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  1. I agree with you mahasamatman and I still do occasionally depending on the cruise line, but there are increasingly more and more dropping the formal and adopting a more casual approach and that’s ok if that is what makes them feel more comfortable to enjoy their holidays, on the other hand I feel uncomfortable being in the minority in a long dress or even a cocktail dress , I just like to blend in ! , being of a certain age I do miss seeing the men in their tux and ladies in their finery but again I reiterate we feel lucky to be able to continue cruising. Good health and happy cruising to all
  2. Thank you to every one who has replied , it does seem to be now on a lot of the cruise lines that the formal night attire i.e tux has been replaced with smart casual now and I agree with ScottC4746 that I too use to like dressing for the formal nights but hey ho we move on and thankfully are still able to cruise and enjoy them. thank you all
  3. Some of my family are going on the infinity at the end of February, it’s been a few years since we sailed celebrity and cannot remember how formal the dress code was , can anyone who has been on it recently enlighten us please . thank you
  4. Just spoken to my daughter , pleased to say that all the passengers were able to board the plane , I assume they must have been able to get extra staff.
  5. My daughter and her family flew from Manchester to Barbados yesterday on a TUI flight, she rang whilst sat on the plane saying some of the cabin staff did not turn up , not sure why maybe it was the weather but because of the staff shortage not all passengers were allowed to board the plane , the flight was delayed , as yet I have not been able to speak to her to find out if the delay was to try and get other staff so that the passengers could board which I hope was the reason .
  6. Thank you 9265359 , I will tell her and it’s put my mind at rest as I thought it was a bit odd .
  7. My daughter and her family are going on a cruise next week (Caribbean) which was booked through well known TA , she has her documents but not the flight tickets so she rang them up and the TA said she doesn’t need them as it is a charted flight , the last one we did to the Caribbean before Covid if I remember correctly we had the flight tickets. Does anyone know if this is correct please . Thank you
  8. We are going on the Iona for 2 weeks over new year , does anyone know if we still have to book pre book the theatre seats and can anyone tell me the difference between formal and celebration night please.
  9. Thank you everyone for your replies, I have got my card now and have received £130 OBC so very pleased with that , well worth it !
  10. Thank you Winifred22! I have uploaded my ID for verification and are just waiting for a reply , then I will send my fee of for the card, then look forward to the offers !
  11. Thank you to everyone who has replied , I think for £ 4.99 for 2 years membership I will just go ahead and join.
  12. Thanks for that information funinhounslow, I did wonder before if it was worth it that’s why I have not taken up the offer earlier, my brothers neighbour has one and she seems to get good deals but as you say you may get the deals elsewhere.
  13. Thank you Jeanlyon and majortom10 i thought that would be the case , never mind next time though !
  14. Does anyone know if you can use your blue light card for a discount or OBC after you have booked and paid a deposit for a cruise with P&O ? , I have been retired a while now but thought I would join it and understand that p&o give OBC or discount to holders. Many Thanks
  15. Hi we are thinking about doing a cruise on the voyager and and wondered if the drink package is the same as the Explorer which we found OK, but have read about the cut backs ( as is the case with a few cruise lines ) and wondered if anyone has been on it recently who would know, also the dress code on the dress to impress nights, not many did on our cruise but I suspect that may vary from one cruise to another. Many Thanks
  16. Thank you nooosey I checked last night and again this morning and yes it still says QE11 terminal so that’s where we are going to head for, we have booked a taxi to pick us up and drop us of. I do hope others have checked because we have had no notification of change of berth to what it states on our ticket, fingers crossed cruisemapper is correct !
  17. Thank you once again david63 I will check on Saturday night to see if has been moved and double check Sunday morning en route down . Many thanks
  18. Thank you david63 according to our cruise ticket we are berth 101 city cruise terminal although it does say in small print that due to technical/ traffic regulations etc, the local port authorities have the final say as to where it will berth , if it changes I do hope we are informed early enough. Thankyou
  19. Thank you all for replying , fingers crossed that we will be able to board when we get there or not have to wait around for any length of time , I am sure we will enjoy the ship and the cruise . Thank you all once again
  20. Thank you David63 and Tothesunset for replying , I didn’t think there would be anywhere but I thought I would just check as we cannot be the only ones travelling some distance and therefore arriving early . David63 l agree with you we had a lovely time especially around the old quarter in Southampton.
  21. We will be joining silver dawn this Sunday and our embarkation is 2.30pm, we will be arriving there around 1.30 pm as we are getting a lift to the port, is there anywhere at the port that we can leave our luggage and maybe go for a wander around ? Thank you
  22. Thank you Lois for your reply, I remember now it was called a crew fund and that seemed to be the popular way of giving the extra tips , also thanks for clearing up about the theatre. Many thanks once again.
  23. Hi we are going on our first Silversea cruise ( silver dawn ) shortly , do you need to pre book the theatre as I cannot find anywhere to do this in my silver seas account. I know that tipping has been addressed before and I know that it is included in the fare, but if we want to tip extra I seem to remember someone posting about a staff benefit fund that they gave the extra tips to unfortunately I cannot find any information on this , if anyone has any information It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  24. Thank you Watusi and Martha1974 i have just checked and yes I can see it on deck 9 , not sure how I missed it when I looked, as the tv advertisement says I should have gone to specsavers !! Thanks again
  25. Hi does any one know if ambition has a self service laundry room please ,I have looked on the deck plan and cannot see any. Many thanks
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