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  1. We cancelled a cruise for next year (March 2021) on March 17, 2020 (just because we didn't feel right about the future and wanted to get out while we could). After following up a couple of times we got our refund yesterday, so just over 30 days.
  2. That's unusual. I've always had to have a doctor complete the forms whether it was one of us who was sick or a family member not traveling with us. And we also buy the Celebrity insurance because we have had many instances where we have had to cancel for not covered reasons, and at least we got 75% of our money back in a FCC instead of losing everything.
  3. You're correct, and I should have specified I was talking about the M class. I like my freebies, and do appreciate them. We take advantage of as many as we can. And one scoop is just PLENTY considering all the other food there is on board.
  4. You get it on the other side of Café Bacio, and it often doesn't come out until the afternoon. If no one is there, go over to Cafe Bacio and tell them you want the gelato. You can also sample the flavors before you decide. We always leave a small tip (you of course don't have to, but we feel we're taking someone away from their CB job to give us something free), written on the receipt they will have you sign, but the receipt itself will be zero.
  5. Great pictures, Jim. Maybe we'll give it a try sometime in the future. We're on the Summit again next year.
  6. If you leave Newport the night of July 4th I bet you'll be able to see fireworks all along the Rhode Island shore and Long Island - cool! It's all going to depend on timing since they usually aren't til about 10 pm, depends on where you are at that time. But I don't see any way you'll be coming down the Hudson. And yes, we were supposed to go to the Boulud dinner in May, 2019. Sorry to sound so negative about it, but the 2 suite guest concierges (or whatever their title is) in Michael's Lounge who were so dismissive to us really left a bad taste in our mouths. We lived in Bergen County for 5 years in the 80's (Woodcliff Lake) - loved it there.
  7. See, that's why you're Zenith and I'm not!
  8. What port are you talking about?
  9. Several questions: Are you sure you'll be cruising down the Hudson? I know ships like NCL who dock in Manhattan go up the Hudson to their pier, but Celebrity ships usually come and go under the Verrazano Bridge. Since ships usually dock in the morning, I'm not sure what the Macy's fireworks have to do with anything...AND...this is important...the location of the fireworks changes sometimes but MOST years they shoot them off from the East River. They don't announce the location until May or so. As far as the Boulud dinner, I'm pretty sure you can't use your Bev Pkg wines for it, I'm pretty sure you have to buy the additional wine pairings (Edit: I guess I'm wrong about that given the above post from Texed). And we were supposed to go to one of the very first ones (back last May) and the "first night" was irrelevant, the dinner was on a night 3-4 days into the cruise, the "first night" date (and time, it was actually much later than indicated) was only something they wrote on our confirmation - which was ignored, we had a confirmation stating wines were included, in writing, and we were told NO, that's wrong. We ended up cancelling.
  10. And when you do this...don't let him know "you" changed the cabin. Say, EXUBERANTLY, "guess what! Celebrity called and upgraded our cabin to a porthole/balcony/suite!!!" I'm guessing you had been kinda homesick for Alaska? (since that is your "formerly" location)? if so, what a sweet thing your new husband did.
  11. Plus I would not be surprised if that very first veranda did not have the "wall" separating it from the rest of the ship, just as all of them have on both sides for privacy from your neighbor. I know you have to go through a door to get into the corridor with those Deck 11 AQ cabins (we stay in an aft all the time).
  12. Except that, veering back to the OP, Aqua guests "expect" to dine in Blu without a wait because of suite guests, that is what they paid for. And it's Celebrity's fault. Make suite passengers stay in Luminae, make AQ passengers stay in Blu, make everyone else go to the MDR. And everyone has access to the specialties and buffet. How simple is that?
  13. Completely agree - I can never seem to be able to book a RD on line. I have to call and repeat over and over...and over...that I want a REFUNDABLE deposit.
  14. No hummus and veggies on our recent sailing. They alternated between a couple of different dips - I recall one beet and one corn and one green and something else - you used them on your bread, no veggies, which I missed (I guess the dips themselves were the veggies). But our waiter made sure we had plenty of veggies with our dinners.
  15. To say you have to eat in Blu because you don't eat seafood (or was it can't eat meat?) is ridiculous. They have an array of ALL the options in ALL the dining rooms (MDR, Blu, Luminae) every single night. You may not like the preparation or sauce they have featured, but that is easily changed. We have noticed that the same thing shows up on the different menus on different nights. Let's say you like prime rib. Or short ribs. Or shrimp. Or sea bass. Maybe Luminae will have it first, then Blu will have it on a different night, and the MDR on a different night. There are only so many "things" in the world. It will come up in the rotation. No need to run around to different dining rooms. And if you want the same thing every night you can have the "everyday" items in Luminae and Blu.
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