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  1. Perhaps a new thread on whether we should tip for good internet speeds?! 😂 Happy sailing, y'all!
  2. Splendor September 22 (London to Barcelona). Basically the same itinerary as a previously cancelled 2021 cruise. Cannot wait to sail!
  3. Why are folks so fixated on how Frank Del Rio is paid anyway? He is the senior executive of a major cruise line and the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors decides what they think his service is worth to the corporation. If you are a shareholder, vote accordingly. If you are a passenger, his compensation is somewhat irrelevant to your cruise experience.
  4. We are on (or hope to be on) the September 22 sailing. It is a little unnerving based on the UK regulations at the moment (we plan to spend about a week there prior to embarking), but will closely watch the situation regarding allowing fully-vaccinated people from North America to enter the country without quarantining. Regent has always met or exceeded our expectations and we feel that they will continue to do so (perhaps even more so given the situation) when cruising resumes. Will there be some modifications or slight bumps in the road? Likely, but we will adjust accordingly…been there, do
  5. Just a thought...given that the CDC probably does not monitor the Cruise Critic boards, perhaps letting your elected officials know how the current rules are impacting your life, pointing out the rules differences between methods of transportation, and the negative impact on jobs and communities would help move the ball down the field. A quick telephone call or email to your representatives in the House and Senate are more powerful than you may realize. To find your Senator's contact information, simply go to http://senate.gov and for House member's information, go to http://house.gov.
  6. Wow...tough crowd. One would expect that their kindness will be rewarded in the form of goodwill among the people who depend on these ports for living, the same as nearly all acts of corporate philanthropy. NCL is setting a fine example. Cheers to them!
  7. Fabulous news! Looking forwarding to sailing on Splendor on September 22!
  8. Definitely any of the cruises on Paul Gauguin when it was managed by Radisson/Regent. That said, we have never been on a bad cruise!
  9. A press release celebrating their accomplishments toward the goals of equality, diversity and equity does not mean that it is the only thing that the corporation is focused on, just that they recognize its importance. Bravo to NCL for these accomplishments.
  10. For goodness sake, why is this still a topic? If you are against additional gratuities, do not give them. If you wish to contribute to the Crew Fund (a lovely idea), please do. If a staff member had gone above and beyond to the point that you wish to express your gratitude with a gratuity of some sort, by all means do so. As has been expressed, admittedly ad nauseam, we frequently give cash or gifts to those who have been so wonderful with their time and service while also giving generously to the Crew Fund. This is never done for any sort of notoriety, but it is our money and we are entitled
  11. This is simply a matter of the willingness (or lack thereof) to pay for the infrastructure. Delta Airlines (among others) is in the beta phase of offering free internet access on all of their flights to all passengers regardless of class of travel. Their planes carry a passenger count in many cases similar to a Regent ship. These planes fly all around the globe at speeds fair greater than a cruise ship. Their connectivity relies on satellites. The difference is that the airlines have realized that connectivity is important to world travelers and are investing accordingly. While I appreciate t
  12. I have shared this before, but thought it may be helpful to repost. We love miso glazed fish and make it fairly often at home. It is very easy to make. While Regent typically uses sea bass, this works with any white, flaky fish...cod, grouper, mahi mahi, etc. This recipe is for four people, so adjust accordingly. Ingredients: 1/4 cup mirin (sweetened rice wine) 1/4 cup sake 3 tablespoons of white miso paste (if you cannot find locally, it is available on Amazon...Hirari Miso organic white miso is considered the best) 1 tablespoon sugar 2 teaspoons dark to
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