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  1. You can Uber anywhere. You can also take MBTA Commuter Rail or a Ferry boat from Boston to Salem. You can walk as little or as much as you want in Salem. Which museum are you referring to? Salem has more than one! The PEM is the best one, IMHO
  2. You climb down 2 or 3 steps and climb up 2 or 3 steps. They will help with luggage if you need assistance.
  3. Aim to arrive 4-5 hours before sailing. There aren't going to be any traffic problems that tie you up that long. And if something like that DID happen, there will be a ton of people missing the ship, they won't leave.
  4. Chelsea hotels are often cheaper and many have airport shuttles. Not many attractions right there, but you are close to public transit
  5. Which terminal matters. New Jersey would be much easier than Brooklyn
  6. There's no guarantee that they won't change, but I'd count on it staying Brooklyn. The good news is, it's pretty easy to get to either port from anywhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Subways, ferries, uber/taxi all run all the time
  7. There are a couple helicopter tour companies. I'm sure one of them can arrange something for you for the right price
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if fellow cruisers had booked them all in advance. They cancel when it's windy
  9. Taxi or Uber is likely going to be much cheaper than the Princess transfers. Especially if you have more than 2 passengers. They will charge you $X * 4 for their bus, the Uber/cab costs the same for 1, 2, 3, or 4 people.
  10. Heimey has some great RIB boat excursions you should be able to book directly. They cancel them in bad weather -- we had wind on our day there a few years back and all tours were canceled (as was our ferry back to the mainland), but we were there in September and it gets windy in Iceland around that time. We had a car and explored the island, loved it, but the RIB boat would have been a blast
  11. Hundreds of reviews here: https://www.show-score.com/broadway-shows/hadestown-broadway You will get much more info from a site like that then just a few replies here. IE: @George C liked it. I didn't like it. My wife thought it was ok. But Show Score gives you more info, like things to compare it to. Casts change, too, so my experience may be quite different than yours. For instance, we LOVED Hamilton almost every time we saw it. But one time we attended, the actor playing Hamilton didn't have the same charisma, so we didn't think it was as good.
  12. Me, I'd walk it. Of course if you have too much luggage that's out, but your best alternative is a taxi. You could check www.straeto.is which is the public bus service to see if they cover your route. You'd need their app or cash to pay, I believe
  13. Jack is right. July has daylight for 24 hours. Anything erupting now will likely be done before July. And another one may or may not be going off during your visit. I wouldn't book anything volcano related more than a week ahead of time.
  14. Usually runs $125-$150, per reports on TripAdvisor. No tipping in Iceland, you pay the metered fare
  15. If we are talking Reykjavik, there are taxis, but the Flybus is usually a much better price, unless you are more than 3 people
  16. This kind of "I don't know anything but what if" questions is what ends up going nowhere positive. According to folks who KNOW things, the current theory is that the ship lost power, which means it loses navigation. Things do break, even though they are tested all the time
  17. Power issue with the ship seems to be what happened. Pieces of garbage political talkers are blaming everything else they can think of, instead.
  18. The suggestion was not for an Official site but one of the local companies off site options
  19. Can you link to a description? There *are* some harder hikes in the area, depending on what is included, but it can also be a very sedate tour
  20. This is a good site to get an idea about shows https://www.show-score.com/ Has all the professional reviews plus individuals review shows and you get nice summaries of what they are about
  21. This is true, but I think since they are leaving a car for a week it isn't a rental, no one parks a rental in a lot for a week. Do they?
  22. Use SpotHero or your favorite parking app to find the best priced parking option that won't be hard to get back to your car from the port If you are touring Boston from away, you don't want or need a rental car in the city
  23. I'd just tour on my own, it's an easy city to get around in. Get downtown, use any of the online luggage storage services, or offer a bellman at a hotel a nice tip to store all your bags. You can also buy a ticket on the Rowes Wharf Ferry that goes to the airport and they will hold your bags all day for you included in the fare
  24. Merrily is the hot commodity right now
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