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  1. Nitemare

    Lion King to open in Antarctica

    Sorry I missed this 7 months and 2 weeks ago
  2. Nitemare

    New York hotels

    Check reviews on TripAdvisor to get thoughts from hundreds of folk, instead of from one or two who here who had amazing or disappointing visits
  3. Nitemare

    Driving Boston to Bayonne tomorrow

    Main roads were clear before noon on Friday, so hopefully your trip is over and was uneventful and your cruise is great!
  4. Nitemare

    Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik by bus

    Blue Lagoon's own website also includes pickup/dropoff info on the city (multiple locations) that you can include in booking your package with them
  5. Nitemare

    New York, City

    I'm not sure it's a blanket deal. Have you asked your Travel Agent? That's what they get paid for doing (by the cruise line)
  6. Boat tours are cold, windy, damp, and rocky. You can't get good photos from a moving surface. I don't know the alternatives in Norway, but in Iceland your chances of seeing NL from land are much greater than from sea due to the Nimbleness of the buses, vs. the boats that are much slower and restricted from where they can go by virtue of that water thing.
  7. Nitemare

    Boston plans

    This^^^ is correct. September is a very expensive time in Boston. Consider even using Priceline or Hotwire and get a hotel that way.
  8. Nitemare

    Boston plans

    I think the HOHO is the trolley. They do pick up at the pier when there is a ship there but it may only be for folks who buy thru the cruiseline. There are a few restaurants within a half mile of the port, and many more about a mile away
  9. Nitemare


    Contact your bank and see if they can get it for you with advance notice
  10. Nitemare

    Boston Hotel Help

    Go to Google Maps and put in "hotels near boston cruise terminal", then zoom in on the area near the terminal to see the 7 or 8 properties that are considered "Seaport" hotels. You can put your dates on that screen as well to see prices!
  11. Nitemare

    Bruges to Brussels

    Watch the film "In Bruges". It's a great and very dark comedy, but the scenery is fantastic
  12. Nitemare

    Driving from Boston to Cape Liberty

    Depending on where you are starting from, I'd skip I-95 all together and take the Mass Pike to I-84 to I-91 in Hartford and then onto the Wilbur Cross, Merritt and Hutch.
  13. Look into alternative drop off locations in the city as they may be more convenient and may not include large airport fees. BWI isn't too close to the port!
  14. Yes. Answer says it all. I mean, since you aren't telling us what you are hoping to get out of a tour as opposed to what, a self drive? Hike? Bike ride?
  15. Excellent point by joybook. Most ships to Antarctica don't have "excursions" per se. You get off every day wherever the ship is and go to shore or cruise about in zodiacs to see the wildlife and nature