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    QM2 fire

    Something like a fire is always announced in cabin. It's part of protocol.
  2. JT1101

    QM2 fire

    Exactly what I expected. Both the Sun and a certain YouTuber exaggerated things (one because it's The Sun and the other for clickbait). By the way, who is the Captain on this trip?
  3. JT1101

    QM2 fire

    It's the exact same story as noted earlier. Really just sounds like a fire event which sometimes can happen on a ship. It was apparently handled according to procedures.
  4. JT1101

    QM2 fire

    The article seems to say it was a machinery space fire and extinguished rapidly. The You Tuber was their usual clickbaity self.
  5. It should be the same as the Britannia Restaurant (main dining room).
  6. Honorary or not they did promote him when he retired.
  7. I've never seen this pretentiousness in there. The service is definitely hands on and it is a bit formal (which it should be given the setting).
  8. I had some time this morning to look it up. Yes Captain Thorhauge is the Senior Captain having her first Cunard command in 2010 (Queen Victoria). Captain Hashmi's first Cunard command was in 2013.
  9. Am I right that with the retirement of Commodore Wells Captain Thorhauge is Cunard's senior Captain? Or is it Captain Hashmi?
  10. Count me as another Verandah fan. I LIKE the quieter atmosphere and the more traditional steakhouse fare. I have never found the service there to be substandard in any way.
  11. JT1101

    Queen Anne

    I'm willing, based on the marvelous job Cunard did with changing the basic Vista design to give us QE and QV, to trust them on Queen Anne until given the chance to see for myself. That said, I REALLY hope the next time Cunard builds a ship it is a liner and not a cruise ship - give QM2 a true running mate.
  12. It's Starlink - all the Cunard fleet has undergone the conversion to Starlink.
  13. JT1101

    Golden Lion

    That FB group (no surprise) has a faker in it. First that is not the Golden Lion logo. Second the lunch menu does not have starters - the evening menu does.
  14. I've stayed on Deck 8 twice, most recently in 2019. The rooms are quite roomy and having also stayed on decks 5 and 11 the room sizes were the same. Keep in mind that QM2 is built for rougher seas, and part of that is the balconies are either recessed (so the forward superstructure protects them) or set inside the hull. It works quite well too.
  15. Another "Odd Duck" feature occurred to me - the Sunday morning service and the Bible Study. I love sailing QM2 in December, and the Sunday Morning Service is a highlight of that day. While being Interdenominational the feel is rather old school Anglican and the readings and hymns are appropriate for being on the sea. The Bible Study is a small group gathering of a more informal nature and being in December tends to be looking at Christmas related verses - one year I was aboard we had a surprise Study member on one of the mornings - Captain Wells. These sound like small things but they are all part of what makes Cunard Cunard. In this case these are parts of the onboard activities and enrichments which Cunard leans into pretty hard.
  16. They changed the coffee in Kings Court from the big silver units? I always liked the coffee in King's Court when I would come in after doing laps on deck and just sit and relax in one of those side window spaces, sip coffee and look out at the Promenade.
  17. The rowdier behaviors I think tend not to happen on Cunard ships because of the more formal atmosphere and the imbuement of history and tradition into everything. It sort of leads to self selection by guests.
  18. Probably Stateroom for there Non-Grills and Suites for Grills?
  19. They can only do stateroom replacement on decks 8 or higher and mostly balcony anyway. The lower levels would entail cutting into the hull and interior rooms would entail pulling a lot more stuff out. I would guess the deck 8 work was aimed at accessing wiring and or pipe/duct work. The staterooms can be refurbished in place as described earlier.
  20. Yep! Generally speaking a party ship is one like Carnival or Virgin like to do where you have big parties going on every night on deck that frequently are also raves. Cunard parties tend to be more "refined".
  21. Don't worry no shooting. Of course other cruise lines can be enjoyable and they pursue their chosen audiences the best ways they know how - as does Cunard. Cunard is our "Odd Duck" simply because it's chosen path has been one that embraces the history and traditions, embraces elegance and is not going for either the "theme park" or "party" ship experiences.
  22. Except that it DID refer to the passengers as early as Queen Mary and possibly earlier.
  23. Cunard is in many ways the "odd duck" in the world of passenger lines. For example: - You won't find water parks, go carts or other theme park items on a Cunard ship. Cunard leans into the classical passenger ship motifs of decor and layout. - Cunard ships don't fall into the "party ship" category (Hopefully this stays true with Queen Anne). The activity focus is more on old school cruise items with an emphasis on enrichment programmes. - Cunard embraces a kind of "formalism" and respect for history and traditions. All of their ships have a bit of a feel of a museum in places. They have a real history and share it openly. They take their formal nights seriously. Also... - Cunard has a fantastically high repeat rate (guests who sail Cunard over and over). They also have a phenomenon where you are seeing multiple generations sailing Cunard (they sail it, their parents sailed it and so on). - Cunard has its own subculture. There is a whole thread here about what a Cunarder is (the nickname goes back to Queen Mary). The stability of the crew on the ships leads to people knowing the crew and vice versa. Sure we'll kvetch on here about things we see we feel could be better; but even that shows we care. We have an investment that is not monetary. Just some thought about our odd duck - and in part why it is the best!
  24. I've done four December Transatlantics. Figure the air temperature will usually be in the low 40s (Fahrenheit) but you will also have energetic seas and an inherent wind chill going on from the wind generated by the ship's passage. So I agree with the layering up approach as opposed to a big, thick coat. Emphasis on waterproof and also include a hat. As I noted in other threads I made the mistake once of doing promenade laps in fairly energetic weather wearing my leather jacket - which got soaked with seawater along with me. Thankfully the ship's laundry was able to save it by treating it for seawater. Hope that helps.
  25. Basically Cunard's website comes off like it was designed by people who don't use browsers. And there are other aspects of their booking operation that need to improve. However their experience at sea is marvelous and that is what counts. I have booked usually by phone direct to Cunard - it seems to work the best. I'm sure a good Travel Agent is also a good choice.
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