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  1. Is coffee at the International Cafe the same price if you get a coffee card or get by the cup? On our 31May Baltics we had a $1000 OBC and decided against coffee cards. We lost the OBC when we moved our cruise to 01Sep. So we are just wondering if its worth it. We also need to take into the account the exchange rate which as of Friday was $1.43CDN so not getting them just might be better at this point.is
  2. We had the $200 OBC on our 31May cruise. We decided to cancel that cruise and book a similar one in September. We do not have any OBC on the September cruise at this time. Our TA was able to take what we had paid for the fares on the 31May cruise and move 90% of that to the September cruise immediately; we got the other 10% in an FCC which our TA applied to the new booking. Our airfare was refunded in full because we didn't book the air immediately. Once we booked the air, we used the refund to pay for it. I was very impressed and pleased with how quickly and professionally everything was taken care of. Princess has taken care of us very well in a time of crisis and we will always remember that.
  3. We moved our booking from May to September and lost $1200 OBC. Yes I was a bit annoyed but we're still going, we hope!
  4. Take any reviews with a very large grain of salt. I've read some scathing reviews of cruises I've been on and I wonder where my head was at because I didn't see or experience any of what the poster was complaining about. I'm not saying things are perfect but if you don't know the person who is posting you can't really judge where their perspective is. And of course, there are those people who make a career out of complaining; you know the type, they complain because they got red wine in a white wine glass and demand refunds!! I think we've all met one of them. I find them rather entertaining. 🙂 Have a great cruise!!!
  5. Just remember one very important thing about this. If they weren't making money they wouldn't be doing it. Its all about the bottom line...its never in your favour.
  6. I bought my husband a small amount of local currency for Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway because he likes going to the small markets. It made a great Xmas present!
  7. We used our US dollar Visa. I was expecting a call but we didn't have any issues...except with the exchange rate!! 😉
  8. Our flight leaves Berlin at 7:05am and we need to know how early we need to be at the airport. When flying from Toronto on an international flight, we are advised to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight, which would be the Crack of Stupid aka 4:05am!! 🙂
  9. Can anyone who has been there let me know their experience. Good, bad or indifferent, I'd like to hear.
  10. Wow, Bob, the pictures. Just WOW. We are on the Sky shortly and your pictures just make me want to get on sooner. Thanks for posting.
  11. We were on deck when the Grand maneuvered its way into Kauai...it was the most amazing docking ever!! We now completely understand why it gets cancelled! 🙂
  12. Thank you, that is very helpful. I will be checking your website and keeping an eye on your posts for updates. Much appreciated. 🙂
  13. Travelanni, can you expand on this? I assume that the main station you mention is the one nearest the cruise terminal. So, right now, the trains are stopping at Warnenunde Werft and a shuttle bus completes the trip to Station Warnemunde where we can walk to the ship. Or does this shuttle bus go directly to the cruise terminal? I'm curious because in my experience, construction NEVER winds up when they say it does. LOL
  14. Travelanni, thank you so much for your information. I was going to email you tomorrow if you didn't chime in tonight!
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