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  1. We heard that there is an odd gap in the privacy divider on the balcony of 1562, a large gap in fact. Took away privacy. Anyone know anything about that?
  2. We love big balconies with comfy loungers, table with 4 chairs...like OS on many other Royal ships
  3. Considering doing consecutive cruises (Northbound and Southbound Alaska) in this OS. Is balcony large enough? Is balcony private? Is there a better cabin choice on OS category?
  4. Nothing will change. We are leaving today for two weeks on Allure, when I board tomorrow, after lunch in CK, I'll head to a bar and get 6 Bud Light to take back to room and put in the frig. I'll report back if I get busted!
  5. Sure. We are D+, always sail in full suites. We get drinks in the Suite Lounge and have the 3 loaded daily, but I like to keep a few beers in the refrigerator in our stateroom so we have them when we leave ports, etc. It's a convenience thing, nothing more.
  6. Please, give me a break. I've done this for years, 8 times a year and have never had a bartender turn my request down. It's not a big deal and a nice tip for the bartender that does it for you is well appreciated. Official policy is a joke, as in official policy for smoking, official policy for dress on formal night, official policy for kids in solarium, etc. They want to keep passengers happy and rarely enforce anything....we all know that.
  7. We board Allure this Sunday for our b2b2b. We usually hear from the suite concierge a week out but not this time. Has anyone sailing with us heard from Nancy Chu?
  8. We use to really enjoy the Diamond lounge, enjoyed going in and getting a coffee in the morning, etc. Going in and having a drink or two before dinner, spending maybe 45 minutes to an hour there total, using it as a meeting place for people we were going to dinner with. Now the "lounge hogs" (related to chair hogs around pools) stake out their ground and hold it so long you can't find a place to sit, so now we just avoid the D Lounge, opting for the Suite Lounge or one of the other bars on ships. These are same people that also cannot figure out how to work the coffee machine!!
  9. On Princess you can order beer and liquor packages to have in your room. As stated on Royal its limited. I like to have a few beers in the frig so when I board I go to one of the bars and order a bucket of my favorite brew (buy 5 get 1 free), tell them not to open any, take it to my room a place in frig. Easy really.
  10. A contributing factor to overcrowded lounges is the fact that many enter early and hang there for hours, literally.
  11. That's not too bad (or slow) for a cruising speed. From our experience ships rarely have a need to go faster than 20 knots.
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