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  1. There are many hop on hop off buss tours in Quebec, Does anyone recommend one? We will be up there Mid Sept for a couple of days, before our cruise.
  2. We are staying there in Sept., It looks like a beautiful hotel. Do you know if there is a hop on hop off bus near the hotel? Also how is the walk to the old city, is there a lot to on our way?
  3. I tried there first and found nothing on hop-on hop-off bus tours. I thought perhaps someone may have taken a couple of these. I see no difference in people asking about hotels on here. I will keep checking.
  4. I enjoy Hop-On-Hop-off buss tours. Has anyone been on any in Saguenay, Charlottetown, Sydney, or Halifax. I have looking, but not much is coming up ,except for Halifax
  5. Instead of people paying $30 for a Deal Or No Deal card. Why not do something like Syd Normans in the theater. An Elton John, Elvis Presley, or an Eagles tribute? There are a number of things they can do besides TV shows!! I would love to sit in the theater and listen to some of these old Bands.
  6. If I wanted game shows, I would of stayed home, and watched them on my TV!!
  7. Has anyone used NCL air to Quebec and actually flew into Quebec.
  8. Yes, the Royal Palace Hotel looks nice. Have you stayed there? If you have, is there anything around the hotel to see as we will be getting in, late afternoon.
  9. I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. I am getting 2 free dinners with my club balcony suite, plus another 2 for being a Platinum member. If this is true, when I book my 2 free dinners because of the free at sea, will there be a charge on my account for the 2 Platinum dinners when I book 125 days out? I guess my question is, will NCL know that my 3rd and 4th dinners are also free?
  10. Just take a flask of Crown Royal Apple with you, until the Bartenders arrive.
  11. TY! We are looking forward to it.
  12. Thank You, and I will!!! I am thinking the Parliament View would be the view of the old town?
  13. We will be staying at the Hilton. After a day of walking around the the old town, is it easy to grab a cab, just in case I do not feel like walking back to the hotel?
  14. If the Getaway is sold out next week. Why am I still getting emails to upgrade? Are they just looking to get higher bids before we sail?
  15. yes we went from a sea day to the Royal Navel Dockyard then another sea day. Now we have 2 sea days at the begining, then Puerto Plata DR and the Dockyard is at the end of the cruise. Every port is on a different day and time, except St. Thomas. None of the excursion times match up with the Docking time. I hope I get the excursion's I booked!
  16. Well if we are on the same sailing, then you know they switched the the ports all around. Right now my excursion looks like it has been taken away. All the other ports show excursion booked 1, but Puerto Plata is now showing booked 0.
  17. NCL has changed our cruise around, which means our excursion times do not match the times we arrive in Puerto Plata DR. I am trying to find out what cruise terminal you docked at, so I can make plans from there. Was the town within walking distance?
  18. Being sold out, does the Getaway seem crowed? I did not know with all the Solo Suites it has, maybe that would make a difference and not seem as crowded.
  19. When lining up for BTF and Choir of Men which side is for the show and which side is the stand by line? I am booked for the second night, so I like to get up front for the stand by line.
  20. On the Getaway, does anyone know what this means. 6,7,7? BURN THE FLOOR Deck 6,7,7
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