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  1. I'm probably going to do the upgrade on my Bliss sailing. My TA got me in under the group package that has already paid for all my gratuities including the UBP one so I figure why not? Having a glass of champagne at dinner will cover my up charge and i can guarantee you it will be more than one glass.
  2. The Bliss inaugural transatlantic barely budged. The consensus seems to be they keep it high so that the ship doesn't sail full so that the crew has time to get their groove on in the new ship. That being said they did just have a price adjustment downward probably to finally reflect the change from 11 days to 9 and the loss of a port. Note that it's expected that no one will be allowed to get off the ship in New York overnight since they would need to have customs there for us to go trough. No actual word from NCL on that though.
  3. I don't find them too small at all. Of course I tend to spend my days out around the ship. If you like a place to relax and watch the ocean then I suggest a spa pass. It looks like you're on the Getaway which is a great ship and has a lovely spa. The spa passes are limited so while it can sometimes get full and can be a little noisy it is usually very peaceful. Just be aware that in the studios themselves there really isn't any place to sit. It's either on the bed or you can sit on the stool under the desk but it isn't very comfortable. The lounge is a nice place as well and has the best coffee on the ship, you just can't see anything from it.
  4. Why wouldn't you got to NCL for their ships' deck plans? https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/bliss/deck-plans
  5. The upper decks are not all Encore, they are showing the Joy again for 15 and just cutting Spice out for the Deck 16 and putting the actual Galaxy Pavilion in. The same site did the same thing when the Bliss was being built by filling in any blank spaces with plans from the Escape. It's difficult to sell ships that don't have all of their amenities shown yet so that's probably why they do this bulls**t.
  6. It's the same menu whether it is lunch or dinner. From my experience lunch is usually only available on sea days but I'd be very happy if it is open on some of my port days on Bliss.
  7. Testing to see how it is uploading photos with Tapatalk now that it can be used again. A shot for Doug. Drinks from Frankie's Tiki Bar. Drinks from Downtown Cocktail Room Sent from outerspace
  8. So it's the Studio lounge, not a solo lounge since it's for the people in the studio cabins not solo travelers. Now on some of the ships they do bring the solo group meeting down into the studio lounge the first time it meets but they meet up in one on the bars to start usually. Sometimes they prop open the studio lounge doors for the solo meeting so that solo'snot in the studios can get in for those at that time. The solo coordinator usually will help set up times for group things like specialty dining or MDR or other events such as shows but they are not a concierge nor do they set up things for individuals. Most of the time you will meet with the solo group and they set up things during that meeting, sometimes there are sheets in the lounge you can sign up for. It all depends on the ship and who is the coordinator. Solo group meeting times are posted in the daily planner.
  9. I really like the Studio Lounges. By the way, we have a roll call for that sailing here:
  10. Ship - Imagination Deck - 4 Riviera Stateroom # - R141 Stateroom Category – 4B Inside Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Fairly quiet but I did have some party people a couple of rooms down that I could hear when they we were whooping it up. I always bring ear plugs for just such an occasion and they worked fine. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Any specific problems with this cabin? - There is a pole in the room so it may be a bit tight getting around it when the beds are together. I could see though that when the beds would be separated there would be plenty of room to move around it. Any other comments? - This is a sideways room as you can see on the pictures. There was a bit of a sewage smell from the bathroom on the second night but it cleared up the next day. i have a video up on Youtube as well here: Room Tour
  11. There's a specific format the date needs to be in for it to show up on the "Find Your Roll Call" list. That's probably why it is isn't showing there but there is this: You could also look back at your posts and find it that way, as with any of your previous posts.
  12. I saw the little bowls of the nuget type treats and the chocolate on the pillows but I probably missed the chocolates so can't confirm if they do or not.
  13. Some shots from around the Yacht Club complex. It was a really beautiful place and I was glad to have it when I couldn't walk around very much.
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