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  1. We’re currently on the Nieuw Statendam. I used the hand sanitizer this morning, so if it is a “corporate decision”, it hasn’t hit us yet.
  2. Will Facebook Messenger work for both messages and video calls on the Surf plan? Or just premium. I’m guessing the latter.
  3. Thank you. This is good information to have! If there are ATMs handy, I won't worry about getting kuna ahead of time.
  4. Enjoy your new robe! And how fortunate that you contacted HAL, since someone must have been missing their purchase. Thank you for letting us share your experience, and giving us the ending we were hoping for.
  5. Thanks for the question OP, and thanks for this chart. I was literally about to sit down and pre-order the internet today, but now I see that, since I don't need the premium plan, if I wait until I am onboard, I will save $40 US, which is significant since I don't need the premium.
  6. Thanks Ruth! That will make the pre-cruise buy a bit cheaper! 🍹
  7. Just wondering as I am buying my beverage cards. Can I purchase an additional beverage card onboard the Nieuw Statendam in the event that I run out on the prepurchased card? I know that if I overbuy, I'll get my money back, but was wondering if I underbuy. 😉 Thanks!
  8. We upgraded from an inside to this very room. I loved it! I would definitely stay in this one again. So easy to get on and off the ship. And the elevators were right there.
  9. Barb, may I ask who you booked the night tour with? Which night are you going? That is my goal this week (no grandbabies around and only one appointment) to book the Vatican and Colosseum tours.
  10. So glad that the medication has (kind of) kicked in, and you are able to get on today's excursion. I'm thinking that a (new) bucket list trip is the Rocky Mountaineer, followed by the cruise/land trip from HAL. That's going to have to wait for about 5 years so that I can save up some $$$$$$.
  11. I'm enjoying your report! It's bringing me back ♪♫♪ North to Alaska ♪♫♪.
  12. Could you please add us to the list? October 7, 20 day Best of the Mediterranean on the Nieuw Statendam. Celebrating our 35th anniversary, and our 4th HAL cruise. Thanks!
  13. We've always had a mix of people at the table. One time, we were at a table for 6, but one couple asked to be moved to the earlier seating, so it was 4 of us for the duration of the cruise. The other two were British (senior mom and daughter), and it wasn't until the last night when we discovered that their last name was the same as my Grandma's maiden name. Of course, since the father wasn't there, we couldn't match any information, but it made us smile to think that here in the Caribbean was a connection from the past.
  14. Thank you for that information! We're doing a 20 day Mediterranean cruise in the fall, with a 5 day pre-trip stay in Rome. Knowing that we can send out laundry on embarkation day is great news!
  15. Thank you for the review. We'll be on the Nieuw Statendam in October for the Best of the Med. We are looking forward to our longest cruise ever.
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