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  1. Go here: https://www.re.is/tour/flybus/ Pick the cruise terminal as the pickup area, it will change the drop off to KEF. I am seeing $36.38 as the fare per person. I don't think there are additional fees but I didn't go all the way thru the booking
  2. An alternative would be to get yourself over to the Rowes Wharf Water Taxi station in Boston. Buy a ticket for a later water taxi ride to Logan Airport, the ticket price includes luggage storage. Leave your bags with them and explore Boston to your heart's content. They are right near Faneuil Hall and the Freedom Trail, etc. Or, most hotels will hold your bags for a nice tip. $20 for 4 bags should do it.
  3. @princeton123211 is right, the flat rate taxi works out to about $100 to anywhere in Manhattan with tolls, fees, and tip. Uber can be a little less or could be quite a bit more. Nice thing about cabs is you follow the signs to the curb where they pick you up, while ubers require more walking to find their location There are no "day passes" for the subway. Pay per ride or you can get a weekly pass that works out when you take 13 or so rides in a week
  4. If there are two of you, then their bus makes sense. For more than 2 a taxi would be a better deal. Flybus is also a good option, probably better than the NCL transport as it would take about as long but would be much less expensive
  5. The "take our shuttle" suggestion is BS and is just a cash grab. Like their bus will be faster than a cab or have an alternative route???? Shameful
  6. You might want to ask about toilets on TripAdvisor's Iceland forum. I haven't been in nearly 5 years -- back then, all the gas station toilets were free, as were many others. It was mostly in remote areas that you had to pay. But you will get current and more specific info there from folks who have visited more recently
  7. I agree with @ljandgb. Any of the larger companies, like Troll, will be familiar with disembarking cruise passengers and would likely have a baggage storage solution for you
  8. If there is a basket they would take USD. If it is a slot, then local only
  9. Let's see, we walked from the east end of Canal street by the river, along the bottom of the island, up to midtown (45th street?) along the Hudson, across to midtown (as far as 5th avenue). Probably walked every street and avenue from 5th to 9th and from 50th to 36th. Also walked Broadway from Tribeca to Midtown and 5th and 7th avenues from midtown to Tribeca. So I can say those areas were clean and felt safe for us two staying on an AARP rate. It was tough to get restaurant reservations and theater tickets were harder to get than our other post covid visits, so I guess one could say that was a negative?
  10. It's about an hour by taxi from anywhere in the city to the airport. It is important at KEF to arrive 3 hours prior to an international flight
  11. yes, but the OP here isn't coming that weekend. We actually arrived in the Boston suburbs (Metrowest) on Marathon Monday (bad planning on our part) and our hotel was very fairly priced. Truly expected it to be worse and full of runners.
  12. Easy to get to the subway, too, from there. To the airport or into the city for touring.
  13. Drove by there this past weekend, as we journeyed from a Deer Island walk to the Market Basket Mothership. The Mrs. was surprised to see all the hotels there, more surprised when I told her it's where folks visiting Boston on a budget stay. "But it's so far away and not pretty and hard to get to town from here" she said. I nodded in agreement. October is expensive due to Leaf peeping and college Homecomings and conventions.
  14. You really SHOULD see the city, it's vibrant and alive and pretty darn special. We were there 2 weekends ago for 4 days and it was amazing. Clean, fewer homeless than we expected, the subways were running on time and are cheap, and we walked and walked all over the place. Ignore what you see on curated TV and websites and ask people who have been there
  15. Some Quincy hotels have dedicated shuttles for their guests to the airport and cruiseport. Ask them before you pay for an alternative
  16. The Omni Parker House is right on the Freedom Trail and is one of the most historic hotels in the country. The Hyatt, assuming it's the one downtown, is fine, but nothing special and the neighborhood is awfully quiet at night
  17. As long as HE is paying, then more power to him. I was going to suggest you give him the simple directions to take public transit into Manhattan, and then discuss the steps from there to NJ afterwards
  18. I'd expect the starboard side to have more sun, which might be nice in the North Atlantic
  19. I am not sure anyone has made a chart. And if we did have the info, do you really need info on every tender port in both countries? Which ports are YOU going to and what time of year is the trip?
  20. 5 trips to Iceland so far and the only 2 times I've needed cash were for a pay toilet, where there was a basket and a sign asking for cash in 5 or 6 different currencies (AUD wasn't one of them) and once when we bought tomatoes from a tray in front of someone's house and there was an honor box. We use our credit card for everything, we have one with no foreign fees which is great, but even if you have to pay 2-3% extra, the convenience is worth it and not worrying about adding funds or being stuck with cash at the end of the trip (we unloaded the rest of our ISK on unnecessary stuff at the airport and didn't get any on our last visit)
  21. To confirm, it's too late in the season for much chance of Northern Lights. It just doesn't get dark enough long enough to see anything. Checking out some Golden Circle sites or visiting the Reykjanes Peninsula would be my suggestions
  22. Jokulsarlon is amazing. But a one day trip to there and back is SO much bus time! And you pass by glaciers and national parks and waterfalls and other gorgeous things There are great South Coast 1 day tours that don't drive all the way to the lagoon that I would recommend over a Jokulsarlon trip. And the Golden Circle is terrific.
  23. You can Uber anywhere. You can also take MBTA Commuter Rail or a Ferry boat from Boston to Salem. You can walk as little or as much as you want in Salem. Which museum are you referring to? Salem has more than one! The PEM is the best one, IMHO
  24. You climb down 2 or 3 steps and climb up 2 or 3 steps. They will help with luggage if you need assistance.
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