charges and gratuities we have paid?
  12. Thank You. I am looking also to book a cruise to Alaska next may. I went almost all the way through to get and idea what it would cost then took a screen shot of it. I will let you know if they raise the prices when they offer me that deal.
  13. Any ideas if you book another cruise later in the year and it is cheaper. Will the rest of the money go on your account or will you just loose what is left.
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