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  1. Nitemare

    NYC Subway Advice

    Subway is by far the cheapest and usually the fastest way to get around NYC. Use the MTA tripplanner, or citymapper or google maps to plan your trips and do so before you go underground where wifi can be hard to find.
  2. Nitemare

    Is There Train Service?

    It is a very long ride, and the air option might even be cheaper. Porter is a great little airline that flies from an island in the lake right next to downtown Toronto. So convenient.
  3. Nitemare

    Christmas cruise from Baltimore

    That assumes they are open by then. Closed for the shutdown
  4. Nitemare

    choice of car services

    Can you tell us the name of the one they suggested? Without that it's hard to make this judgement, but I'm sure the hotel gets a nice kickback from the car service they are recommending.
  5. Which of the 3 cruiseports does it dock at?
  6. Nitemare

    First Time In NYC

    Lion King doesn't discount, so if that's what you want to see, buy tix now to have best choice. Come From Away rarely has discounts, but it's possible, but you might have to wait until last minute to get those. There are always half price tickets for a few shows at the TKTS booths in NYC, but they may not be the shows you want to see. $300 is "reasonable" for NYC hotels that time of year. You might find something good for $250, but you won't do much better than that. Definitely don't want a car in the city. Parking is $25 at least for the first hour, and quickly rises from there so if you park twice in a day it will easily run you $100. Weather will be warm in June, could be hot and muggy.
  7. Nitemare

    Iceland in September

    We've been to Iceland 4 times (3 summer, 1 winter) with our 5th trip planned for September. It's always a great time to visit. With a cruise you'll just get a taste for the country, but enough of a taste to plan a trip back there to really get to see the land. Make sure whatever excursion you take allows you to spend at least a little time interacting with some locals! You never know who you might meet! Where waterproof outer layers!
  8. Nitemare

    NYC Hotels

    Apartments are a bad idea in NYC. Airbnb is 99.9% illegal in Manhattan (same with VRBO or all other similar), and also difficult to find legal options in the nearby parts of Queens and Brooklyn. Many of those listings are also scams, so stay far away. Downtown and FIDI have plenty of restaurants and bars open in the evening. We always stay in TriBeCa on our many annual trips to NYC and rarely head north to eat, always south in TriBeCa and the FiDI
  9. Nitemare

    Christmas cruise from Baltimore

    Baltimore has a great Aquarium and Harbor area. How many days will you be there?
  10. Nitemare

    Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Parking

    Yes. That's one of the 5%
  11. Nitemare

    Boston on your own

    There are HOHO options in Boston. There is the Freedom Trail. Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Tons of stuff to do. Whatever you are interested in you will likely find here. What are your interests?
  12. Nitemare

    Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Parking

    95% (or more) of parking in NYC is Valet. They want to squeeze them in as tight as possible so they do it for you. In over 100 experiences (so far) for us, not a single scratch or ding.
  13. Nitemare

    Boston Hotel Help

    Top of the Hub is a restaurant known for it's views, not for it's food.
  14. Nitemare

    Parking at Manhattan terminal

    Train, as suggested above, is the best alternative to save money. Or bus. From the train or bus station a cab is likely to be under $25 to the pier
  15. Good to know. The rest stands: Cheaper, friendlier, less crowded