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  1. Could you tell us what the ports are? Reykjavik is a typical Nordic city. Narrow streets and sidewalks, lots of shops and restaurants and people and cars. A little bit hilly. You can use Google Street View to see the quality of the streets and sidewalks for traveling on your scooter or rollator. The other ports could be relatively easy or quite difficult to get around. Natural Wonder sites in Iceland are why most folks go, and many of those places do not have sidewalks. You can usually see the attraction from the parking lot, and the Geysir is well sidewalked, but it will be tough to get close to Gulfoss and many of the other waterfalls using wheels. There are a couple tour companies in Iceland that offer tours for the disabled, while that won't get you access to sites that just can't be reached, they will have a better understanding of your needs and the ability to tailor your touring to your possibilities. Covid is really hurting Icelandic tour companies, though, and ones that are around now may well not be around next summer, so although I encourage you to contact them, I'd wait until after the winter to make specific plans. And make sure you have good travel insurance in case companies go out of business with your money in their pockets
  2. We loved the shopping (and we don't usually shop) and they have a great Contemporary Art Museum
  3. The Arctic Fox center is cute. They have a couple arctic foxes in pens who can't be returned to the wild, and a ton of dusty exhibits on the history of Arctic Foxes in Iceland. They have a small snack bar and a dreadful minigolf course, for some reason. We drove there from Isafjordur, toured it, and were back in about 4 hours and decided the best part was the gorgeous ride and watching planes try to land at the airport there. You can see on google maps if they are landing from the west they have to come in over mountains. What we really enjoyed there was a boat trip to Vigur Island. I am pretty sure we used West Tours, who has an office right in town. And the best meal we ever ate was here: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g189967-d1099110-Reviews-Tjoruhusid-Isafjordur_Westfjords_Region.html it's a great place to rent a car and just drive and explore. We spent two nights there out of 6 spent in the WestFjords
  4. Other tour companies also offer a package of the Lagoon plus transport. re.is is the biggest out there, but most of the medium to large companies have Blue Lagoon tours, some with addons that you may or may not enjoy
  5. We have done 5 land vacations in Iceland and expect to do many more. Very easy to plan, very easy to navigate. But both those phrases disappear from October to April. May to September is amazing in Iceland, but winter is very long and can be very dangerous
  6. We've been to Iceland in summer (June-September) 4 times and the warmest we've seen it is 75 with a bit of humidity. We used our A/C in the car that day as we were climbing a waterfall and were quite "moist" when we finished. Other than that we've never needed or used A/C in Iceland. In fact, one of the vehicles we rented didn't even have A/C, most lower level models don't. We have seen 34 degree temps (F) in September, too!
  7. If you want convenient for touring, look for Back Bay, Copley Square, or Faneuil Hall area. If you want convenient for the cruiseship terminal, look for the Seaport District
  8. We booked "run of ship" to save a few dollars and they issued us a great balcony that we were thrilled to have. Here is a video we took that shows what Tupper was describing Other Antarctic videos on that channel. All nice and short! O
  9. Doable. Rushed but doable. Reykjavik to the three main sites of the GC and back can be done in 5-6 hours. Can also be done in 10-12 hours, depending on how many times you want to see the Geysir go, what kind of time you want to spend for lunch, and how much you want to see of the National Park. If you add on Kerid or the greenhouse or seeing horses, you can spend 2 days there. But say it's 6 hours, that gets you to BL by 3PM or so. 3 hours there and back to the city by 7PM would be possible. Pick up the car 30 minutes earlier and you get a bit better cushion
  10. They paved the road to Sólheimajökull about 5 years ago. Agree, it was one of the roughest roads within a day's visit of Reykjavik, and the path to the glacier used to be quite quiet due to that long and awful road. Now it is paved and the glacier has receded at least a 1/2 mile in the 8 years since we've been visiting. So many people and so much less ice. Not nearly the experience it once was
  11. Brooke wasn't original cast. Bebe Neuwirth was and she's great. But the show itself (even Nathan Lane) just wasn't that good. He was also in a remake of The Odd Couple, with Matthew Broderick, trying to recreate the magic of The Producers, and that one didn't work, either. But speaking of Big Name Casts, how many members of the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton were folks familiar with? Maybe Groff, but there certainly weren't any BIG NAMES in that cast.
  12. We love Lane and I often have said I'd pay to see him read the phone book. After Gary I have retracted that comment
  13. I have not seen that. I find that sequels and prequels to Shakespeare plays that were not written by him are uneven at best. I came to that conclusion after seeing Nathan Lane (who I love) in "Gary, a sequel to Titus Andronicus" a year or so ago
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