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  1. There are some scheduled tunnel closures coming up the next few months. On dates a tunnel is closed traffic gets much worse. You can look up Callahan, Sumner and Ted Williams tunnel closings on Google to see the schedules
  2. Leaves change colors every year before they fall to the ground. Some years there are strong windy rainstorms that strip the leaves pretty quickly, other years the colors hang around for a couple weeks or more
  3. I've done that drive a few hundred times. 10 minutes would be a goal in the middle of the night. 45 minutes is what I'd allow if I was a normal person, but I'm not and I remember one day it took a bit over an hour to get thru the tunnel and to Central Parking, so I always allow 75 minutes, just in case that happens again
  4. That video feels off to me. Sponsored, maybe? Or just an odd viewpoint? I'd ask on TripAdvisor for hotel options. We were early landing in EWR last month. As the others said, if one of the three airports, including EWR, saves you enough money (I'd say "more than $150", but your tolerance may vary, I'd pick that one, assuming the times work for your needs. Use a Car service like Dial 7 or Carmel to lock in pricing and not have to worry about tolls and other fees.
  5. We always buy one show we REALLY want to see in advance, and then TKTS for the rest. And I mispoke before, as mentioned the cheap Hamilton tix were from the Box Office. Obstructed view seats are a great way to see the show up close (or most of it, at least) at a really good price
  6. Expect evening temperatures in the high 30s to 40s, and daytime temps in the 50s to 70s and you'll be fine
  7. Use Park Whiz or Spot Hero or your favorite app, find safe and cheaper parking within a few miles, and uber from there to/from the ship
  8. All tix other than Merrily were from TKTS
  9. It's definitely still there, been there for decades. It isn't a "park and cruise" hotel, though. Occasionally they offer park and fly deals that are cheaper than Logan's parking but I haven't seen that offered in at least 10 years. There are many hotels nearer the cruiseport than the airport ones, and there are many cheaper airport hotels with parking that might work for someone looking to put together their own Stay/park/cruise package
  10. We visited NYC in Mid April and saw: Sweeney Todd: very dark production, but Sutton Foster is a treasure The Who's Tommy: I didn't like some of the song choices, but it's very high energy Merrily We Roll Along: Great cast, the story isn't as strong Hamilton: Got $99 Obstructed View seats in the 5th row waaaaay over on the side 2 days earlier at the box office. They very carefully tell you about the obstruction and stamp it on the tix. Our seats were 25% the cost of the folks 4 seats to our left. We heard EVERYthing, but could see 80-85% of the staging. We've seen it before so we were more than fine with these $99 seats The best thing we saw was an Off Broadway show called Dead Outlaw, but it has closed. By the folks who did The Band's Visit. Incredible show, based on a true story. Dark but so well done
  11. Yes, it always says that. Generally due to weather or other unexpected reasons. It would be nice for cruiselines to notify folks in cases like Bar Harbor where the change is foreseeable. 99 times out of 100 a cruise won't have changes. But Bar Harbor ones have been known by the cruiselines to be at risk for quite awhile now
  12. Tipping is not encouraged in Iceland. When we tried to tip in a restaurant they ran after us. That being said, tour guides will accept tips but they are definitely not solicited. We usually tip in USD and not nearly as much as we would in the US and other developed or less developed countries. They have the ability to change USD or EUR into ISK. You do not need ISK for 99.7% of things in Iceland, so we stopped changing money on our last land visit there. Pretty much everyplace takes plastic or electronic payments.
  13. I don't see an answer here? I'll tell you on Silversea, in Antarctica, there weren't any formal nights. But if your cruise is a transatlantic with "traditional" ports plus "adventure" ports, you probably will still have formal nights.
  14. Arctic Adventures and Troll are most often recommended on TripAdvisor. Very active Iceland board there.
  15. We made Titanium 2 years ago when they were doubling 'actual nights in bed' plus we get 15 nights for having their credit card. It wasn't much better than Platinum, which gives you free breakfast and late checkout, but it did earn more points, that we like to spend at aspirational properties
  16. yes and yes. All the US flights leave in like a one hour window, so everyone shows up the same time
  17. We did an excursion where you had to get on your butt to slide down a hill of snow. Hard to do that without sitting down.
  18. I'd suggest a drink, instead. The food isn't great and is expensive Gayle's Broadway Rose is a newer version with better rated food and shorter lines
  19. Go here: https://www.re.is/tour/flybus/ Pick the cruise terminal as the pickup area, it will change the drop off to KEF. I am seeing $36.38 as the fare per person. I don't think there are additional fees but I didn't go all the way thru the booking
  20. An alternative would be to get yourself over to the Rowes Wharf Water Taxi station in Boston. Buy a ticket for a later water taxi ride to Logan Airport, the ticket price includes luggage storage. Leave your bags with them and explore Boston to your heart's content. They are right near Faneuil Hall and the Freedom Trail, etc. Or, most hotels will hold your bags for a nice tip. $20 for 4 bags should do it.
  21. @princeton123211 is right, the flat rate taxi works out to about $100 to anywhere in Manhattan with tolls, fees, and tip. Uber can be a little less or could be quite a bit more. Nice thing about cabs is you follow the signs to the curb where they pick you up, while ubers require more walking to find their location There are no "day passes" for the subway. Pay per ride or you can get a weekly pass that works out when you take 13 or so rides in a week
  22. If there are two of you, then their bus makes sense. For more than 2 a taxi would be a better deal. Flybus is also a good option, probably better than the NCL transport as it would take about as long but would be much less expensive
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