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  1. We were just on Harmony in October and the “sofa bed” was actually a trundle. Why don’t you contact your TA and ask if this is the case on Ovation. Good luck!
  2. My flowriding son did tell me that he saw some naked guy out on his balcony on 17...:D
  3. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! So they can make one there? Everytime I go to get a mojito on the pool deck when I arrive they say “We haven’t gotten our mint yet.” I’ll check Bolero’s this time! Thanks-and I agree, put it IN the drink!
  4. Is there a bartender on Harmony that makes a good one?Where/who?
  5. I can’t wait-only 2 days! I always want a mojito, but I guess they never have the fresh mint in time, so I usually get a Bahama Mama. How about you?
  6. I noticed, but I thought I was seeing things! I really appreciate all of the info and pix you have provided! I hope to meet you and Laura next week-I’ve never met a “Pinnacle.” Is it like meeting a pinniped? ;)
  7. Thank you-but when I was on Harmony last year, my son was 11 years old and I had to supervise him at all times. He of course could go on the flowrider because he met the height restriction, but they gave him a different colored wristband and wouldn’t let him ride if I even went to the restroom. Anyone else know this answer?
  8. On Harmony...How old to ride without adult supervision on Boogie Flowrider? Last time we cruised I felt like I was there all day everyday watching my kid! At least there is a bar nearby...:D
  9. It’s a fun and somewhat unique water park, but I’ve done it both ways-land and cruise. There just isn’t enough time off the cruise ship to make it worth the $150 pp. We have stayed at the Comfort Suites across the street from Atlantis which is the best value bc it includes the water park tix for up to 4 peeps and breakfast. We also got a condo at Atlantis through VRBO overlooking the marina area that includes access to the water park. It is much better to enjoy the water park with a stay there IMO. Oh, and FYI-that 4 hour half-day time frame from the ship excursion includes the time it takes to transport to and from the ship.
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