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  1. B, C, OR D trolley will get you there. They all take the same route to Kenmore Square station before branching off from there. Kenmore is a bit closer tot he ballpark than the Fenway Park station is, which is only on the D line.
  2. There is also the MBTA Commuter rail to Plymouth. You will need a cab/uber to get to the Museum, though.
  3. We loved it. We did it on arrival day, flying from the East Coast, figured if THAT wouldn't keep us from falling asleep on arrival, nothing would. And we were correct
  4. Do both bus tours. Reykjavik is a very cute city, but you are unlikely to ever get to experience the wealth of nature Iceland has to offer again. The geysir is not as spectacular as Yellowstone, but it goes off much more often so you can get amazing pictures. We've been to Iceland 5 times and done the Golden Circle 3 of those visits, and the other sites the only time we were in that part of the country. Breathtaking
  5. Taxis average $130-$150, and you don't have to wait for a bus to fill up or to get your luggage unloaded. But the bus is certainly simple
  6. That's my old neighborhood! We ate at Larry J's once and never went back. But that was a long time ago. Smoke Shop is further, maybe 20 minute walk, and is excellent Q, and open late What day of the week? Fri/Sat gives you more late night options than other nights. I am assuming Fri/Sat, below: Legal Harborside is about a 10 minute walk from your hotel and is open until 11. It is the Flagship of the Legal Seafoods family and has an upscale upstairs and a more typical, but still special, downstairs menu. Harpoon Brewery is a similar distance, they do serve food, not sure how late, though SAVR is about 15 minutes away on foot, open until 11. Good looking menu, I've never been there, though Seaport Social gets raves from friends, they are open past midnight Strega is strong Italian, open to 11, so is Rosa Mexicano (but not Italian!) We've eaten at Committee a few times, and they are open past midnight Row 34 is one of our favorite Boston restaurants, and they are open until 11.
  7. Sunny is not an Iceland company. The .nl suffix means they are a Netherlands company. Lots of good Iceland rental agencies, including Lotus, as mentioned by @Mr. Click We have done 5 land tours of Iceland, ranging from 2 days to 10. Driven on those good roads and on quite a few of the bad ones. And taken a Superjeep tour a couple times on roads that had river crossings or deep snow on them Getting a car with a little extra ground clearance is a great idea for Iceland, as it makes driving on those bad roads quite a bit easier
  8. You might want to check that information yourself before you post it
  9. Do you recall how much that cost? A taxi would run about $130-150 and might be even more convenient.
  10. Carmines is very popular with tourists for their portions and prices. Not popular with locals who disdain the food. SO much better out there for Italian, even some with big portions and reasonable prices!
  11. When we lived in Boston we went to NYC most long weekends. For years we stayed in or near Times Square as we revolve our visits around Broadway Shows. For the last 10 years we've stayed in TriBeCa, down in the lower part of Manhattan. Great subway access to midtown but so much quieter, with great restaurants and close walks to either river. Quite close to the 9/11 Memorial, etc, but only 20 minutes by subway to midtown
  12. Westborough was what I was going to suggest. And maybe look into the Logan Express for parking and transfers if money is an issue. It will be slightly annoying to take a bus from the lot in Framingham to the airport and then take transit or a cab/uber to the port, but it will be much cheaper than parking at the airport or at the port. Then, when you return, do the opposite to get back to Framingham Versions of this might work for @Keith At Sea and @Birdnutty
  13. #1 has great advice. Another option is to self tour the city and then take a taxi or the Flybus to the airport. Or go to the Sky Lagoon in the city and then bus or taxi to the airport
  14. I hope you are renting a car and can get the heck out of Dodge and see sites before they are overwhelmed with hundreds of people in nature spots that are best viewed by a few dozen at most!
  15. @ljandgb already gave you the best answer. I asked you three questions to try to help you and you answered one of them, that's not enough info for anyone to help you.
  16. It is a town of 500 people. There really isn't much to "do" right there beyond viewing the beautiful fjords. I'm surprised there is even one local tour company. If I was taking a cruise with a stop here, I'd either snag something with the tour company or book something thru the cruiseline, who I am sure is getting all the tour guides from a wide area around Djupivogur to handle their excursions. This is one of the reasons I always tell friends to do land tours of Iceland instead of cruises. It is so much easier to explore the country by car than it is by tour bus. Iceland is all about nature and solitude, not the cruise experience. And we LOVE cruising but not in places like this.
  17. I am not familiar with this tour. I see that you have done some good research on TripAdvisor, the Iceland board there is very strong. Maybe ask this question there where you have many more experienced Iceland travelers?
  18. I'd ask on the Halifax forum over at TripAdvisor. You are much more likely to reach locals there and other folks who know Halifax better than cruisers who are unlikely to be looking for a barber
  19. Every cruiseline is different. Give us more info, like what ship, what date, if this is the embarkation port or a stop, etc.
  20. Have you emailed them at the contact address on their site? Google Maps shows it to be a 15 minute walk from the Emskip terminal, where you can see a cruise ship docked on their satellite view
  21. Sorry you had a bad experience! Where did you find this company? I hang out on the TripAdvisor Iceland forum -- we've been to Iceland 5 times (so far) and I don't recall that company ever being mentioned there. I'd estimate that board is at least 5x as busy as this one, possibly more, so the info is current and useful. The TA Iceland forum is a very strong one, with locals and other regular visitors recommending tour companies, rental cars, hotels, etc. Definitely worth running something as important as this by the group over there. Same with many other locations, you can't just trust websites and Facebook or whatever for recommendations. Honestly, there are VERY few complaints about tour companies in Iceland. You might want to repost your experience there to give folks a heads up. I ate at the tomato farm on our last visit. It's a hard reservation to get! I'm also not a tomato fan, but I wasn't making all the choices. I had the pasta, I don't mind tomato sauce, and the bread was SO good I enjoyed the meal overall
  22. Boston Coach is the only one I've ever used. Never heard of the other two and I lived in Boston for 50 years. Malden Car Service sounds like something you'd use coming from or going to the suburb of Malden, north of the city. What kind of siteseeing are you looking to do? I bet a cab would take some detours for you, with the meter running of course
  23. To be honest, I googled it. Wasn't hard to find the official info
  24. Big portions shouldn't be an issue. Dry bread? I've never heard that or had that there. And the service is part of the atmosphere. Plenty of other delis still in NYC
  25. The parade runs in lower Manhattan. Historically, the furthest north it gets is the starting point on 5th Avenue at 25th Street, then it heads down to the West Village. Actual route for this year isn't published yet, as far as I know. If you are just going to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal then you will be nowhere near the parade route and it should have zero affect on your travel
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