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  1. Hi Steve, I know you are an expert on WP, I still haven't really found out if I use 60K points for a double meta upgrade and decide not to take the cruise (my choice), do you get your points back? I asked an agent awhile ago and she really didn't give me a straight answer. Do you know for sure if you can get the points back?
  2. My March cruise was cancelled and I was able to get the points refunded back into my account right away. Not sure at that time if they were working from home or not.
  3. I'm planning to book a cruise under the "Have it all Event". Does the Signature Beverage Package include specialty coffee and bottle waters? I understand drinks are for $11 and under. Does it include most drinks such as martini's?
  4. Yes, I agree with you. Happy to be home safely and healthy.
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