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  1. Hi never cruised with DCL ... grandchildren besotted with Frozen ... I know (from research) that the Wonder has the show... but what about the characters? Do they make regular appearances on the ship? And other characters also? Thank you
  2. Hi .. has anyone been on the Rotterdam recently that could confirm it the ship has been through the Dry Dock and had the refurbishment that is being currently undertaken? And if not does anyone know when it will be done? Any photos or descriptions about what has or hasn't been done would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. No idea re the locks..... but all I can say re the guarantee is this is 4th time we have done a guarantee on HAL.... and on each occasion the notification has been at different times. We took a SB guarantee (Neptune Suite) and upgraded to SA.... This has happened twice.... Once we took a Vista and booked the category below top and again upgraded by one... and once booked SC and got SC.... Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason .... as we are not prolific cruisers on HAL... But we take the gamble on a room that we would be happy with and if it works great.... Must say we were surprised to be notified just under a month out.... Happy Thanksgiving to you folks across the Pond! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. On Panama Canal Cruise 20 December and got our assignment yesterday... advised by email... very happy .. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. HI I am considering doing a private tour with Julio Tours... for some reason I cannot open your thread... Where did you go? Just to Leon? or did you do the hot springs as well? Did you have any issues with timings ? Getting back to ship on time? Any info would be great... thanks in advance
  6. Hi.. I will be on the Amsterdam dep San Diego on 20 December.. Panama Canal Cruise. Would anyone have any idea when the formal - gala nights might be? This cruise takes in both Christmas and NY so wondered when they might be... Thankyou
  7. Hi..Looking for ideas suggestions for what people enjoyed doing whilst on this stop... not interested in zip lining.. also don't want to spend hours and hours in a mini van getting to a destination. What would everyone who has been recommend? that they enjoyed doing? And which tour operators? We are just a couple... looking for a private tour.... Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Ine, I've seen that you appear to be really knowledgeable about the Mexican Riviera... we will be visiting Cabo and PV on a Panama cruise in December... would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions? 1) I am about to book whalewatch cabo for the whale watching... they seem to have almost excellent reviews on TA... have you heard of them? Anything negative..? Or a better company to book with? 2) Re PV.. we seem to have a really long stop ... nearly 12 hours.... we are not beach people as we have a vacation home on the beach so can get that anytime... not into drinking... so it seems our choices for PV are limited... I had almost decided to disembark have a little wander around and then just enjoy the empty ship...!! However I have heard about the Zona Romantica.. the old town.... is it safe to grab a taxi and walk around and then grab another taxi back to the port? We are well travelled in our late 50's so know the rules of staying safe, but also haven't been to Mexico for many years.... Would you have any other advice for what to do ? Many thanks in advance
  9. Thank you... yes that's the response I got when I contacted HAL ... that it's up to the captain.... they wouldn't even hazard a guess! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Hi... I'm on a holiday cruise with Hal from San Diego .. it takes in Christmas & NY. There are about 7 sea days.... Usually it's easy to second guess when the formal nights will be... we like to book the alternative restaurants or spa treatments then.. we are not fans of the formal nights. However I'm not too sure on this cruise when they would be. Does anyone know how to find out? Thank you Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Hi all... Looking forward to the cruise... Do any past cruisers know what the Internet set up is like in PG? Many thanks
  12. Thank you.. very helpful.. the IC Tahiti is for the 1 night before the cruise... I am trying to decide now for 4 nights whether to stay on Rangiroa - Kia Ora, or Tikehau - Ninamu. This will be probably the only time I will visit FP so want to see as many islands as possible and it seemed a pity to stay on Moorea or Bora Bora when they are visited with overnight stops on the cruise...
  13. Thank you everyone for your input.... I feel reassured! I am travelling end June / July.... if that makes a difference....
  14. Hi, I am on the 7 day Society Island Cruise and notice that there was an outbreak until recently of the Chikungunya virus in the South Pacific... I know the risks are small, and prevention is the key which is fine, but I just wondered if anyone knew how prevalent mosquitoes in general are on the islands? Is it only if one travels inland on an excursion? Apart from the virus, I react very badly to bites, so do take extreme precautions, but this sometimes can really spoil a trip... Anyone have any experience / thoughts about this?
  15. Hi, I am sorry if this has already been covered (although I couldn't see it).. I am taking a PG cruise 4th July.. 7 nt cruise... We are from UK and this will be our first time to this part of the world, and because of the distance not sure when we will make it back again! So want to maximise on everything.. We will have 5 nights pre cruise arriving in FP from LAX early am... I am looking at spending 4 nts on another island, then 1nt at the IC Tahiti and then we have a further 4 nts which we have already booked on Tahaa island. I have a few questions, which if any of the experienced PG cruisers could answer I would be grateful! Sorry to ask so many questions.... 1. Is the IC Tahiti the preferred hotel for pre cruise stays? I have seen mention of luggage being taken to the ship from the hotel... does that apply if you book the hotel independently? Or does it have to be booked via PG? 2. What is the distance from the IC Tahiti to the cruise terminal? 3. The 4nts pre cruise and before staying at the IC Tahiti, for the night before the cruise... everyone on cruise critic and Trip Advisor seems to recommend Moorea or Bora Bora... however the ship overnights at both these places should we consider staying somewhere else? Really want to see as much as possible, so would it not be overkill to stay on either of these islands pre cruise? 4. Also, depending where we stay pre cruise... as the ship does not sail until very late.. should I give up on staying at the IC Tahiti, and stay 5 nights somewhere else pre cruise and then transfer on the day of cruise? I am always nervous of doing this, in case a transfer fails.....
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