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  1. Would love to try a Solstice class ship, but I'd be perfectly happy with Summit again. I just prefer the Southern Caribbean. Hoping the mystery lifts soon!
  2. Sorry for being unclear. I'm referring to early 2022 - January-March cruises. I hadn't heard anything about the Pan American Pier being an issue. RCI still sails two of it's Royal Caribbean ships out of Puerto Rico during the winter months. I'm unsure why the issue would impact only the Celebrity ship.
  3. In past years, I always thought Celebrity released its itineraries prior to Royal Caribbean. They seem to be way behind this time.
  4. The RCCL alternative for winter 2022 out of San Juan is Empress. If those are my choices, I'd prefer Summit. I'm a small ship fan. I won't do Freedom.
  5. Just returned from our first Celebrity cruise and the only "class" system we were aware of were the off-limits venues designated for Suite or Aqua Class passengers. We knew about those in advance and it really didn't bother us. And we had just on oceanview cabin...on Deck 3 no less. 😉
  6. Anyone know when these will be announced. Every schedule I've seen seems to indicate they should be out by now??
  7. What about southern Caribbean out of San Juan? I don't see anything on the site, but it looks like Summit itineraries for that time should be available now.
  8. It's been several years, but I recall comparing the cost of taking a taxi or just booking the ship's tour and the ship's excursion was far cheaper and less complicated. I tend to like planning my own excursions, but sometimes - when the attraction is far from the ship - making use of the ship's transfer bus ends up being much less expensive. As I recall, they did do a bit of an island tour on the way back. Pretty typical...you know, you're in a bus.
  9. Our night two is Super Bowl Sunday. I wonder if they will move it since many folks will be watching the game.
  10. GREAT review. We'll be embarking on February 1, 2020. For those concerned about the earthquake, there is a Puerto Rico Tourism page with updates. I also contacted my hotel, who indicated that there MIGHT be some controlled black-outs, as not all power has been restored. That said, the earthquake was on the southern part of the island, about as far from San Juan as possible. The woman I spoke to said that they felt it, but it wasn't a damaging event for that part of the island. GinBoy: I was going to ask about your daily newsletters, but your itinerary is different than ours, so I suspect the activities would be as well. However, do you recall any special parties, theme nights or not-to-be-missed events? We will be experiencing Le Petit Chef. I booked Qsine, but it has switched over. I knew that was a possibility when I booked it, and determined I'd be happy with either option. In over a dozen cruises, this will be my very first specialty dining experience! Super excited to hear how quickly you boarded! Wow!! That's amazing! This will be my first Celebrity cruise, after a number of Royal Caribbean cruises. Any differences I should be aware of? Thanks for your review!
  11. I see both sides of the Suite-only debate. I remember when some cruise lines roped off special lounge chairs by the pool for use by suite guests only. And the best seats in the theatre were reserved for suite guests. As Turtle06 said, that doesn't drastically impact other guests, who can STILL enjoy the pool and theatre. I think his objection had to do with an outdoor deck area that has been - and instinctively feels as though it is - a public place. And the fact that there is no real alternative for non-suite guests - except to look off the back of the ship. I knew the situation when booking the Summit and I'm fine with it, but I agree with the "class system" comments. We all have to make choices, but some people have the means to consider more options than others. I have never even booked a balcony cabin. I pay for the WINDOW in an OV cabin and I cruise only every other year. If I booked balcony cabins, I'd have to cruise far less frequently. And a suite...I'd need to save for YEARS! So yes, it's a choice. I guess everyone can technically book a suite. But it's not as easy a choice for those of us on a limited budget. There are benefits we NEED to sacrifice in order to cruise at all.
  12. Bruin Steve: Thanks for the information. I booked for the extra-large windows, but a little additional square footage is also a big plus! (That said, I wouldn't turn down an upgrade like the one you guys got...for FREE! Congratulations!)
  13. I received a couple invitations to bid. We have an OV cabin on Summit, February 1, 2020. I decided to pass. As much as I'd like a balcony cabin, I think we'd likely end up in an undesirable location, a cabin no one else wanted to book. Unless - as someone mentioned - a sold cabin becomes available due to someone else's last-minute change in plans - I'm not confident we'd really feel like we'd been upgraded. We're "nearly steerage" on deck 3, but in the section that used to be part of the conference rooms. I chose it because those rooms have unusually large windows. Also, they are across the hall from said conference room. Unless there is a big group on board, those meeting rooms are rarely used. It should be pretty quiet. Can't wait to experience the Revolutionized Summit!
  14. Would love to hear some compare and contrast information from those who frequent other lines. I've been cruising with Royal for years, but will be on Celebrity Summit on February 1. Thanks for your review.
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