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  1. We were on Silversea and we had no specific schedule. We did make a base landing (not at Lockroy) and daily landings for penguins, etc.
  2. Most of the itineraries don't have pre-set stops as these depend on weather conditions and other ship "traffic". When we did Antarctica 3 years ago, we knew we were supposed to stop at 1 base, and as often as possible at landing spots but dates and specific locations wouldn't be known until maybe 24 hours ahead of time.
  3. Have to agree with nbt, September is the middle of hurricane season. You are not likely to be sailing during a storm, but if there is one you will absolutely be aware of it and there is a real chance your ship will have to divert
  4. 866 reviews here: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60827-d10184216-Reviews-Hilton_Brooklyn_New_York-Brooklyn_New_York.html
  5. there are hotel suggestions in this recent thread and more here
  6. Check the film out for sure. The revival with Whoopie that we saw was not particularly well received. This is much better. After you watch it, there is a Netflix "bringing the show to the screen" 30 minute piece that is worth watching
  7. If you want something a bit more challenging than The Prom, I can highly recommend Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, also streaming on Netflix. August Wilson play about Jazz and race relations in the 1920's, starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman in his final role. Rated R (appropriately) for strong language and sexual content. We saw this on B'way about 15 years ago with Whoopie Goldberg playing Ma Rainey and thought it was above average but not memorable. This is memorable.
  8. Finished watching The Prom last night. Was better than I expected, but not close to the B'way version. Big James Corden fan but he was poorly cast, and the PTA mother was pretty much a caricature. Glad we watched it, but if you get a chance to see it Live, DO SO
  9. I expect it will be fun and we'll wonder why James Corden is in it. And we saw him in 1 Man, 2 Guvners and loved him in that.
  10. We found that 10 days was perfect for a "lap" of Iceland. We started and ended with a day in Reykjavik, when I help friends with these plans I suggest no more than one day in the city and the rest in Iceland. I think we saw about 2/3 of what we might have wanted to see on this circuit Our other trips have been 6 days in the Westfjords (8 would have gotten us everything), 5 days in the South in winter (never planning to drive there again between October and April) and 7 days last September in the SW, where, other than a day trip to Jokulsarlon and back, we saw and did nothing that
  11. If you go to Isafjordur, try to get a reservation here (if you like fresh seafood): https://www.tjoruhusid.is/ Likely our favorite restaurant EVER. Not at all fancy, but a ridiculous supply of fish just off the boats outside with constantly changing options right in front of you to take.
  12. Cruising is easy, I agree with that. But the freedom you have in your own car in Iceland, to be able to be somewhere and not see a single other person for hours on end, is something I haven't experienced anywhere else, not even in Antarctica.
  13. Cruises are tough in Iceland. You will be in these tiny port towns (other than Reykjavik) with everyone else on your ship all looking for the handful of tour options available. Some of those stops don't even have a tour company, rental car, or anything. And you are quite limited as to what you can see in each area by the limitations of the tours offered by the cruiseline. We found doing a Ring Road drive to be much easier than expected. Roads are extremely well signed, and there aren't many of them. We took one big suitcase with the heavy stuff (coats, boots, sweatshirts, snac
  14. There is a nice thread a few slots down with good Helsinki info. Best to keep the info together so folks can easily find it all at once
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