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  1. Scandanavia from Southampton
  2. Thanks. So I am Reseeve Class mini with Group A 11-1130 and no status. What time should i be arriving at the port terminal for earliest possible embarkation? (I want to try to get a sanctuary reservation)
  3. I am in boarding group A 11:00-11:30. Will that be the first group to board or is there an earlier group for people with status?
  4. I have read in various places about the embarkation day lunch served in one of the main dining rooms. I have also read many many comments from people who either didnt know about it, or claim it doesnt exist. Assuming it does exist - which MDD is it usually served in and at what time?
  5. Is it on a separate menu amd do you need to request it?
  6. Is it not simply more likely that this scenario applies to such a tiny (fraction on a percentage) minority of visitors that it isn't catered for in the law?
  7. It's not just the cost of the cruise and expenses remember. If somebody is retired and has no mortgage to pay for instance then the cost to them relative to the cost to someone who is taking time away from paid employment and needing to fund a mortgage is significantly different.
  8. Thank you for saying this. It applies to many people in many diverse circumstances and they/we should be able to spend time and money in places and situations where we are comfortable and at peace with our surroundings.
  9. P&O do have an adults only ship, I was considering a few weeks ago. Aurora I believe.
  10. Im not doing the cruise but youre welcome to come visit us in Nottingham:-)
  11. So, I just read an article about upside down pineapples on cabin doors. Are they used for straights only? What's the gay version?
  12. Yes - i only want to go on the one sea day.
  13. I can purchase a 2 hour aqua therapy pass in advance of my cruise. I can select the day I wish to use it. However I cannot choose a time slot - i understand i will do this onboard. However, are the number of places limited? I don't want to buy a pass in advance only to find the times I want are not available. If i wait to buy a pass onboard are they likely to still be available? It doesn't make sense why you can choose a day but not a time to me.
  14. I'll let you know when i get back. For now, this is what is posted on the website as the sample menu for Lido alternative dining.
  15. Its a very personal decision. We are in BC in November and are first time cruisers. The price was, we felt reasonable, i think for us it worked out as something like £45pppn (which is similar to your extra cost but yours is a much longer cruise than ours). This was worth it to us because the dining experience is important to us - flexibility in dining time and having a table to ourselves matters to us - to the point that if we had to share a table with strangers then I (controversially) wouldn't be going on the cruise.
  16. I think (but cant say with certainty) that more has appeared from about 60 days out, rather than when i paid in full a little over a month ago. Certainly the ability to book thermal suite and treatments wasn't there two weeks ago. I'm also pretty certain that visibility of gifts and extras such as photography packages has only just become available. I also notice that the drinks page tells me packages are not available for my voyage which i hadnt seen before (its a short voyage where they dont seel drink packages - but the message hadn't featured until recently). I have had the ability to book excursions pretty much from the time I booked the cruise a year ago though (but maybe that depends on your itinery). So my conclusion from my limited knowledge is that it all becomes available from about 60 days before sailing, in the UK at least.
  17. I am sailing in 55 days and when I look at Dining, Cunard tells me: As your safety and wellbeing is our top priority, we have enhanced measures in place, including reduced capacity online dining reservations. You will be able to make reservations from 28th October 2022. [That's 2 weeks before our sailing] I don't know if the Lido dining concept has changed recently, but the description and sample menu which I can see is very different to the Bamboo, Aztec and Coriander menus which are referenced above. If the sample menu is reflective of what will actually be available then it is not themed by cuisine - I've downloaded and attached what I can see. dinner_lido_menu_02a.pdf
  18. Sorry ive just realised most of the useful stuff is the labels in the grey bar beneath where you have 'before you sail' highlighted. This bar doesnt change if you navigate to booking summary or calendar.
  19. Im on QV in 55 days and looking on my booking now. The useful stuff is in booking summary - i can buy shore experiences, under dining it says reservations will become available in october, i can book spa treatments, view and buy gifts and book travel extras. I don't know if it has anything to do with it being a short time until sailing though.
  20. Does QV have a running track?
  21. Agree. And the old "i've been on 42 cruises since the 'restart' and only have 12 booked before Christmas". And "I've got $500,000 of OBC for my next cruise - how much do I need for the laundry?"
  22. I expect, as with every review site, it is people who have had extreme experiences - very very good or very very bad - who will publically post a review. It is when something exceeds or fails to meet our expectations that we feel compelled to poat about it.
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