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  1. I started this thread I wasn't truly in the holiday spirit yet . . but now I totally am and am definitely upping my treat game!
  2. Yeah you should have put a warning not to look this makes you hungry!
  3. Yeah, I used to be that way too and now I have the feeling that you're going to get into the total vibe of the holiday thing too! Seriously, we're like your Pooh of Christmas Present. LOL!
  4. I shouldn't have mentioned that the way I did, John&lala, because I just reacted to the news and is now time to be responsible and supportive!! And yes, he may come out for Christmas Eve and back to NC for his other family for Christmas day! I'm excited because he wants to eventually work for Pixar!! Lol yeah Thanksgiving had other issues! Sorry mother-in-law....
  5. We all needed a little fun I think and December is the BEST TIME for it, right?? Yes, you'll feel better closer to the 25th as the sugar and wine kicked in . . .😂😂😂
  6. It is a totally a unique thread now, and I didn't really promise anything other than a 30 day break from criticizing the mentions in the title. That's my olive branch for holiday magic DESPITE your great unpleasantness! What a nice foodie comments everyone else is leaving, thank you!!
  7. Seriously, Bailey, do not get a cheap one. TWO BUCK CHUCK just isn't the same. LOL!
  8. It's pretty weird if you are TOO CLOSE to the forest to see the trees, seriously. If you look at the newest CC reviews it is a fresh take scientifically. I'm being very restrained for 31 days, PROMISE!! Maybe Mr. Fain will feel the holiday joy and have GOOD NEWS so I don't have to!
  9. Hey, if they're like my ex husband, they'll just pull out their credit card information to her . . .😂 I guess since she gets around maybe someone on here already knows the answers and... feels the burns from one of those "cappuccinos" right now. BWAHAHAHAHA
  10. I'm trying to "save" everything until January but it's going to be hard! I'm so glad though Tree_skier, because I feel like moving into 2021 with upcoming cruises will really help as people get super excited about sailing again - it absolutely is like a SPOON FULL OF SUGAR!
  11. truly, I've seen this - we are all heading into Christmas so it will feel better now!
  12. Seriously?? I feel like I went the EXTRA MILE showing photo evidence plus my and other ex loyal to Royals experience - EVEN newbie reviews and you don't get to make the call!! I am quitting the RCL foodie topic until NEW YEARS! For really reals, which photo was photoshopped?? If you can't get into the holiday spirit I'm not happy about that but NOT MY FAULT!!
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