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  1. they touched on airports and ferry travel and they said there is no impact there
  2. listening in now, no word on cruises specifically but they say gatherings of more than 250 people including leisure and recreation which I would assume includes the boarding process at the port.... they say its thru March but he said its highly likely that it will be extended, fingers crossed the port stays open and things get better as we are set to leave out of Seattle in May
  3. I bet by next week the prices will drop back down again
  4. NCL's pricing is so erratic yesterday our trip was $560 cheaper than what we paid with 12 cabins still available in our category today its $200 MORE than what we paid and still 12 cabins open. My guess is they upped the prices to cover the OBC credits...
  5. I was told the only way to qualify for the new promo is to upgrade the cabin otherwise we only qualify for the price drop OBC
  6. wondering the same thing for our trip to Alaska in may, I think I'm going to give NCL a call...
  7. 93 here first time on NCL we are on the Bliss Alaska sailing
  8. We booked a embassy suites by Sea Tac airport the Friday before the cruise and then we booked the Hyatt Regency Seattle for Saturday night before the ship leaves, its about 1 mile from the Pier, and then we booked the embassy suites again Sunday after the cruise to utilize the airport shuttle
  9. heres a current list that I have premium-beverage-package.pdf premium-plus-beverage-package.pdf
  10. Great thanks for the info, I'm headed to Vegas tonight and will talk to my host about any comps or deals I'm missing out on for NCL, then I'll keep my eye on the price for our cruise before I call and ask about upgrading or adding OBC
  11. Came across this awhile back might be helpful for someones bar hopping trip! NCL_Beverage_List.pdf
  12. Lots of good info here, thanks I just found out about the new levels of Diamond, good to know. Now here's my next question, Price Drops, who to I contact for price drops CAS or NCL, right now the price for our room has dropped by about 200, not much to write home about but it does come with all offers instead of just the 2 we choose at the time. From my understanding we can either upgrade to a higher room as long as the prices are the same or slightly more if we pay the difference or we can get OBC right?
  13. Yea I am Platinum with M-Life also but have not taken a RCL cruise thru them yet
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