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  1. I’m not really sure what the point of this thread might be. We all have our favorites and “least likes” but we view things differently. i, personally, hated Celebrity’s Solstice class, but that’s just my preference. mybe a little more informative, meaningful comments would be helpful.
  2. We just booked the Mexico cruise in March and would like some feedback about Bliss. we’re in a large balcony (cat B6) and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on these staterooms. Got the air included for a crazy low price. any comments would be appreciated.
  3. Saturday -Day 2 welcome to Bimini woke up in Bimini with plans to go to Bimini Beach Club. Nice breakfast a the Market Place. Good but slightly limited choices. Remember, though, we only had slightly more than 200 passengers. After going on deck we decided it was way too hot to go to The Beach Club and relax around the pool when we already had a perfectly good pool right here with free food and drinks. Had lunch in the dining room which wasn’t our favorite meal, to date. Just our taste. in the afternoon we went to the spa where my partner had a hair appointment and I got a basic pedicure. The y did a great job and the service was excellent. The techs said that they were fairly well booked but there was a much smaller than usual staff. Dinner was at Prego and it was excellent. Cesar salad was really well done and the veal and bass were perfectly prepared. And once again, the service was top notch. After dinner we went to Galaxy Lounge to see Steve Caouette (a comedian). He was ery good and never inappropriate. His time went too fast Finally, the White Night event. I was surprised to see how many men wore all white or half-white. The ladies always seem to have white outfits. The show was very good with dancing ang songs by the ship’s performers. Looking forward to seeing them again. Nect stop, Miami.
  4. More than 20 cruises in the padt, but the first on Crystal or any luxury line. we arrived in Nassau yesterday. Stayed at British Colonial Hilton. We had a basic room which was well appointed and immaculately clean. Small shower but everything worked. Had dinner in Bullion and while not gourmet, it was very good. Breakfast had limited choices, but was very good and reasobably priced. The service was uniformly great and friendly. We had a 5 PM embarkation time but we took a taxi to the Convention Center at 1. Met there by extremely helpful and friendly people. They took our luugage and sent it to the ship.Had a Covid test within 10 minutes and results in another 15. Went into the ballroom to wait for bus to the ship. They had sandwiches, pasteries, coffee, tea and soft drinks while we waited. Before I could finish my diet Coke our bus was ready. As we left the Convention Center the Crystal workers all cheered for the passengers. They really seemed happy for us to be there. Bus ride took about 15 minutes with some tour commentary. Got on the ship, checked in and got wrist bracelets. In our stateroom by 3. Got an orientation from our butler (Fast Freddy) and our housekeeper. Our penthouse (PH) is lovely and comfortable. had dinner in Waterside which was excellent. Every choice we had was excellently prepared and the service was very friendly and professional. It’sjust unfortunate that they are expecting only about 250 passengers. Too bad there won’t be more people on board. on to Bimini, tomorrow
  5. I am trying to complete this nightmare but running into problems. When I attempt to select the port of arrival for our 8/21 trip in the trip section it does not display the aurport in Nassau. Is this a subtle hint from The Bahamas? Has anyone else run into this problem. I already sent them an e-mail but they’re not exactly immediate responders.
  6. Thank you, Bobs. you give me hope that I wont be considered “riff-raff” and forced to eat in the kitchen. And hope I wont get trampled by fleeing passengers if they might see a child. If you’re on our cruise I hope wemeet.
  7. I understand concerns of being in close proximity to un-vaxxed passengers, but “riff-raff from Miami”? What’s that about? I didn’t realize that South Florida (Miami-Dade) was a haven for “riff-raff). I simply wanted a nice cruise, on a beautiful ship, with congenial passengers. Some of the comments I’ve seen make me embarrassed to travel with Crystal. I’m hoping I didn’t make a mistake.
  8. Has anyone been to Blue Hole. Worthwhile or jusr PR?
  9. I hope I get to see you, Suze
  10. I guess it’t a matter of taste and what you are used to. Frankly, after seeing myself in the mirror when I wake up I can tolerate almost anything.
  11. In a way, I’m sorry to be reading all of this. My first cruise on Crystal is coming up in a month and I was looking forward to a relaxed and casual return to cruising. Personally, I really don’t much care what others are wearing (as long as they’re wearing something) and if they’re attire is too offensive I may choose to not socialize with them. But it certainly won’t ruin my cruise experience. Don’t these complainers have anything else to do? And is it so horrible to wear tasteful shorts to breakfast before getting off the ship in hot, humid weather? Assuming that we find some islands that will let us dock. Maybe we’ll end up going to Staten Island. Back in the day we packed with more clothes than I care to remember. Elegant gowns with shoes and purses to match, tux with all the goodies, outfits for daytime, night, morning, pool, beach, tours, etc. dressing for the night in a tux and a gown for TW was enjoyable but times have changed. And I don’t risk getting a hernia just from getting the luggage down the stairs. let’s all relax, enjoy this cruise and don’t let the behavior of some passengers who look at things through different color lenses ruin your experience. To be honest, I have been known to erar shorts to breakfast but still manage to eat my food with silverware instead of my fingers.
  12. I saw the post about Greycliff Lounge and reserved a spot as a better place to wait till our 1:30 flight to FLL. Thanks for mentioning it.
  13. We’re sailing on 8/21 from Nassau and hoping that things go as planned. I realize it’s easier to remain calm when it’s not your cruise, but our thoughts are with you and hopes that thingswill work out. however, we all need to chill outa bit. We all knew we would be the pioneers with these cruises and thatunexpected bumps would happen. Covid spikes pop up like weeds and don’t give advance notice. Both Crystal and the Bahamas govt are doing the best they can with their limited resources . please cut them a little slack while they roll with the punches and do their best to make everything work.
  14. We’re not sailing until 8/21 so not immediately concerned but like to be kept up to date. My TA spoke to Crystal and received an e-mail saying that Crystal would send a release with updated info on ports, today (6/22). I’m hopeful but not holding my breath.
  15. Thank you, everybody. I think I’ll just wait until 2 weeks before our cruise.
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