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  1. This may not be for everyone, and it really depends on what you are buying and how big/heavy it is in it's totality. But sometimes I'll bring old tennis shoes or an old jacket that I planned to discard after the trip and discard them before getting to the airport to travel home. If it is truly worn out toss them or if they are in good shape but just not your cup of tea you could see if your last port of the city you travel home at has a goodwill store, etc. you could donate it at. I was mentioning this to someone recently, and they recommended not to leave it in the trash bin on the ship though or in like a Caribbean port that has to export all it's trash, etc. With that said going to a post office in a port or even a place to donate the items takes valuable port time away from you, so I'd just ensure I don't fill my bag fully for the trip out or bring an extra bag and pay the bag fee the one way back if needed!
  2. Thanks everyone! I actually forgot I posted this several months ago!! I don't think I'll do it and looks like a 1-2pm departure is in my cards. Appreciate all the responses. To the person that asked, the 11:01 was Vancouver to Chicago O'Hare on United then connection onward. Now I'll probably do AA, also through O'Hare. The flight is more expensive but I have lifetime million miler gold status so bags would be free, etc, so in the end it really won't be any more expensive than United and a little status always helps if there are delays, etc.
  3. Hi. Would an 11:01 flight out of Vancouver back to the US after getting of Radiance of the Seas in June on a FRIDAY be doable? I read about the skytrain taking 30 min. We can haul our own bags and also can do self disembark. But is that still making it too close? The airline we would fly I don't have any status on either. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Do you recall what he charged?
  5. Thanks everyone! I am finding a 12:35pm on one airline and a 1pm on another. It is not until next June so I'm not planning to book flights anytime soon yet. And of course between now and then they may change the flight times. I was not thinking about rush hour traffic. It would be a Friday and I think the Friday before Father's Day. Radiance is scheduled to arrive at 7am. No issues rolling our bags off. Do you think this is doable? Thanks!
  6. What would be the earliest flight time you would book out of Vancouver after an Alaskan cruise back to the East Coast? Also does anyone know if you clear customs in Vancouver or once you land in a US city? Struggling to find a flight that would get me back home on the same day and don't really want to do an overnight flight either. Thanks in advance.
  7. It depends. I booked with Sonny for 2 people 6+ months before my cruise coming up. We were the first two. I posted on our roll call (that is not really very active at all) to see if anyone wanted to join. No one even responded on the roll call to my post or for that matter even welcomed me to the roll call! So we cancelled on him and now are doing a private tour (a lot more $$$) but we did not want to do a big bus tour. I recommend that you post on your roll call and see if you can drum up others to contact Sonny to join! Post now, and then post every month for the next few months so new folks see it too! Also some cruises now have roll calls on other popular sites so if you know of any / participate ask there too (I don't know if my cruise did as I'm not on any other site). I'd then say try to come up with a back up plan and cancel on Sonny if you don't get 10 people by 1-2 weeks before the cruise. I was disappointed because so many good things said on this site and others about Sonny but I understand that 2 people in such a large van isn't worth it for him. It seems like a great tour and a fabulous price and not a big group...if you can get enough!
  8. I'll be on Freedom of the Seas soon. I have a tour that will pick us up mid day in front of the large blue Curacao sign mid day. Does anyone know where that is located? Street location or near what major landmark? Prior to that we will be walking around downtown - I have a self guided walking tour (found online) of both the Punda and the Otrobanda side planned and then lunch prior to meeting at the Curacao sign for the guided tour. Trying to decide which side to tour first based on where the Curacao sign is and also a lunch spot near the sign? Or recommendations downtown!? Thanks in advance.
  9. We have a 4 hour tour planned and the taxi driver will drop us off at Eagle Beach at the end. Of course they can give recommendations but I thought I'd ask here too. We plan to be at Eagle beach for 2-3 hours (1-4pm) for lunch, swimming, etc. Where is a good spot to be dropped off? Tops are a place for food (chicken/burgers/etc) and bathroom. Also prefer but not needed are umbrella/chair rentals (I hear they are 45-50 and not sure that is worth it for a couple of hours). I hear that is Coco Loco (but it gets really bad reviews) and then Paradise Beach Villas. Not sure if there are other or better options? If anyone can help, that would be great!
  10. Does anyone know what the current price is to purchase the thumb drive of pictures from the 4 hour snorkel? I'm interested in purchasing it and want to know how much to bring! For those that have purchased it, can you tell them ahead of time to ensure they take some photos of you under the water, etc?.
  11. Sorry, I just realized that you don't get to port until after lunch time!! That changes things for you dramatically!! Sorry, my advice doesn't help you too much then! Maybe see the downtown on your own (taking your swim stuff with you) and then when you are done take a taxi to a beach to swim or snorkel (before it gets dark) - again though, check the sunset time.
  12. We are in Curacao 8am - 8pm. We will get off the ship (hopefully by 8:30!) and walk around the downtown / shop on our own for 3-3.5 hours, then find a place to have a quick bite of lunch 12-1. We then have a private excursion from 1-5 that will take us to Shete Boka Park, swimming with turtles at Playa Piskado, see the flamingos, view point at Santa Martha. This way we get the best of both! See the downtown on our own and see some of the key sights. Check what time the sunsets even if you are there until 10pm! You won't see anything good in the dark! Also I imagine some of the shops will close at 5pm but that is just a guess on my part.
  13. Thank you! We have Sonny booked in May but it is only 2 of us and he needs a certain # of people or it will be cancelled. I'm hoping others take the tour. Was your tour the 3.5 hour tour? Afterwards I hear he will drop you off at a beach if you like - by chance did you do that? I'm glad you enjoyed the tour!
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