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  1. No, I didn't think so. Are you planning on sharing this little tit-bit on your roll call? It will likely galvanize discussion.
  2. You may not like this but here is an excerpt from a Halifax area news story: The port will also implement cruise tendering operations that will allow vessels to moor north of Georges Island and bring their passengers ashore by small boats on days when there are multiple ships in port. The infrastructure to receive tenders will be at Pier 24. The tendering will start in August.... Emerald Princess.
  3. Here is a map showing berth 24. Looks too short for Emerald Princess and nothing about TND 1. POH-Harbour-and-Facilities-Map-ForWeb-Update-April2022.pdf
  4. I thought Barcelona's nickname was 'City of Counts'.
  5. Yeah... I don't think cruisers should worry too much about people going unpaid. Go ahead and tip if you wish.
  6. All of this advice is good for Paris, Rome, London, etc...
  7. It wasn't working on ky android phone a couple of hours ago. I decided to just leave things alone for a bit and let Celebrity get things fixed; works fine now.
  8. Why not just give them more money?
  9. Sure; it kind of depends on how you plan on making your way from the cruise terminal to LGB.
  10. Do you think that chicken made an appearance in the dining room?
  11. Occasionally, I have problems with PF (it never seems to really go away; just dormant depending on what I am doing). I have tried a variety of shoes for walking, hiking and running. Merrells are pretty good but I use them for walking and hiking primarily because I can get them in wide sizes. Custom fit orthotics are important for me to avoid sgnificant foot discomfort.
  12. Usually, you can drop off a carry on bag as soon as you board; there is n set time for full access as it depends on how the steward(s) make out with their work. Certainly, you ought to be able to get in about 1:30 or so.
  13. Jeepers! I thought the poor fellow has Alzheimer's and wandered off.
  14. Pretty much. When they do the disembarkation planning a few days prior to end of cruise just elect to do early self assist and that is all that's required.
  15. I know you didn't ask but have you considered taking the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and a taxi to the cruise terminal? I expect it will be less expensive, faster and eliminate hassles of changes at AMS.
  16. There are steps up/down between Calton Hill and Regent Road. To get from Calton Hill, tke Regent Road west; it turns into Waterloo Place. Turn left (south) on North Bridge and follow it up the gentle rise to High Street (the official name for Royal Mile). BTW... you may find it quite difficult to get a decent photo of Holyrood Palace unless you pay entry fee and go through the gates.
  17. There ought to be a minimal reading comprehension criterion prior to participation.
  18. Linking cruise ship activity to 'over-tourism' in Barcelona is risible. It's estimated that there are 40,000 to 75,000 hotel rooms in Barcelona; I'd say this provides a pretty decent indicator of the level of tourist activity that commonly is experienced. A few hundred or a thousand cruise passengers who may circulate in the city to look at the cathedral, admire Gaudi pieces, etc... are pretty much a tiny proportion of the overall non-issue of tourism which the city is very actively interested in promoting.... provided they spend cash and that's more likely where the real problem lies.
  19. Good for you. The writing style did not appeal to me and I missed the satirical slant.
  20. A package with two devices means two devices can be on at the same time but signed in as the same user. Will work just fine for two in a cabin.
  21. Suggest you investigate parking near the cruise port.
  22. Parking at the airport: https://services.aeroportdequebec.com/QuebecBooking/ Parking near the cruise terminal (done through the Flowbird app): https://www.portquebec.ca/en/parking/saint-andre
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