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  1. I’d say the Magic 8 Ball has provided a well-considered response to the question at hand.
  2. US DoD has been pretty clear that the deployment of the hospital ships is to relieve hospitals in NYC and LA of non-COVID-19 patient care.
  3. Setting aside all the transit time which is kind of moot at this juncture, the idea of deploying the USN hospital ships was to relieve shore-side hospitals of patients without COVID-19 so that patients with the disease can be more satisfactorily treated. I don’t know about the United States but one of the core mandates of Canada’s military is ‘aid to the civil power’.
  4. Already been debunked. Inaccurate yahoo news reporting.
  5. Sorry, does not jive with the situation under discussion.... the normal distribution of intelligence (IQ). You’ve chosen a data set outside of that.
  6. I don’t believe everything (much, for that matter) that comes out of China but they are not claiming zero new cases.
  7. How about imported by travellers then community spread?
  8. Agreed. As mentioned earlier, it will take regulatory changes to ensure different ‘behaviours’. Whether any of the proposed changes I’ve seen (i.e. no more self-serve buffets) would have been an effective deterent to the spread of coronavirus remains to be seen. For the record, I did not start wearing my seatbelt regularly until I was fined $53.75 by the Ontario Provincial Police in 1984.
  9. I guess the answer to your question is: Unknown at this time. As for alternative, speculative itineraries I think it’s unlikely Canadian ports will be open to cruise ships before July 1 but maybe a cruise to a variety of ports on Eastern Seaboard of US with a leg over to Bermuda if they’ll take you?
  10. I believe it is shorter/quicker to get to Fort Lauderdale from where they are despite the Panama Canal transit.
  11. It may be a little trickier than that. I don’t see the word cancelled; operations are suspended.
  12. Adding to what julia said.... Celebrity doesn’t appear to have yet caught up on the closure of Canadian ports and the impact of that action on their Alaska itineraries. I think you should just hang in there a bit and see what they say with the expectation that your specific cruise will not be going ahead as planned. Don’t jump the gun by cancelling yourself.
  13. Very glad you, and other cruisers, are having a great time on the EDGE. What insanity are you talking about? The Canadian government’s recommendation to not travel on cruise ships or CC members discussing this recommendation and its possible impact on them and others?
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