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  1. Oooh! A day that sounds right up my alley. Love proscecco! 🥂 We'll raise a glass again for @TiogaCruiser' s real last day and the beginning of something new and precious. My daughter-in-law and grandson are both southpaws-happy day to them! I'd like the flatbread, but I'm not sure who all will be here tonight, yet. I'm pondering the quote. I think someone (puppycanducruise?) mentioned how lovely the morning is, but with more heat and humidity this afternoon. I like the heat, but the humidity can just leave! Thanks again to Rich and Roy (and Joy's memes!) for the daily. Have a blessed day! Be well. Stay safe. Be kind. Late night, late morning, we're running behind today to be sure. Prayers
  2. Mine does too. I wonder if originally it was a 2020 expiration date (one reason I didn't buy early)? I do know that when I finally pulled the trigger, I was assured it was a December 2021 expiration, which fits in better, since I believe it will be 2022 before I sail.
  3. Good morning! Thanks for the Daily post, Rick. The quote is so true-'round and 'round she goes. Our granddaughter was singing a song and asked what Grandpa's favourite food is, so KD (macaroni and cheese) for dinner it is. Prayers sent for all those on the prayer list. Raising a glass 🍷 to @TiogaCruiser's last full day of work. I'll raise another tomorrow on your clean up day. It is so nice to do absolutely nothing, and not feel (too) guilty about it. Have a blessed day! Be well. Stay safe. Be kind.
  4. Quick check in tonight. That quote is right on, isn't it? Everyday is Son and Daughter day right now. With 5 kids, I see/talk to at least one every day. Today, it was 4 And 3 of the 4 grandkids. It's been a busy, but lovely day here, with another promised for tomorrow. Take care everyone. Be well. Stay safe. Be kind.
  5. Good morning to those who visit the Daily every day or occasionally. Thanks for the list of the ships, Rich. The pictures of the Rotterdam that I've seen today have been lovely-a little sad because once I saw her in port, it was my dream to sail on her. No dogs at this house, but 4 grandpuppies. 1 lives close, 2 in Newfoundland and 1 in Cairo. They are well-loved and definitely spoiled! (and much as I am a cat person, I love visiting with my pups!) As a few have said, Ontario is hazy, hot and humid today, so a light dinner sounds delightful. Yeah, I'd like the chance to see how happy money would make me. I know that it would be spread around like confetti, and that would make me smile. I wanted to thank @TiogaCruiser for the squirrel video on yesterdays thread. So funny! And well worth watching all the way through! The granddaughter (4) is here today, so I'm envisioning a trip to the park, pool time, maybe a movie is in store. Oh....and my ears talked off. I'll need that wine at dinner! Have a wonderful day! Be well! Stay safe! Be kind!
  6. Thanks for the positive news, Joy. I'm sure you'll both be glad when he gets to come home! Take care!
  7. Happy Sunday! Thanks, Rich. We have a bunch of book lovers in our house-and the grandchildren are the same. I love the polka! My Dad used to polka, but the only time my Mom let me dance with him was once- on my wedding day. And as for the quote....🤣 DH doesn't do cucumbers or hummus so I'm taking a roast out of the freezer. @rafinmd, thanks for the thoughts. This was a service day. We got started and the rain began, so after a blessing, we left and then the heavens opened up. We'll try again in two weeks. @Seasick Sailor, thanks for the giggle. Prayers sent for both Allen and his surgery and you as you wait it out. Oh, @gigianne, I'm so sorry. They must have thought that the pink was so lovely. I'm glad you got a picture of it before the attack. @Overhead Fred, when we visited Victoria a few years back, I felt the same. So quaint! Your pickles and jam look good, @kazu Yummmm. As I said earlier, we are having some unexpected thunderstorms in the area today. Even when we awoke today, the weather app said no rain. Oh, well, it means I won't have to top up the pool! Sending prayers for all those on the Care list, and those who aren't. Take care everyone. Be well. Stay safe. Be kind.
  8. Thanks for the Daily, Rich. Garage sales have popped up here for the past couple of weekends. Lots of physical distancing going on. What a funny law in Virginia 😄 Meal sounds great! Roy, thanks for the prayer list. @kazu, thanks for the laughs. Cats are very amusing, even if somewhat aloof at times. What is the attractions of boxes, sinks, and bathrooms? We've always had one or two cats in the house, so I'm loving all the cat pictures and the flower pictures are gorgeous! @Seasick Sailor, I'm so sorry to hear that Allen is back in the hospital. Adding him to my prayers. Have a wonderful day, everyone. Be well! Stay safe! Be kind!
  9. Good morning! Or, if I don't type fast....good afternoon. 😉 I love looking at lighthouses, because as said above...I'm near the sea. Naturally, I'm most partial to the one at Peggy's Cove NS. The quote is a good one! I ❤️ the dinner suggestion. I'll add some leftover sausage for DH. @Andi LandHappy birthday to your brother. It's another beautiful day here in southwestern Ontario! Thanks for all of the pictures. Be well. Stay safe. Be kind. Blessings to all!
  10. I'm glad it went well, Roy. Take your meds, and rinse tomorrow. 🙂 Now you have a good excuse to take it easy! Me, too! I had my first extraction last year and was put out. Then, at the beginning of March, just before I was heading for a day at Disney followed by a 7-day NCL cruise, I went in to the dentist with an emergency. I thought she'd just build up a piece of the tooth, but she wasn't able to do that. She said, we gotta pull it. I out and out cried like a baby, but it needed to be done-I didn't want anything to happen at sea. So she pulled it right then, and, honestly, it wasn't too bad. Hopefully, Roy will bounce back the same way I did! Take care, Roy!
  11. Thanks for the post, Rich. And the suggestions. The quote is a beautiful one, isn't it? I had to look up potato pie because I'd never heard of it. Prayers for those on the Care list, Roy for a smooth extraction, and everyone else for a peaceful, safe day. The pictures of the sunset and flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! Take care everyone. Be well. Stay safe. Be kind.
  12. Good evening-almost morning again! Thanks for the report and daily care list R&R. Busy day today driving DD into the city, and then a meeting at Church discussing things that need to be done before the building can be opened again. Lots to do! Blessings to all. Be well! Stay safe. Be kind!
  13. Thanks for the post, Rich. Love the days. We don't have watermelon right now, but I it is the only melon that I can eat. Maybe DH will pick some out when he is out today. Boy does life feel like a yo-yo right now! Especially one with knots! It's a beautiful day here, despite a thunderstorm warning for the afternoon. I do know that 45 minutes north had a lot of rain-and hail! It's a bit warmer than the 22º that puppycanducruise has, but so nice to have the windows and doors open! Prayers sent for those on the Care list. May they each have their needs met in a positive manner soon. Also, prayers for safety in the wake of rough weather along the coasts. Hopefully, everyone is having a wonderful day, and for others in Canada, I trust your holiday is great!
  14. Good afternoon! Thanks for the ship information, Rich! Friendship and Forgiveness are intertwined, so it's nice that they are together. No ice cream sandwiches in the house. Interesting quote. Sometimes crime and politics are intertwined as well, aren't they? So disappointing when they are. Yesterday, no sooner did the 4 year old leave the house than the 2 year old entered. He enjoyed two 3 minute swims and he's a riot-at the "Wanna be naked, Mommy!" stage, so changing was entertaining to say the least. 🤣 We had rain overnight and this morning, so outdoor services were cancelled. We always know that that is a possibility. It isn't as hot as they threatened today, but still humid with all the rain. Good thoughts and lots of prayers to those who need them today, even if they don't realize it. For those in Isaias' wake, please take extra care. Blessings to all! Have a wonderful day! Be well! Stay safe. Stay kind.
  15. Thanks to Cat Shepher and dfish's repost, I got to see. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
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